Heimlich Manoeuvre

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Information about Heimlich Manoeuvre

Published on March 17, 2014

Author: martafdez37

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Session 3

1. Can you put that text back together? 1st . Read your text. Find other students with the same text. Learn it. 2nd . Now go back to your home group and teach your team. Then, listen to them. 3rd . Together try to answer these questions: A) What happened first? □Keith was eating dinner □Keith ran over to help a woman who was choking □Keith did a Heimlich maneuver and hit the woman's back □The woman spits out a piece of food. B) True or False? □If someone is choking, you should hit their backs. □The woman in the restaurant choke when she was drinking water. □The woman's husband saved her life. C) Can you explain the story in 4 lines? ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ D) Can you guess the ending? ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ REMEMBER: If someone is choking, the _________ Maneuver can save lives! Session 3Session 3

2. What happened? Problem 1 Explain what happened in the pictures by ordering these sentences: When (allergic to) (are) (there) (it's) (Some) (lots of) (pollen.) (people) (Spring), (flowers.) (are) _______________________________________________________________________________ If (an) (smell) (they) (will) (they) (have) (allergic reaction.)(flowers,) _______________________________________________________________________________ (allergy) (should) (They) (take) (pills). _______________________________________________________________________________ Problem 2 If you __________________________ you can _________________. You should _________________ and ____________________________________________

Problem 3 If you ____________________________________________ you will get _________________________________. You should ___________________________________ but you shouldn't ________________________ If it's very serious, ____________________________________________________________.

SESSION 3: Jigsaw Reading

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