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Information about Health Influences

Published on September 19, 2014

Author: kassandragore



This slide show contains activities that focus on the influence of an individual health

WHAT INFLUENCES THE HEALTH OF INDIVIDUALS The determinants of health The degree of control individuals can exert over their health

Mind Map  The following slides are created for you to make a mind map around each of the factors that influence health. This mind map is for you think outside the square and think of examples of these factors and how they may influence an individuals health.

Mind Map  Individual Factors

Mind Map  Social cultural factors

Mind Map  Socioeconomic factors

Mind Map  Environmental factors

Health control of Individuals  Modifiable  Non Modifiable

Life time challenges and Changes List stages that may be encountered in a life time period.  Birth  Pre school  Challenges and changes 

Health as a social construct  List health determinants that that effect the health of an individual  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Chose two of these determinants and explain hoe they effect the health of an individual --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Health is an individuals responsibility ?  Research and inquire about the responsibility for an individuals health. Use resources such as government websites and the WHO to make inquires. Create a survey for people in between the age of 15-24 aiming to find results and data on health as an individuals responsibility.

Response  After collecting data from your surveys use the data to evaluate the argument of health being purely the responsibility of the individual.  Your argument should focus on determinants such as  Socio-economic factors/ Status  Culture/ religions  Location  Education

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