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Published on August 17, 2009

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1905937895-24574510403840 ZULTYS HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS (ZHS) A white paper by Pierre Kerbage VP of Sales: North America & Canada (408) 328-5423 Features & Functionality Presence While other systems provide just a busy light on the phone, Zultys has gone well beyond the legacy Busy Lamp Fields. Thanks to Zultys Healthcare Systems, Presence is software on your PC or MAC can alert you instantly when Healthcare employees are away or busy or available (see screen shot). You can even set it so that when they touch the PC or mouse or Phone, that it would alert you with a toaster pop on your PC, thus letting you know immediately of that presence change. This allows healthcare employees to be more responsive in case of an emergency. Furthermore, if you have a remote phone at your house, your presence STILL shows. This also goes for remote locations, clinics, etc… (MX Groups). Instant Message Emergencies in healthcare happen all the time, and waiting to get a hold of a person is sometimes NOT an option. Message anyone in the company (or working remotely), EVEN if they are on their phone. You can even have a conference room where several can join in. Note that this also reaches an employee who is working from home, provided they are on the ZULTYS system and software. Find me Follow Me Reach any healthcare employee, doctor, or anyone within your organization who is linked to the ZULTYS healthcare system. You can forward your extension to your cell phone, home phone and make that forward conditional on time of day, day of week, even by caller ID. Expecting a patient to call you, only forward HIM/HER to your cell phone – all others go to Voice Mail. You can even send a specific user to a specific Voice Mail. Expecting a message from Dr. John ? Be sure he hears a message that you have recorded FOR HIM. Zultys Healthcare Systems can detect a caller ID and send a caller to a specific Voice Mail message. Fax Server Healthcare still heavily relies on faxes being sent between physicians and hospitals and pharmacies. Our systems can easily include the ability to fax FROM your desktop and TO your desktop (MAC or PC) Unified Messaging Do the doctors carry blackberries ? Pocket PC – now make your Voice Mail forward to your portable devices and listen to them anytime, or archive them for compliance reasons or validation at a later date Visual Voice Mail Healthcare employees needs to be able to look for important Voice Mails, i.e. from Physicians, Hospitals, Pharmacies, etc… very quickly. Legacy systems make you listen to each message. Zultys Healthcare Systems SHOW YOU on your PC caller ID (Name and Number, date and time received) so as to quickly go to and select the message you need to listen to. You can also SAVE the messages to your desktop or any server on your Network for archival purposes. Paging Healthcare needs to be able to alert and advise different entities on an as needed basis. Need to page ALL doctors, local and remote for example ? These can be put into a ZONE and whether they are working from their office or at home, as long as they are on the Zultys Healthcare System, the page will come through Cell Phone Twinning When a call comes in and you need to reach an important member of your healthcare organization, you need not to know where they are. Simply transfer that call to their extension (or name) and if their cell phone or home phone can ring AT THE SAME TIME. Furthermore, if the receiver of the call picks up the call from their cell phone and is walking back into their office, they can transfer that call back into their office extension/phone. MXmeeting Is our collaboration appliance tool that allows you to instantly display your screen to others with the healthcare facility or anyone you wish to grant access. Show the charts to other doctors. MXmeeting also incorporates the highest definition in the industry today, allow doctors to collaborate with the greatest degree of granularity, detail and resolution available, leaving less room for questionable items. Collaboratively work on documents, white board and highlight any chart, record the session for later review and archiving and compliance. Need to have another user take over your PC (or MAC) – then it is done with a click of a mouse. Conferencing Multiple party Audio conferencing with superb clarity can be a part of your Zultys Healthcare systems. What is better ? This is a hosted conference, which means that external callers do NOT use your phone lines. Call Detail Reporting (including 911 reporting) Run multiple detailed reports anytime. Who called, when, to where, what date, time, who called 911, and SO much more. Doctors can use it to bill for their time as all reports are exportable in multiple popular formats Find me Forget pagers. Zultys HealthCare Systems are able to ring 4 phones at the SAME TIME. Want to ring your office extension, your home phone, your cell phone and another phone - ? WE CAN DO THAT. What’s better, if no one answers, we can ring another group of 4 phones and another and another. Now Healthcare employees can easily be reached, in a cascaded fashion. Ease of Use: Forget complicated legacy systems. Zultys Healthcare Systems are simple to operate, fast, dependable, simple to deploy in 1 or multiple organizations and can connect you anywhere. Flexibility Zultys Healthcare Systems are extremely versatile and flexible. Chose from T1, PRI, Analog, SIP trunks. We feature a wide choice of beautiful and easy to use phones that sound clear at all times. You can make or receive calls from your PC, your cordless phone. In fact cordless phones can be put throughout the clinics, hospital , etc… to respond and roam within the facility. Need to move your phone ? Forget the “phone guy” and legacy systems. Just unplug your phone and move it to your desired office or even to your house. Your calls will follow you. This is the flexibility and power of the Zultys Healthcare Systems. Compliance Going through Hipaa ? need to have your conversations encrypted ? Zultys Healthcare Systems feature Security (128 Bit AES) that goes well beyond compliance. Speak to your provider with the confidence to know that your messages will not be compromised. Need to record conversations and archive them for years to come ? Zultys Healthcare systems can EASILY do that. Save the conversations to your laptop, desktop, server or archive them for many years to come. Pricing: Zultys Healthcare Systems are sold through our trained authorized Resellers ONLY. Pricing is extremely competitive, often better than legacy or Digital Systems, yet full of features that Healthcare absolutely needs. Return on your investment can easily be achieved by reducing or eliminating Long Distance by using SIP Trunks. We also only require 1 Category 5 to the desktop as our phone have a 2 port Ethernet Switch, allowing you to daisy chain your PC to the back of your phone. We cut the cost of your cabling in HALF because we do not require a separate cable. Works the way YOU do Automatic Call Distribution is embedded in our Zultys Healthcare Systems. Need more ? Add Advanced Inbound center WITHOUT having to add servers. Now you will be able to queue your patients, and see real time reports on who is calling, and their placement in the queue. You can of course redirect them in real time to different extensions or numbers. Know real time statistics about your callers at any time and be sure they listen to messages on hold. Your inbound call center is easy to setup and insures that all patients are taken care of in a reasonable amount of time, and helps you manage your call flow. Do some of your schedulers work from home ? No problem. They can still be a part of that queue and call center. Work from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and still connect to your patients. Scalability: You will not have to worry about obsolescence or growth. Zultys Healthcare Systems scale to 10,000 users, can connect multiple clinics, multiple Hospitals, Teleworkers and more. Attach your doctors, your staff, your employees and work all in a group from anywhere. Stay connected, and provide immaculate, yet COST EFFECTIVE service to your patients and clients Reliable Zultys Healthcare Systems are extremely reliable. Unlike our competition, we do NOT require external servers which can significantly complicate installations and leak reliability. Our systems can fail over to each other to provide high availability under just about any circumstance, from Power to media, to medium to the entire box failure. Stay connected, stay operating, and never lose a call again. Piece of Mind Zultys, Inc. is located in Silicon Valley California. Our Engineering, Technical support, and infrastructure is there too. We do not sell appliances, consumer electronics or any other frivolous. Zultys is sharply focused on phone systems and has a history of nearly 9 years in business. We typically bring to the market 2 to 3 releases of software that significantly enhance and enrich our systems. Keep your system under maintenance and you will insure that ALL Hardware and Software is kept refreshed and in great working condition and that you will ALWAYS get the latest in technology. Zultys HealthCare Systems – is the major award winner of Telephony. 28194003592830

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