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Published on April 7, 2008

Author: Sigismondo

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Summary: Internet2 (and others) organized meetings on African R&E network connectivity:  Summary: Internet2 (and others) organized meetings on African R&E network connectivity Heather Boyles, Internet2 heather@internet2.edu African Research and Education Networking Meeting CERN 26-27 September, 2005 Convergence of interests, efforts:  Convergence of interests, efforts Internet2 members’ interest group: extending the reach of R&E networking globally Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions since 2002 Special Interest Group formed earlier this year Chair: Warren Matthews, GeorgiaTech Internet2-hosted workshop May 2004 on issues involving all regions “Expanding the Reach of Advanced Networking” http://international.internet2.edu/intl_connect/agenda.html Focus on African R&E networking:  Focus on African R&E networking US National Science Foundation Principal Investigators for African science collaborations workshop in January 2005 “I.T. for Enhancing US-Africa Collaboration on the Environment” Interest in funding connectivity project to R&E networks in Africa Study Grant: “Extending High Bandwidth Academic and Research Networking to Africa” NSF Award #0451384 George Sadowsky, PI: John Mack, Don Riley co-PIs Focus on African R&E networking:  Focus on African R&E networking IEEAF and Internet2 organized meeting in May 2005 “Enhancing R&E Networking Connectivity to and within Africa” http://international.internet2.edu/resources/events/2005/smmafricamtgagenda.html 18 September 2005 meeting organized in conjunction with the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, IDRC and NSRC “Progress and Challenges in Building National Research and Education Networks In Africa : A View from the Field” http://international.internet2.edu/resources/events/2005/2005FMMAFRICAAGENDA.html May ’05 Meeting :  May ’05 Meeting Objective: LEARN! bring together organizations engaged in active major initiatives to improve R&E network connectivity with and within Africa share plans and projects, identify opportunities for collaboration between agencies and organizations Goals: Stimulate communication and collaboration Focus on action agendas and next steps Build critical mass and momentum May ’05 Meeting Outcomes:  May ’05 Meeting Outcomes Learned there are many parallel, intersecting and overlapping initiatives from international and African communities Opportunities for synergy Strong support for NREN and regional consortia model as way to address connectivity Need for capacity building on campuses #1: need engagement of leaders from African institutions 18 September Meeting:  18 September Meeting Objective: LEARN MORE! Bring a number of leaders from African campus, NREN and regional consortia to Internet2 Member Meeting Provide insight into progress and challenges Engage with the global NREN community Attend not only workshop but Internet2 International Task Force meeting (58 NREN organizations) and Internet2 Member Meeting 18 Sept meeting: Overview:  18 Sept meeting: Overview Speakers from universities, national networking and other research and education-oriented organizations in Africa (and a few from outside Africa – Ecuador, Mexico – for additional insight) Campus, national and regional/continental networking issues Keynote: Aki Sawyerr, Secretary General, Association of African Universities Campus network session:  Campus network session F.F. Tusubira, Makerere University, Uganda Kunle Kehinde, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Nigeria Ibrahima Niang, Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD), Senegal Enrique Pelaez, Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral (ESPOL), Ecuador Campus network – highlights Summarized by Tusu:  Campus network – highlights Summarized by Tusu Networking must be driven by the high level motivation of learning and research There has been significant progress in many African universities in establishing campus networks – but in most African countries, these remain in the minority A key element of coordinated progress is a clear policy and master plan that spells out the grand long term vision that leads to phased implementation Campus network – cross-cutting themes/issues:  Campus network – cross-cutting themes/issues ICT Policy and master plan – needs to be addressed in most of the universities through supporting the development of internal capacity Funding is a major challenge – there is available funding for capital expenditure. The challenge is knowledge and the ability to tap into the sources Campus network – cross-cutting themes/issues:  Campus network – cross-cutting themes/issues Capacity building across the board to continuously equip staff with information resource management skills Staff retention will always be a challenge. Universities must accept their role as training grounds, training and utilising students and young graduates to provide services, and maintaining working linkages with those who leave. Campus network – themes/issues:  Campus network – themes/issues Sustainability is a challenge, the major component, for most universities, being bandwidth. This however extends to hardware and software. Strategies for addressing these: Working through consortia to reduce costs of procurement and ownership Development of capacity to use open source tools NRENs session:  NRENs session Duncan Martin, TENET, South Africa Victor Kyalo, KENET, Kenya Aminu Ibrahim, Nigeria ICT Forum Anthony Muyepa, University of Malawi College of Medicine Moses Bayingana, Rwanda Information Technology Authority NRENs – highlights Summarized by Victor:  NRENs – highlights Summarized by Victor NRENs have a role to play They are needed much more in developing countries where resources are scarce Leverage heavily on economies of scale for: Negotiating better deals Mass generation of resources Favorable advocacy etc NRENs – themes/issues:  NRENs – themes/issues Institutional arrangements/frameworks Challenges: Capacity, infrastructure, interventions Leverage on existing initiatives to achieve some wins Collaboration avenues (existing and to be created) Its possible and efforts will be started to achieve some progress in the next 12 months Regional/Continental Session:  Regional/Continental Session Sandra Aluoch, African Virtual University Isatou Jah, AfNOG (African Network Operators Group) Americo Muchanga, SARUA (Southern Africa Regional Universities Association) Dark Fibre Study Carlos Casasús, Cooperación Latinoamericana (CLARA) Regional/Continental – highlights Summarized by Sandra:  Regional/Continental – highlights Summarized by Sandra Partnership for Higher Education in Africa Bandwidth Consortium Lease entire transponder Price savings from $20 Kbps to $2.33 Kbps over past 10 years using consolidated approach Regional/Continental – highlights:  Regional/Continental – highlights Committed to over 51 Mbps University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) Makerere University (Uganda) Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique) University of Ghana (Ghana) University of Education (Ghana) Ahmadu Bello University (Nigeria) Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria) Bayero University (Nigeria) University of Ibadan (Nigeria) University of Jos (Nigeria) University of Port Harcourt (Nigeria) Association of African Universities (Ghana) Kenya Education Network (Kenya) Next Steps:  Next Steps Continue negotiating for lower bandwidth pricing. Provide training to universities on bandwidth monitoring, control and management. Pass savings to other Universities on the continent. 18 Sept ’05 meeting: what we learned:  18 Sept ’05 meeting: what we learned Incredible activity taking place in R&E networking with often times minimal resources NREN model is being pursued (South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique at least) Solid basis for building R&E network connectivity within and between a number of countries Thanks!:  Thanks! May ’05 meeting IEEAF for co-organizing Don Riley and Warren Matthews for co-chairing September ’05 meeting Major travel funding for participants from Africa: Carnegie Corporation International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Rockefeller Foundation Ford Foundation EUMEDCONNECT Workshop support: Microsoft Research – Internet2 Corporate Partner Webcast archive: Ohio State University – Internet2 Commons NOC

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