Heff's Badass Guse Presentation Vers. 2 Part 1

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Information about Heff's Badass Guse Presentation Vers. 2 Part 1

Published on December 20, 2007

Author: HorseManDemon

Source: slideshare.net


To get this to play properly... You have to download it, and open it in powerpoitn. This is a powerpoint I made for a class in my Senior year of high school. Eventually I went back and added a bunch of new slides and such. Then it ended up being too large, so I split it into two parts... This is the 1st part.



Once Upon A Time… There Was A Mine So Infinitely Excellent, That It Outclassed All Others… This is not that mine…

A HorseManDemon Productions……. Production In Conjunction with A Monkey With Magic Pants Studios… The Quest For The Mystical Mine (AKA) The Silver Queen Mine

Doc: An excellent miner who has recently discovered the location of a new mine that he hopes will rival that of the silver king mine.

Bill: A Coward and weakling. Bill has yet to unlock his hidden potential, and spends most of his time drinking alone at the bar.

Tex: Often thought to be clinically insane, Tex is a free spirit who does whatever pleases him at any time.

Ace: He’s the youngest of the 4 protagonists in this story. He’s brave, perhaps foolhardy, and his friends often make fun of him.

1880: In the town of Silver King What’s Wrong Bill? Where’s that bartender when you need him??? I SAID “WHAT’S WRONG BILL?”! Nothing… Except I’m so poor in this town. Is that all? Come on… I’ve got a hot tip that could solve your problem… Lemme just finish my drink…

Hurry Up! I’m Going to go get Tex.

Sigh… Filthy Drunk… Where are you at Tex??? Where Could He Be?!? YEEEEHAAW!! TEX YOU’RE FRIGGING CRAZY!!! You Guys can’t go anywhere without me!!!! We never said you couldn’t go…. Ass. HAHAHAHA!!!! MY NAME’S NOT ASS!!! It’s Ace…

Mine!!! Well Guys… According to this information packet I bought, this is the mine here… Around there at least….

Supposedly the mine contains a lot of minerals… like chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, covellite, enargite, sphalerite, galena, GOLD, hematite, magnetite, quartz, pyrite, and calcite. It’s located about 104 km East of Phoenix. And I’ve got a hunch we’ll all be RICH if we find it!!! And So Our Heroes Began Their Journey…

Ace: “Are we there yet? I’m Tired… All: Shutup Ace..


Doc: Quick! Kill Them! Bill: Why? They’re not doing anything! Doc: Don’t you hear the music??? We’re in a battle!!! OW!!! You sonova… 1 Tex: I’ll take care of this…

Doc: Ummm… What Now? Tex: Dunno… Guess we celebrate? Bill: HEY!! These rats had $50 on them!!! Doc: WHAT?! Why the hell would a rat have $50? Bill: Who cares?!? I got $50!

Tex: Hey! I killed the rats! Why do YOU get the $50? Doc: Yeah! I think we should all split it up equally! Bill: Nuh-UH! Finders keepers!!! Tex: !!!!!! You prick! Did you just shoot a fireball at me! That could’ve hurt slightly! Tex: Heh… I’ll show you buddy! Don’t mess with a crazy guy with dynamite! Bill: Haha! Was that it? Ya missed! Tex:…… Wait for it… MISS! HIT! RUMBLE! RUMBLE! Bill: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! I give… We’ll share! Geez! Just get this damn boulder offa me!

Doc: Haha… Flat as a pancake under that thing! Tex: Nah, he’s too much of a lard ass to play a pancake! Hahahaha! Bill: Awww COME ON! I learned my lesson! I’m SORRY! Get me out from under here! Doc: Fine fine… We’ll get you outta there… And by “we”, I mean Ass here… Best get to digging, Ass! Ace: Wha?!?!?! ME?! But I didn’t even have anything to do with the ENTIRE battle scene other than standing there!

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