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Published on July 20, 2014

Author: nabil291



a presentation on impacts of climate change on human health

Environment Presentation Competition-2014 MAIN THEME - “RAISE YOUR VOICE NOT THE SEA LEVEL” Selected Sub Theme - Climate change and health impact Title - “Health Impact on Climate Change” Participant’s Name - MD. NABIL ZAWAD

Health Impact on Climate Change Health Impact on Climate Change

What is Climate Change? o Climate change is the result of long-term significant changes in our weather patterns. o In understanding global climate changes it is necessary to combine many disciplines, including oceanography, meteorology, geomorphology, geology and paleoclimatology. o Climate change can be natural or caused by changes people have made to the land or atmosphere.

Causes of Climate Interruption Natural Causes • Continental Drift • Volcanoes • The Earth's Tilt • Ocean Currents Continental DriftVolcanoes Ocean Current Earth’s Tilt

Causes of Climate Interruption • Major cause of climate change. • 97% of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities. • Deforestation, Burning of Fossil Fuels, Air Pollution are the main results of global warming caused by humans which eventually changes the climate. Human Causes

Causes of Climate Interruption Fig. - Human's Interruption and It's Result

See 63 Years of Climate Change This animated visualization shows how global surface temperatures have increased from 1950 through the end of 2013. ( Courtesy – NASA )

Health Impact on Climate Change The most vulnerable people— (i) The children, (ii) The elders, (iii) The poor, and (iv) Those with underlying health conditions —are at increased risk for health effects from climate change.

Health Impact Due to Global Warming

Health Impact Due to Extreme Weather Events

Health Impact Due to Droughts & Floods Climate Change Droughts & Floods Hampers Agricultural Yields & Production Threats Human Health by Compromising Food Security Malnutrition , Infectious Diseases, Food Poisoning

Climate-Sensitive Diseases


Facts… Urban air pollution causes about 1.2 million deaths every year. Rising temperatures and variable precipitation are likely to decrease the production of staple foods in many of the poorest regions – by up to 50% by 2020 in some African countries.This will increase the prevalence of malnutrition, which currently cause 3.5 million deaths every year.

Facts… Studies suggest that climate change could expose an additional 2 billion people to dengue transmission by the 2080 the modest warming that has occurred since the 1970s was already causing over 140 000 excess deaths annually by the year 2004

What Can We Do? Think & Share ideas ! Try something on your own ! Reduce, Reuse & Recycle! Live a Eco-Friendly Life !

 Use local bus or bicycle for movement or you can even walk in short journeys!! Some Eco-Friendly Examples!

Switch to Natural Power Sources

A List of Solutions Here is a list of solutions which can make an eco-friendly environment : *given in percentage

We Can Change Reality

Let’s Save Our Future! THANK YOU

Prepared By- MD. NABIL ZAWAD 4th Semester, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Islamic University of Technology

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