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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: PakRose1

Source: slideshare.net

rcvets.com http://www.rcvets.com/2014/03/introduction-to-helminths.html Helminths & Their Types The word “Helminths” means “Worms” in Greek. Helminths are simple multicellular endo-parasites, involved in many disease of human and animals. This artical is to introduce you to the helminths in a simple and short way. The study of Helminths is termed as helminthology. Following is a chart, which differs Helminths from other parasites as well as it shows the subgroups of Helminths.

General Shape and Structure: As we’ve seen above, there are 3 types of Helminths. Each group has its own characteristics, shape and structure: 1. Nematodes or Roundworms have round body with tapping ends. 2. Trematodes or Flatworms are liver flukes and have leaf-like body. 3. Cestodes or Tapeworms have segmented, tape-like structure. They have metameric segments. It means that all the reproductive organs are present in each segment. If a segment breaks from the body, it can form a complete new individual. Diagnostic Methods: Many methods are used for the diagnosis of Helminths. Some of them are listed below: Fecal sample examination Blood sample examination (e.g. Knot Concentration Technique for filarial worms, a type of nematodes) Post Martum/ Slaughter (in case of animals) sample examination

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