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Published on March 13, 2009

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Slide 1: Quality WATER Quality HEALTH Slide 2: We need Water that has “Living Energy” which is most similar to water in our cells. Clean Living Water Enriched with ionic & trace minerals pH-balanced to our body Has higher oxygen- Anti-pathogenic Energised Water In smaller molecular clusters Slide 3: 8-Stages of Comprehensive Filtration & Purification Slide 4: Filtration flow is against gravity to ensure filtration is more thorough & efficient. Each layer of media are separated with non-woven and plastic nettings to create a horizontal pressure on water for a more efficient and even filtration. Slide 5:  8. Magnetic Stones 7. EC-3000 FIR Energy Beads 5+6. KDF + Activated Granular Carbon 4. Mineral Stones 3. Activated Granular Carbon 2. Ion Exchange Resins 1. Ceramic Filter Slide 6: Ceramic Filter to remove most Contaminations, Sediments & Bacteria Made of ceramic material from Japan with consistent pore size of 0.3 - 0.7 microns. 1. Ceramic Filter Slide 7: Adjust Calcium & Magnesium Content in Water. Converting Hard Water to Soft water. 2. Ion Exchange Resins NSF* approved Ion Exchange Resins from USA. Slide 8: NSF approved Activated Granular Carbon from Japan. Absorbs Chlorine, Odour, Heavy metals & Chemical Compounds. 3. Activated Granular Carbon Purifies Water Completely. Slide 9: 100% Natural Mineral Stones infuses water with ionic minerals & trace minerals. Water is mineralised, sweet-tasting and slightly alkaline to match body’s pH balance 7.2 – 7.5. 4. Mineral Stones Slide 10: Inhibits Harmful Bacteria growth. 5 + 6. KDF + Activated Granular Carbon Preserves the fresh state of Water. NSF approved KDF*, a zinc-copper compound to neutralize organic & inorganic mercury and other heavy metals. Slide 11: Energizes the Water Made of naturally FIR-emitting ceramic clay that energizes water causing intense vibration. 7. EC-3000 FIR Energy Beads Breaks Water molecules into smaller clusters Slide 12: Create a Magnetic field in the Water. Magnetic field further break water clusters, producing ?–water with NMR* reading of 46 – 48Hz Magnetic Stones 8. Magnetic Stones Slide 13: Distilled Water? Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water? Bottled Mineral Water? Electrolyzed Water? Pure Water Dispenser? It is DEAD WATER! Gives Us Clean Water BUT NOT Living Water! Slide 14: 99.9% Free from Contamination Enriched with ionic & trace minerals pH-balanced – slightly alkaline ( pH 7.7-7.8 ) Has higher Oxygen retention capacity Anti-pathogenic FIR-Energised Water - 48Hz Smaller molecular clusters NOT JUST Clean & Living water Slide 15: 8-Stages of Comprehensive Filtration & Purification EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN Slide 16: LIVING ENERGY WATER ?-Water For More Details Harikumar S, Vital ORGANIC Water Pi-Water

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