Health problems in racing sled dogs Part 2

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Information about Health problems in racing sled dogs Part 2

Published on May 9, 2008

Author: dominiquegrandjean


Slide 1: Dominique GRANDJEAN DVM, PhD, HDR Colonel, Chief veterinarian, Paris Fire Brigade Professor, Alfort National Veterinary School Head of Canine Breeding and Sport Medicine Unit Racing sled dogs most frequent health problems : an update (part 2) Training : Training Racing No FeetNo Dog Slide 3: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 1 Slide 4: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 1 Slide 5: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 1 Slide 6: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 2 Slide 7: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 2 Slide 8: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 2 Slide 9: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 3 Slide 10: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 3 Slide 11: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 4 Slide 12: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 5 Slide 13: Interdigital Inflammation Grade 5 Slide 14: Interdigital Inflammation…Pain Slide 15: Interdigital Inflammation…Pain Feet Problems in Racing Sled Dogs : Feet Problems in Racing Sled Dogs Superficial Affections Interdigital Dermatitis Treatment ▪ Hyperoxidized Fatty Acids ▪ Zinc Oxide ▪ Antibiotics oinments ▪ DMSO ▪ Dexamethasone Slide 17: Interdigital Dermatitis. Treatment Slide 18: Interdigital Dermatitis. Treatment Slide 19: Interdigital Dermatitis. Treatment Slide 20: Interdigital Dermatitis. Treatment Slide 21: Interdigital Dermatitis. Treatment Slide 22: Interdigital Dermatitis. Treatment  Protection booties Slide 23: Interdigital Dermatitis. Treatment  Protection booties Feet Problems in Racing Sled Dogs : Feet Problems in Racing Sled Dogs Superficial Affections Interdigital Dermatitis Prevention ▪ Genetic selection  Tight feet  Interdigits fur (+,-)  sweat (-) ▪ Fat ▪ Cut fur (+/-) ▪ Booties Slide 25: Interdigital Dermatits- Genetic Prevention Too wide opened foot Slide 26: Interdigital Dermatits- Genetic Prevention Correct type of foot Slide 27: Interdigital Dermatits- Genetic Prevention Studies on sweat production Slide 28: Interdigital Dermatits- Prevention with Fat Vaseline Algyvet ND Milking fat + Norwegian tar Slide 29: Interdigital Dermatits- Prevention with Booties Polar Fleece Cordura ND Nylon Feet Problems in Racong Sled Dogs : Feet Problems in Racong Sled Dogs Superficial Affections Pads problems Etiology ▪ Repeated Frictions (hard snow, ice, tar) ▪ Too thin pads ▪ Junction pad / skin weakened Slide 31: Pads Cuts Slide 32: Pads Abrasion Slide 33: « Desticked » pad Slide 34: Scratched pad

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