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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: FExpoth


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Healthy Important things about Red Wine By, Fexpoth,

1.Make your heart more healthy • Red wine of which consists of anti oxidants of which books that you keep from several cardiovascular diseases simply by upping your good cholesterol • The unique antioxidant generally known as “ flavinol” which often reduce raise the risk blood clotting

2.Good for muscles • For women, red wine is recommended to drink just one glass each day for any balanced skin color • For men, have to intake 2 glass per day for a shiny skin tone. • Resveratrol which often kills the free radicals and strengthen muscle groups energy throughout the body.

3.Diabetes • Researchers found that red wine which contains some chemicals which are added to regulate the blood sugar level in the body • Mainly, polyphenol in red wine is used to control the sugar level in the human body which reduce the diabetic related diseases.

4.Anti-Cancer • Anti-oxidant that is resveratrol has the ability to remove or get rid of breast cancer. • “Resveratrol “ in red ingredient called as cancer prevention agent

5.Reduce Bad Cholesterol • Consumption of red wine will reduce the risk of heart diseases and weight problems • Its mainly by increasing HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) – Good cholesterol in your body • While increasing the HDL ,body works to remove the “bad cholesterol”

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