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Published on September 30, 2015

Author: ezhealthmedical1


1. As physicians, we believe your story is just as valuable as our advice. Over the many years we have been involved in patient care we have consistently realized one thing, your experiences can serve as a powerful tool for learning and healing. The aim of this site is to provide you with a place to share your stories with others that are dealing with the illnesses you have had in the past or are currently experiencing. Many times when we think about the way we handled our ailments and wish we had done certain things differently. Perhaps you feel you should have tried a different doctor or a different hospital, or maybe alternative therapy was a better option. Other times we may feel that we did things exactly right. By sharing your experiences you are ensuring that others have the knowledge to make the right decisions. We urge you to write and in doing so, we know you will be touching hearts and changing lives. Vertigo If you have ever experienced vertigo, you know that it can put a damper on life. Feeling off- balance or like the “room is spinning” puts you at danger for falls and prevents you from doing things you need to do. Vertigo is very problematic for the elderly. Vertigo can put the brakes on for younger people.Vertigo affects over 8 million people in the United States and one-third of them are over the age of 65. Another 35 percent of sufferers are age 40 and older. At least 2.4 million people who suffer from vertigo have the condition chronically and need to have treatment. If you suffer from vertigo or know someone that does, this article will help you understand why this happens and how to manage it. Syphilis

2. Syphilis isn’t always a big topic of conversation. It is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that has always been prevalent in sexually active adults, pregnant women, and newborns born to mothers with syphilis. As of 2013, over 56,000 new cases of syphilis were reported. This is higher than new cases of HIV. Actually, the number of cases in newborns is going down. This is most likely due to better screening during pregnancy and education. This article will help you understand more about syphilis, how it is managed, and prevention tips. Scoliosis Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. Most cases are mild and do not progress to the production of symptoms nor does they require treatment. This occurs in adolescents during growth spurts around the time of puberty and is particularly common in young girls. Starting around the fifth grade, most schools in the U.S. will begin annual screening of students for scoliosis. Pneumonia The thought of pneumonia can be scary. While the statistics of pneumonia fatalities are improving, it is still considered a very serious illness. In the United States alone, pneumonia is responsible for 1.1 million hospital stays lasting 5 days or longer. It is most serious in adults over 65 and infants. Pneumonia is often a bacterial infection of the lungs, but around one-third are viral. Pneumonia vaccinations greatly reduce the risk and are on the rise among elderly adults. This article will help you understand pneumonia, how to deal with it, and how to prevent it. See more……..!

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