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Published on December 13, 2017

Author: hoopjumpermarket


Help For the Too Busy Real Estate Agent : Help For the Too Busy Real Estate Agent Slide 2: Is your real estate busy-work getting in the way of family obligations ? You are not alone ! In Chapter 11 of our best selling book,  Agent Revamp , we talk about the importance of Time Management in taking your schedule from insane to invaluable so you can actually get stuff done. Slide 3: In Chapter 11 we cover… Prioritizing items in your to-do list to get you closer to your goal by identifying the crucial, technical, managerial and visionary aspects of what really needs to get done. The importance of building your “dream team” consisting of showing specialists or buyer’s agents, administrative staff and virtual assistants. Slide 4: How to make better choices with your time . How to delegate tasks so you can laser-focus on tasks that only you can do. How to ask yourself 10 easy questions to put your ideas into perspective. How to use the “Time Blocking” to organize your Calendar and reduce your stress and daily chaos. Slide 5: Contact Us Hoop Jumper 170 Rainbow Drive # 7097 Livingston Texas 77399 USA (888) 466-7586 Email For a Free Consultation

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