Help... My Work schedule is burning my Business..!

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Information about Help... My Work schedule is burning my Business..!
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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: meenalkeystonecapital



Growth Strategy with Great Execution.

Usage of management techniques within the organization
provides a systematic structured approach that helps
organizations grow faster.

Rockefeller habits, the Toyota Production System and
Net Promoter Score are proven management systems
implemented by many organizations.

Its all about having the Right people, Right Things and Right Framework

My work schedule My work schedule  is  burning is  burning  ““My BusinessMy Business””  HELP...

The Phone never stops  ringing and the emails  never stop  downloading...  No time for business as all you end up  doing is everyday mundane tasks   rather than building the company..

STOP..!!STOP..!! Just because it is needed to be done,  doesn't mean “YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALL..!YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALL..!” The key for successful business is to  have a technique driven approach  that provides a complete framework.  Do you Wish to be him??

Break free from everyday:  Design and Drive an action plan.  Re­think  Tweak  Change  Innovate and   Transform

1% Vision & 99%  Alignment    Strategic clarity drives everything   The ability to execute is more important than the  strategy itself  Re­think the assumptions of the process model to  change and implement it successfully.  Alignment of core strategies helps setting up the  system within the organization on an auto­pilot mode. 

Growth Strategy with Great Execution Usage of management techniques within the organization  provides a systematic structured approach that helps  reach the goal. Rockefeller habits, the Toyota Production System and   Net Promoter Score are proven management systems  implemented by many organizations. 

Understanding these Systems: 1. Rockefeller Habits:

 2. Toyota Production System (TPS) The 14 principles of TPS

3.  Net Promoter Score Fortune 500 companies using NPS

Implementation of the Systems

Why you need us:   Dealing with the same internal issues every quarter.   Quality of service and deliverables are on a zigzag mode   Organizational blame games with zero accountability   No time to focus on growth and strategy    Caught in the net and do not know where to begin the  change. 

Keystone Services: •  Business corporatization ­Transforming organization  into a corporate body. •  Profit & business efficiency improvement. •  Setting up & running structured board meetings. •  Dash boarding & setting up reporting systems on a  need to have basis. •  Definition of the Authority & Responsibility matrix.

In short   Right people   Right Things and   Right Framework De­stressing organization  including management 

From strategic goal alignment to daily communication,  follow up plans and those everyday things, simple  tools that make Your Business easier and you stress  free.

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