Help The C.H.A.C. Save The Historic GhostBusters Firehouse 23 !!!

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Information about Help The C.H.A.C. Save The Historic GhostBusters Firehouse 23 !!!

Published on July 26, 2009

Author: thomasanthony



Help the C.H.A.C. create a State of the Art, Multi Media, Resource and Culture Center in the Ghostbusters Firehouse, Historic Fire Station No.23. Please sign our Petition!

Let your Voice Be Heard! Support the project and learn about the early days of fire fighting in Old 23's

Firehouse Cultural Center Project

The Firehouse Cultural CenterDesigned to be housed in Historic Los Angeles Fire Station No.23 Old 23’s Located at 225 E. 5th St., Los Angeles, CA.

A building with a rich fire fighting history worthy of preserving Inspires us to fulfill a new purpose for a new century

In the heart of Downtown Los Angeles Serving the needs of Americas largest recovery community, Skidrow

And serving the needs of Downtowns dynamic emerging loft community.

A Cultural Center provides a place to assist in development of a dynamic sustainable community. A diverse community requires a cultural center to get to know itself and experience it’s own uniqueness through individual connectivity.

The Firehouse Cultural Center Project builds on 35 years of professional use as a famous motion picture location and expands it to serve Downtown and greater Los Angeles The many visual and acoustic attributes of this building continue to make it desirable for recording as well as film and other creative enterprises.

The Firehouse Cultural Center Has as its core values Culture, Commerce and Sustainability. Inclusiveness. Social Responsibility.Community Development.Dignity and meaningful purpose for a growing Downtown and a creatively confident Los Angeles.

Culture, Commerce and Sustainability.


Social Responsibility.

Community Development.

Dignity and meaningful purpose for a growing Downtown and a creatively confident Los Angeles.

A place where people can raise their awareness, and share their background, to learn and contribute with the full spectrum of human expression. A place to learn from local artists and professionals the skills to transform themselves and develop the courage to create and express their dream.

CHAC has been working with the community to showcase and encourage its creativity. For more than 4 years CHAC has been funding community events, exhibits, artists, civic groups and projects. The cultural Center will expand this mission without cost to the taxpayers.

The City of Los Angeles holds one of the most prominent and diverse populations on the planet. A Cultural Center welcomes this diversity, encourages its expression and serves as a revenue generating source, meeting place, producer and exhibitor, of the culture of Downtown and the interests of Downtown.

The initial plan calls for grants and other funding for the restoration of Old 23 and gathering the resources for the Cultural Center facility. Then Corporation for History, Art and Culture(CHAC) will start organizing professional and community activities, such as exhibitsof historic, artistic, cultural and/or scientificart, along with performingarts, audio, video production and multi media presentations. Learningand lectures will also be presented.

First Floor The first floor will consist of an Exhibit Hall and Event Venue. The Large open space will allow for exhibits and displays. There is also room to put up a stage for performances and fundraising galas. Looking towards 5th St.

First Floor

First FloorSouth End Artists and exhibitors from all over the world will present their work in this beautifully restored edifice. The fame, and inspired architecture of Old 23 assures that the building will draw tourists and locals alike to experience events in its unique and inviting confines

First FloorNorth End A permanent exhibit of local artists will be a regular feature of the Firehouse Cultural Center exhibit. In addition local groups aided by artists involved and/or enrolled in Cultural Center Projects will be encouraged to create exhibits and events to outreach to the public and raise funds for their cause.

Second Floor Video Production & Cultural Center Office Future GREEN ROOM formally the recreation room in the old crews quarters SOUND STAGE formally bunk area of the crews quarters

Second Floor Makeup Room Video Sound Stage Cultural Center Office Green Room Control Room Video Editing

Second Floor The video studio will be a source of education, creative/technical development, production and training for local artists and civic groups .Its professional use will allow CHAC to fund community use of the facility as well as provide professional assistance to those projects. Makeup Room Video Sound Stage Control Room Green Room

Office Bathroom Video Editing Second Floor N. END Office is adjacent to all of the separate facilities, video, audio, etc. with filing space for all Cultural Center projects. Professional A B roll video editing bay.

Third Floor Audio Production Computer Production Movie Sets VIP Event Area Rooms for Meetings, Lectures and Classes Kitchen Future room for meetings, VIP etc. Formally Chief Engineers Quarters View from hallway leading to computer production room

Third Floor Kitchen Audio Control Room Computer Room Meeting, VIP Area and Classrooms Tech Room Lounge

Third Floor S. END Meetings, lectures, classes and VIP receptions are some of the activities possible in the old Chief Engineers quarters on the third floor. These front rooms as well as the whole building will also continue to be a location for filmmakers Kitchen Performers Lounge and Meeting Room Rooms for Classes Lectures VIP Receptions etc.

Tech Room for equipment maintenance Audio Control Room Computer Production Third Floor N. EndComputer room for graphic design. Professional quality audio tracking, midi and mixing capabilities. A tech room for repairing building and maintaining the quality equipment needed for a community empowering facility.

Professional quality equipment, exhibitions and staging means that the people involved in Cultural Center projects are limited only by their skills and imagination By offering a facility fit for professionals the community will attract the people able to produce quality projects. From entry level programs for children and beginners to fully realized productions, the Center’s use will result in the ability for a community to produce a culture of unlimited possibility.

Every room and facility will be used for both production and classroom learning. As more and more use is made of the Cultural Center by the community many who learn and produce their work here will remain to teach and fill the staffing positions. Center Staff/Personnel will include people enrolled in Center Grants, internships, community service programs, training and other educational and community employment outreach projects for the under employed.

Corporation for History Art and Culture (CHAC) Cultural Center Governance The Cultural Center Governing Board; will consist of Community Stakeholders at first chosen by the CHAC Board of Directors and thereafter approved by the Cultural Center Governing Board. Community stakeholders will fall roughly within the general community surrounding the Cultural Center, from the Los Angeles River to the 110 Freeway E-W and the Interstate 5 and 10 freeways N-S. The Full Time Staff; will also serve on the board as will the Executive and Creative Director of CHAC. Board Duties; will include overseeing of all Cultural Center grants and business. Also forming committees to solicit, evaluate and recommend for approval of Center Projects. Conduct fundraising including events, grant applications and marketing the facility for professional use and initiating product distribution.

Staffing Full Time Curator: Duties;Works with CHAC Creative Director, Books and coordinates all facility use Office Administrator: Duties;Bookkeeping, Files, oversees office personnel and Center accounting and budget. Facility Technician: Duties; Maintenance all facility equipment and systems. Recommends equipment, systems, purchase and installation. Oversees staffing, and equipment use on all Center projects. Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair Czar: Duties; Develop and maintain sourcing for all structural and artifact needs. Oversee building upkeep, cleaning and installation of events, exhibits, repairs, personnel and security requirements.

The Cultural Center Will: Develop Commerce Through; Increasing Tourism Attracting Business Professional Use of Facility Creating Products Creating Jobs Audio, Video and other Productions Promoting Events Community Fundraising Serve the Recovery Community Training Hiring Fundraising Producing Outreach Materials Civic Exhibits. Events Community Partnerships Programs and Grants Reach At Risk Youth Award Community Facility Use and Project Grants, According to One or More of These Considerations Originality of Project Submitted Talent of Applicant Economic Status of Applicant Interest or Benefit to the Community Applicants Vicinity or Tie to the Community Educational Historic and Scientific Value Potential Marketing Value

THANK YOU For More Information Please Contact Corporation for History Art and Culture WEB: EMAIL: PO Box 71021 Los Angeles, CA, 90071 TEL: 213-624-5510

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