Help!!! Poor education is Killing Us

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Published on February 15, 2014

Author: priyadeepsinha06



I have made an attempt to put together problems in education in India and some prospective solutions that need us to introspect before we act. There are major reforms that the education sector needs, that too without bias and with an open-minded approach. Are we at that crucial point where we need to look ahead and innovate? Do we care enough to let our future human resources become intuitive, innovative and creative?
Disclaimer: The facts have been picked from original documentation of sources. Images have been picked from google and I have tried to avoid copyrighted images to the best of my ability. The solutions are my personal opinions. One may or may not agree. :-)

Help!!! Poor Education is Killing Us

gyan lab Have you heard of PISA 2009 Test? Yes? No? What is its significance?

gyan lab PISA = Programme for International Student Assessment PISA 2009+ 15 Year Olds going to School (who are in Grade 7 or above) are tested for Knowledge and Skill Application in Reading, Mathematics and Scientific Literacies

gyan lab 522,000 Students Participated Globally (From Total Sample Space of 23,840,000 Students in 74 Nations/Economies) Himachal Pradesh & Tamil Nadu students from India participated!

gyan lab Let us Look at the Results. Shall We?

gyan lab Reading Mathematics Scientific Literacies Rank Region Score Rank Region Score Rank Region Score 1 2 3 15 25 37 44 55 Shanghai China South Korea Finland USA UK Israel Costa Rica Malaysia 556 539 536 500 494 474 443 414 1 2 3 16 28 31 42 53 Shanghai China Singapore Hong Kong Germany UK USA Azerbaijan Kazakhstan 600 562 555 513 492 487 431 405 1 2 3 16 23 43 51 58 575 554 549 514 502 454 425 410 64 72 73 Kazakhstan Tamil Nadu Himachal Pradesh 390 337 317 64 72 73 Tunisia Tamil Nadu Himachal Pradesh 371 351 338 64 72 74 Shanghai China Finland Hong Kong UK USA Turkey Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Kazakhstan Tamil Nadu Himachal Pradesh There we are at the bottom – Fighting with Kyrgyzstan for the last places! 400 348 325

gyan lab But, even Times of India (ToI) Reseach can find this out. What is so great saying this again! We need to go a little deeper for the right analysis.

gyan lab A simple way would be to see the mean average scores, and the highest and lowest scores for Shanghai and Indian States Reading Literacy 800 679 700 600 556 472 500 400 417 443 337 317 300 Tamil Nadu Himachal Pradesh 211 192 200 100 0 Mean Shanghai China 5th Percentile 95th Percentile

Similarly, 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Mathematic Literacy gyan lab 757 600 351 338 468 458 421 Tamil Nadu 241 223 Mean 5th Percentile Shanghai China Himachal Pradesh 95th Percentile Scientific Literacy 800 700 600 700 575 500 400 461 450 430 348 325 300 252 Tamil Nadu 209 Himachal Pradesh 200 100 0 Mean Shanghai China 5th Percetile 95th Percentile

gyan lab Can you see it? The low scorers in Shanghai are scoring as much as the high scorers in India! Does that mean Indian kids are too unintelligent? Or, too slow learners?

gyan lab What? You don’t agree with PISA 2009+? Too international! Questions biased against India kids! So, you want me to show you more?

gyan lab Then, let us see what the 2005 Nasscom-McKinsey Survey says! You know McKinsey right? American Consulting Organization that hires MBAs from India with fat paychecks?

gyan lab So, it says... Technical Graduates Employable 25% Unemploayble 75%

gyan lab and... Other General Graduates Employable 15% Unemployable 85%

gyan lab Crisis!!! What do we do now?

Better Technology Needed My Child is a Topper gyan lab Teachers are to Blame Let us change our Curriculum & steal more from the US Common Core Make books with better covers and same content Remove Teachers & Let us Replace with E-Learning CCE is bad! My child does not get a percentage anymore. I can’t brag!!! Our school was started by IIT-IIM guys, send them here! ...and so much more blasphemy!

gyan lab So, how do we change?

gyan lab Poor Quality of Teachers is to Blame? In Developed Nations: Teaching > Services > Administrative Roles In India: Administrative Roles > Services > Teaching This is a reflection of our learning ecosystem. We need to change it! A massive transformation in teacher training and development is required if we need our future human resources to be innovative in nature

gyan lab Why are learning solutions being made to substitute teachers? Stop this madness. We need to empower them for a more sustainable solution!

gyan lab Why are we all about fancy packaging? Digital Classes, Robotics, iPad Games – we have it all! Who is checking the content? It seems to be still about the fad, the glamorous outer shell. Time to check quality of content!

gyan lab What do you want as a parent? Introspect as a parent! TCS, Infosys are not the only options. Do you want your kids to innovate, to think beyond ordinary, or just be Chatur from 3 Idiots?

gyan lab Finally, do we really know the problem? Everyone says quality of education is bad in India. Everyone has an opinion. But, we always tend to solve the current problems and provide new solutions with the age old set of assumptions! How does that solve our problems? It does not...

gyan lab Invent | Innovate | Create Kids are natural innovators – let them be so!

gyan lab I am a sufferer of the Education System in India trying to re-imagine education in India... Connect with me and my teammates: Facebook | Email | Youtube | Website | LinkedIn | Blog

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