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Information about Heavy Duty Vehicle Idling Reduction Presentation W

Published on February 27, 2008

Author: Pravez

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PUBLIC WORKSHOP STATEWIDE DIESEL ENGINE IDLE REDUCTION STANDARD :  PUBLIC WORKSHOP STATEWIDE DIESEL ENGINE IDLE REDUCTION STANDARD August 23, 2007 Department of Environmental Protection Division of Air Resource Management Executive Order 07-127:  Executive Order 07-127 Establishing Immediate Actions to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions within Florida DEP to develop rules to achieve……… Adoption of a statewide diesel engine idle reduction standard. Impacts of Idling:  Impacts of Idling Wastes fuel Burns 1 gallon per hour while alternatives like auxiliary power units consume 10% to 20% Increased emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Impacts:  Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Impacts Department of Energy Based on nationwide numbers (500,000 long haul trucks in review data) 1 billion gallons for overnight idling 2 billion gallons for workday idling EPA Estimates Emissions from overnight idling alone total 7.6 million tons of CO2 California Estimates In 2010, sleeper trucks idling emissions are estimated at 1 million tons of GHG emissions per year. Executive Order Allows:  Executive Order Allows Broad Range of Options Passenger cars and light trucks Commercial buses Heavy trucks Locomotives Ships at Port Common State Idle Reduction Requirements:  Common State Idle Reduction Requirements Target vehicles producing greatest amount of emissions Commercial heavy duty vehicles typically over 10,000 lbs Delivery vehicles Buses Tractor Trailer Idle time 5 minutes Idle time is consistent with EPA’s Model State Idling Law Provide Exemptions Common Idling Exemptions for Heavy-Duty Vehicles:  Common Idling Exemptions for Heavy-Duty Vehicles Certain buses Tractors with sleeper berths in use Vehicle queuing Weather or mechanical/safety problems Maintenance Power takeoff operations Emergency or Military operations ADA requirements California: Most Stringent Requirements:  California: Most Stringent Requirements First state to restrict idling in sleeper berth trucks 14,000 lbs and over Provisions go into effect January 2008 Subject to the 5 minute idle limit New trucks sold in California required to include automatic engine shut down feature Emerging Areas of Idling Concern:  Emerging Areas of Idling Concern Locomotives Switchyards Worker breaks Crew changes Ports Vessels Cargo handling equipment Trucks and vehicles Harbor Vessels Rail Idle Reduction Options:  Idle Reduction Options Operational practices Technology and Infrastructure Operational Changes:  Operational Changes Turn engine off after a set time Scheduling and logistics improvements to reduce idle times Technology Options Identified By Other Idle Reduction Programs:  Technology Options Identified By Other Idle Reduction Programs Aux power units (APU). Truck stop electrification Onboard power systems Off board power systems Integrated power systems in new vehicles (battery systems) Fuel fired heaters Thermal energy storage systems Automatic engine shutdown system Locomotive & Shipping Port Technology:  Locomotive & Shipping Port Technology Locomotives Hybrid electric switchyard engines Automatic engine shut down system Shipping Ports Shore power infrastructure New technologies (e.g., electric cranes, battery-electric vehicles) Conclusions:  Conclusions Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles (HDDV) Primary focus of most state idle reduction strategies Locomotives Not as many regulatory examples More uncertain technology High potential for improvement Shipping Ports Most programs in developing phase Complex to regulate Comments:  Comments Scope of regulation Identification of diesel engines suitable for inclusion Identification of exemptions Infrastructure needs Costs Technology Implementation Emissions data Avoid negative impacts on overall air quality Comments (continued):  Comments (continued) Mail Comments to: Ms. Sandy Bowman Division of Air Resource Management, MS 5510 Department of Environmental Protection 2600 Blair Stone Road Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400 cc: Ms Lynn Scearce, Rules Coordinator (same Address) Or e-mail to: sandy.bowman@dep.state.fl.us and lynn.scearce@dep.state.fl.us All comments are public records and will be posted on the Department’s website. FLDEP Climate Change website: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/air/climate.htm E-mail Distribution List:  E-mail Distribution List To receive updates on the development of this project by e-mail, provide name, affiliation, and e-mail address to Ms. Lynn Scearce at: lynn.scearce@dep.state.fl.us

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