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Published on September 3, 2007

Author: Noble


Drink water to Your Health:  Drink water to Your Health Slide2:  We are Made of Water 50-75% of body is water 10-12 gallons in an adult Slide3:  Guess the Percentage of Water In Blood Muscle Body Fat Bone 83% 73% 25% 22% Slide4:  Can’t Store Water for When We Need Extra Loss 10% - weakness and potential heat stroke Loss 20% - life threatening Average loss per day is 10 cups Slide5:  The More Calories You Burn the More Water You Need 1 milliliter per calorie burned About 1 ½ liters per 1000 calories 8 cups for 2000 calories Slide6:  What Does Water Do? Temperature control Carry nutrients and oxygen Keep tissues moist Make up body fluids Cushions joints Protects organs and tissues Slide7:  Where Does All That Water Go? 4 – 6 cups in urine 2-4 cups perspiration 1 ½ cup breathing 2/3 cup bowel movements Slide8:  Where Do We Get All That Fluid? Drinking fluids 4-6 ½ cups Solid food 3-4 1/3 cups Body metabolism ¾- 1 1/3 cups Slide9:  What Can Increase the Need? Extreme cold or heat Strenuous work or exercise Exposure to air on airplanes Fever, vomiting, diarrhea High fiber diet Pregnancy and breastfeeding Slide10:  Check Urine Color to See If You are Drinking Enough Apple juice color – Not Enough Colorless or light lemon juice color – Drinking Enough Slide11:  Name Some Fluids That Are Healthy Water Juice Milk Fortified Soy Milk Slide12:  How You Can Make Sure You Get Enough Fluid? Drink enough water daily Replace coffee and tea breaks with water breaks Add soup to meals Serve water, milk or juice with meals Always drink when pass water fountain Slide13:  Is Bottled Water Better? Not necessarily better than tap water Make sure flavored waters are sugar free If gets you to drink, then it is worth it Slide14:  Don’t Forget Milk! 30% of Daily Value for Calcium 25% of Daily Value of Vitamin D & 10% of Vitamin A 16% of Daily Value for Protein 10-23% of Daily Values for B vitamins Slide15:  Cut the Sodas Soft drinks have 3 –4 teaspoons of sugar per can Large 11 ounce soda has 130 calories Sipping slowly exposes teeth to more danger for decay Slide16:  What about Tea? Evidence that provides beneficial antioxidants unclear May need 4 cups or more per day Contains stimulants (Caffeine) Slide17:  Caffeine Present in coffee, tea & coke Acts like diuretic May affect sleep Make jumpy, anxious, nervous Slide18:  Ways to Cut Caffeine Gradually drink less Drink ½ decaf ½ regular Brew tea for shorter time Use caffeine free tea Use caffeine free sodas Slide19:  In Summary Most of your fluids should be water Other good choices are milk, juice and fortified soy milk Limit drinks that contain sugar and caffeine Drink about 8 cups of fluid per day

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