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Published on November 27, 2008

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Healthy Relationships : Healthy Relationships The Ohio State University Student Wellness Center DEFINITION: What is a Relationship? : DEFINITION: What is a Relationship? Type of connection existing between people related to or having communication with each other. Could be Romantic or Intimate. Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship : Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship Open Communication Mutual Respect Honesty Trust Support Fairness/Equality “So, Uh…What Are We?” : “So, Uh…What Are We?” According to research, there are many stages that a couple goes through in their relationship together. These stages are: Attachment & Courting Differences & Power Struggles Identity Formation Balance & Unconditional Acceptance Stage 1:Attachment & Courting Phase : Stage 1:Attachment & Courting Phase A.K.A. Romantic Love phase. Developing emotional attachment “Falling in Love” Infatuation and Passion Strong sexual desire Stage 2: Dealing with Differences/Power Struggles : Stage 2: Dealing with Differences/Power Struggles Conflicts and disagreements are intertwined with emotions. Boundaries and personal space sometimes violated. Feeling claustrophic “I just need some space” Stage 3: Identity Formation : Stage 3: Identity Formation Partners develop who they are within the relationship. Characteristics can be intertwined, yet still separate. Has the ability to create more features visible and balanced. Stage 4: Balance & Unconditional Acceptance : Stage 4: Balance & Unconditional Acceptance Deeper Intimacy Sharing intimate secrets and thoughts Desires Emotional Support System Giving of each other in many aspects of the relationship Issues In Relationships : Issues In Relationships Jealousy Consequences of Jealousy When a Relationship Goes Sour…. : When a Relationship Goes Sour…. How do you recognize the signs of an unhealthy relationship? What to Look For: : What to Look For: Manipulation Controlling Criticizing Intimidation Unhappy in the relationship Threatening or mistreating How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship : How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship The ingredients are simple: Appreciate each other’s qualities Stay true to your partner Have good communication Keep realistic expectations for your partner Have shared interests Have the ability to face and deal with conflicts together Value yourself and your partner Not All Relationships Last Forever…. : Not All Relationships Last Forever…. When its time to say goodbye…. There is no right or wrong ways to say goodbye, but there are several guidelines for being fair, courteous, and considerate. Guidelines to Follow… : Guidelines to Follow… Face-to-face vs. phone/email Be honest about your feelings. Space Support New relationships Friendship after a relationship? Helpful Tips : Helpful Tips Knowing the steps and stages It is up to you to make your own decisions about your life, take charge. Knowing that not every relationship is the same can also help you to understand what is right for you. Resources Guide : Resources Guide The OSU Student Wellness Center B130 RPAC…..292-4527 OSU Student Advocacy Center…292-1111 24-Hour Rape Helpline… 267-7020 OSU Campus Police…292-2121 Columbus Police Department…911 OSU Counseling and Consultation Services…292-5766 Resident Halls..if you live in a residence hall, your Hall Director can assist you. References : References Brain, Marshall. The Teenagers Guide to the Real World. 1st ed. Raleigh: BYG, Inc., 1997. Dreikurs, Ruthellen. The Space Between Us: Exploring the Dimensions of Human Relationships. San Francisco:Jossey-Bass, 1992. "Healthy Relationships." The Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Apr. 2006 <>. Hersch, Patricia. A Tribe Apart: a Journey Into the Heart of American Adolescence. New York: Ballantine Books, 1998. Ketterman, Dr. Grace. Verbal Abuse: Healing the Hidden Wound. Ann Arbor: Servant Publications, 1992. Reese, Rosanne. Personal interview. 2 May 2006. "Romantic Love." Wikipedia: Onlince Encyclapedia. 26 May 2006. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. May 2006 <>. Schipper, Deborah. Personal interview. May 2006. Young, Mark A. "Healthy Relationships: Where's the Research?" The Family Journal: Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families 12 (2004): 159-162. Academic SearchPremier. Columbus. Apr. 2006. Keyword: healthy relationships.

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