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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: drjohipaxon



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Healthy meals and a health weight I've had (a) 4 healthy meals, now you can give one to two unhealthy. Nevertheless, it is a small, it will not kill me. “Really? Well, what if I can accurately dispensed food All super healthy and ready in advance these speeds up my metabolism and lose weight faster? Wrong. The whole principle is nonsense. It is a myth More Information Available Venus Factor Review The principle that we should during the day to eat more smaller meals and kept the momentum in metabolism, is a long-term myth. Amount of energy that we get from food is determined by the total amount of food eaten, NE number of meals per day. Fortunately, there are studies that refute this myth several times. Two groups of people consumed the same amount of food. One more small portions, the second in less portions. The result? Between groups were virtually no differences ( 1 , 2 ). There is one study by the group of obese men. It showed that eating 6 meals per day led to less satiety compared to a group of people who only eat 3 meals per day (3 ). Eat many times a day does not mean nothing else than to continuously graze a cow. Cow, unlike humans 4 stomachs that make everything you eat, fantastic food and all energy is utilized. Cow unlike humans eat only fresh plant foods. Cows graze all day or sleeping. Maybe someone liked it, but it does not really lifestyles relevant for the active person. In analogy animals one would certainly not eat as often as cattle.

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