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Published on October 28, 2008

Author: DESouers

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Heart Health : Heart Health Danielle Souers And Megan Schmit Heart health facts : Heart health facts Worldwide, approximately 17-5 million deaths are attributed to heart disease and stroke each year Controlling certain risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, tobacco use, and physical inactivity, can help prevent heart disease and stroke. (4) “Going Green” : “Going Green” Going green may be heart healthy if you eat the right foods Researches are Penn State University found that eating pistachios lowers cholesterol There study showed that eating pistachios with a heart healthy diet significantly lowered a person’s CVD risk profile (1) “Going Green” cont. : “Going Green” cont. “The participants began the study by eating a typical American diet consisting of 35 percent total fat and 11 percent saturated fat for two weeks. They then tested three diets for four weeks each with about a two-week break between each diet. All three diets were variations on the Step I Diet, a cholesterol-lowering diet in general use. The diets included, as a control, a Step I Diet with no pistachios and about 25 percent total fat and 8 percent saturated fat. The pistachio enhanced diets were Step I Diets with 10 and 20 percent of the energy supplied by pistachio nuts, respectively. The 10 percent pistachio diet had 30 percent total fat and 8 percent saturated fat and the 20 percent pistachio diet had 34 percent total fat and 8 percent saturated fat.” (1) Flu shots helps heart disease : Flu shots helps heart disease The flu can worsen the symptoms of heart disease Getting the flu shot is a simple way of heart disease patients to help care for themselves “The AHA and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) recommend that the more than 12 million people in the U.S. with cardiovascular conditions receive an annual flu shot.” (2) Flu shots helps heart disease : Flu shots helps heart disease In 2005 only one in three adults with heart disease was vaccinated against the flu The flu vaccination has very few side effects and definitely protects those with heart disease. (2) Innovative cookbook : Innovative cookbook The American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association have teamed up to produce a new cookbook, “Diabetes & Heart Healthy Meals for Two.” (3) Innovative cookbook : Innovative cookbook The new cookbook “Diabetes and Heart Health Meals for Two” focuses on a combination of recipes to promote a delicious and nutritious heart healthy diet People do not want to compromise flavor for health and with this new cookbook you can enjoy both (3) World Heart Day : World Heart Day The World Heart Federation, a nongovernmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, created the World Heart Day in 2000. It is a public awareness program to increase the awareness of heart disease and stroke (4) Help your Heart Health : Help your Heart Health Eat foods high in: calcium, magnesium and vitamin D Increase your fruit intake for the day Eat whole grains (ie: whole wheat bread versus white bread) (5) Heart Health conclusion : Heart Health conclusion Heart Health should be a number one priority in life. Your heart is the center of your system By keeping it healthy you in turn stay health as well References : References 1) Penn State; Researchers study how pistachios may improve heart health. (2008, October). NewsRx Health & Science,194.  Retrieved October 28, 2008, from ProQuest Health and Medical Complete database. (Document ID: 1570487271). 2) Heart Disease; Huston Street Joins Mended Hearts with an Important Heart Health Message: Get Your Flu Shot! (2008, October). Vaccine Weekly,63.  Retrieved October 28, 2008, from ProQuest Health and Medical Complete database. (Document ID: 1580633131). References continued : References continued 3) Taking Meals to Heart. Review of medium_being_reviewed title_of_work_reviewed_in_italics. (2008, October). Diabetes Forecast, 61(10), 101.  Retrieved October 28, 2008, from ProQuest Health and Medical Complete database. (Document ID: 1574945021). 4) World Heart Day - September 28, 2008. (2008, September). MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 57(38), 1052-1053.  Retrieved October 17, 2008, from ProQuest Health and Medical Complete database. (Document ID: 1576744681). References continued : References continued 5) Weber Shandwick Worldwide; Study suggests a little milk could go a long way for your heart. (2008, July). NewsRx Health & Science,112.  Retrieved October 28, 2008, from ProQuest Health and Medical Complete database. (Document ID: 1520508891).

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