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Published on January 11, 2008

Author: Stella


Health Career Opportunity Program HCOP Summer Enrichment Program Level I:  Health Career Opportunity Program HCOP Summer Enrichment Program Level I Team Members Asheena Houston Alexis Nash ABSTRACT:  ABSTRACT Abstract: The HCOP Summer Enrichment Program was designed to help increase the number of disadvantaged, college freshmen entering into pre-health and health majors. The program is a six-week, non-credited, academic program with classes in Mathematics, Anatomy Physiology, Study Skills, and English. There are also field trips and laboratory work to help provide these prospective students with an advantage in their pursuit of a Health Care Profession. We will attempt to show how the College of Health Sciences and the College of Letters and Science form a bond to work together to provide these students with the resources they’ll need to successfully complete college level work and gain entrance into graduate schools. What is HCOP?:  What is HCOP? Six week program that has 4 non-credited academic programs Designed to help and prepare students to study in a health field. Different Levels??? :  Different Levels??? SEP I Focuses on academic excellence Helping students matriculate into college Incoming freshmen Students that need help adjusting to second year SEP II Focuses on career exploration as a Health Care Professional. Who, when, and how HCOP got started? :  Who, when, and how HCOP got started? Started by College of Health Sciences Headed by Francine Triplett and Marion McDowell Received a grant from US Dept of Health and Human Services in 1978. First class consisted of 20 students in June 1979. Only took in majors from Health Sciences. In 2000 HCOP just started receiving pre-med students. PURPOSE :  PURPOSE To expose incoming freshmen to the “real” college experience. Increase number of disadvantage students into the Health or pre-health majors Increase the number of disadvantaged students into Health Professions or graduate schools. What SEP I Entails? :  What SEP I Entails? College level courses (English, Math, Anatomy & Physiology, and Study Skills) Advising Counseling Tutoring Field Trips (Zoo, UW- Medical College, Milwaukee Center of Independence) Hands on Laboratory experience HOW DO YOU GET IN?:  HOW DO YOU GET IN? Must be a US citizen or permanent resident which meet required criteria for a disadvantaged family. Must meet the criteria of an ecomonically or educationally disadvantaged US citizen. Must complete the application process which includes an interview. Should have an ACT score of at least 19. Should have a minimum GPA of 2.5 with a strong science and math background. HCOP FACULTY :  HCOP FACULTY Mrs. Marion McDowell She is the Assistant Dean of the College of Health Sciences Head of all Science Programs at the College of Health Sciences, including HCOP HCOP FACULTY:  HCOP FACULTY Mr. Gregory Thomas is the Undergraduate Program Coordinator He is also the primary coordinator of the HCOP program HCOP FACULTY:  HCOP FACULTY Mr. John Ndon Ph.D. ,MT (ASCP) He is the academic coordinator for the HCOP program He is also an associate professor at the College of Health Sciences in Clinical Laboratory Science HCOP FACULTY:  HCOP FACULTY Ms. Susan Blong is an pre-med advisor and coordinator of MED-PREP. MED-PREP is a pre-medical program for minority students designed to help increase number of minorities into medical school EXPECTATIONS:  EXPECTATIONS Students must work up to their full potentials Attain and sustain high academic performance Set goals high and be motivated to meet those goals Be able to give back to the community Become excellent role models ADVANTAGES OF THE PROGRAM:  ADVANTAGES OF THE PROGRAM Exposes students to the various health related professions Students become accustomed to college level work. Helps ease the transition into college life The program also provides an excellent support system for the students. Special Thanks:  Special Thanks Marion McDowell, Assistant Dean Gregory Thomas, Undergraduate Program Coordinator Isa Ortiz, Program Assistant Annie Brown, Program Assistant Lanrae Adedokun, Teacher Assistant We would like to give special thanks to all or you for helping this experience a wonderful one. THANK YOU! Grace Thompson, Teacher Assistant Professor Dr. Amadou Camara Instructor Kelly Kaiser Professor Dr. Rachel Baum Instructor Ericka Lynk

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