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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: TimHolden



Half day open training event held in Toronto, Ontario.

Reducing costs and saving time through health & wellness by Toronto Training and HR February 2014

CONTENTS 3-4 Introduction 5-6 Facets of wellness 7-9 Risk factors for every 100 employees 10-11 What does an unhealthy workplace look like? 12-13 …and what about a healthy workplace? 14-15 Managing back pain 16-17 Tackling stress 18-20 Dealing with alcohol and drugs 21-22 Mental health 23-24 Try a mental detox program 25-26 Moving and walking 27-28 Gamification 29-30 Sleep 31-34 HIV at work 35-38 Confronting obesity at work 39-40 Survey questions 41-43 How much does health & wellness cost? 44-46 Measures 47-48 Become calmer 49-50 Conclusion, summary and questions Page 2

Introduction Page 3

Introduction to Toronto Training and HR Toronto Training and HR is a specialist training and human resources consultancy headed by Timothy Holden 10 years in banking 15 years in training and human resources Freelance practitioner since 2006 The core services provided by Toronto Training and HR are: Training event design Training event delivery HR support with an emphasis on reducing costs, saving time plus improving employee engagement and morale Services for job seekers Page 4

Facets of wellness Page 5

Facets of wellness • • • • • • • • • • Nutrition Fitness Sleep Work-life balance Preventative care Relationships Finances Spirituality Interventions Responsibility Page 6

Risk factors for every 100 employees Page 7

Risk factors for every 100 employees 1 of 2 • 25 have cardiovascular disease • 8 are asthmatic • 11 are diabetic • 33 have high blood pressure • 15 have high cholesterol • 34 are overweight • 19 smoke • 31 use alcohol excessively • 20 don’t wear seatbelts Page 8

Risk factors for every 100 employees 2 of 2 • 33 don’t exercise • 44 suffer from stress Page 9

What does an unhealthy workplace look like? Page 10

What does an unhealthy workplace look like? • • • • • • Poor management A bullying culture Poor customer service High levels of absence Reduced productivity Unreasonably high work demands Page 11

…and what about a healthy workplace? Page 12

…and what about a healthy workplace? • • • • Go that extra kilometre Give great customer service Take fewer sick days Provide commitment and creativity Page 13

Managing back pain Page 14

Managing back pain • Assessing the risk of back pain by involving employees • Keep in touch with employees who are off sick • Encourage employees to stay active where at all possible Page 15

Tackling stress Page 16

Tackling stress • ‘Open door’ day • Training • Greater involvement in future changes • More effective job design • Consistent policy for dealing with bullying Page 17

Dealing with alcohol or drugs Page 18

Dealing with alcohol or drugs 1 of 2 • Keep accurate but confidential records of poor performance • Interview the employee in private • Concentrate on the instances of poor performance • Ask the employee to provide reasons for poor performance without mentioning alcohol or drugs Page 19

Dealing with alcohol or drugs 2 of 2 • If appropriate discuss the organization’s alcohol or drugs policy and the help available inside or outside the organization • Agree future action • Arrange regular meetings to monitor progress and discuss any further problems Page 20

Mental health Page 21

Mental health • Keep an open mind • Learn the facts about mental disorders • Be flexible • Seek expert advice and guidance • Listen and give the employee time to talk Page 22

Try a mental detox program Page 23

Try a mental detox program • Add exercise to the routine • Plot out the day in advance • Do your top three to-dos first • Finish what you start • Seek small, continuous improvement • Recharge your mental battery Page 24

Moving and working Page 25

Moving and working • Staircases • Treadmill workstations • Walking meetings Page 26

Gamification Page 27

Gamification • Expected elements • Personal motivations • Social relationships • Best practices for designing effective health games • Things to remember Page 28

Sleep Page 29

Sleep • Benefits of deep sleep • Physical outcomes of sleep loss • Stage two sleep • Mental outcomes of sleep loss • REM • Emotional outcomes of sleep loss • Facilities, services and education • Sleep deprivation

HIV at work Page 31

HIV at • work 1 of 3 People living with HIV who took part in the research were generally satisfied with their working lives and were able to play an important part in the workforce • More than half of respondents living with HIV reported that HIV had no impact on their work at the moment-most respondents had not made any changes in their working lives because of their HIV status

HIV at • work 2 of 3 When working practices were reported to be affected by a person's HIV status, initial diagnosis, starting or changing medication were the most common 'flashpoints' • Over a third of HIV positive survey respondents had not taken any days off to attend their HIV clinic in the last twelve months Page 33

HIV at • work 3 of 3 Requested adjustments to work-life activity usually were straightforward, involving flexibility around working hours to attend clinics or a change in hours worked • Over 60% of HIV positive respondents had disclosed their HIV status to someone at work-less than one in ten reported a negative response when they disclosed their HIV positive status Page 34

Confronting obesity Page 35

Confronting obesity 1 of 3 • Look at overall health and long-term weight goals • Focus on reduction of cardio metabolic risk • Come from an evidence base that is biological, behavioural and psychological • Teach people lifelong skills • Emphasize engagement Page 36

Confronting obesity 2 of 3 • Offer healthy food at worksite cafeterias • Provide healthy foods and water at workplace meetings or celebrations instead of sweets or other unhealthy foods and drinks • Offer consultations or counselling with dieticians to help employees identify how they can make improvements in their eating habits

Confronting • obesity 3 of 3 • Produce free exercise and yoga classes Encourage employees to take walks with their colleagues • Create an environment that encourages physical activity • Avoid singling out or penalizing those who are overweight • Incorporate a range of support tools including online health coaches and social media

Survey questions Page 39

Survey questions • Safety belt use • Healthy foods during workday • Low-fat/healthy food options available • Exercise during workday • Smoke-free environment provided • Healthy lifestyles recognized publicly • Leaders model good health Page 40

How much does health & wellness cost? Page 41

How much does health & wellness cost? 1 of 2 • Health calendar, $1-$3 per copy • Newsletter (paper), $0.25$0.75 per issue • Newsletter (electronic), $0.10-$0.30 per issue • Health risk appraisal (paper), $9-$20 • Health risk appraisal (online), $3-$5 • Self-care books, $5-$8 per Page copy 42

How much does health & wellness cost? 2 of 2 • Nurse advice line, $0.40-$1 • Health portal, $0.75-$1.25 • Biometric screening, $35$75 • Health coaching, $100$200 • Disease management, $175-$250 Page 43

Measures Page 44

Measures 1 of 2 • Days lost from absence • % of working time lost per employee from absence • Days lost from presenteeism • % of working time lost per employee from presenteeism • Average turnover cost per employee Page 45

Measures 2 of 2 • Number of claims due to accidents and injuries per year • Average cost per claim • High risk factors • BMI • Cholesterol • Blood pressure • Tobacco use • Absenteeism • Attrition Page 46

Become CALMER Page 47

Become CALMER • • • • • • Communication Assessment Lifestyle enhancement Medical self-care Education Reporting Page 48

Conclusion, summary and questions Page 49

Conclusion, summary and questions Conclusion Summary Videos Questions Page 50

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