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Published on February 2, 2014

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Brand Guidelines

Brand Visual Guidelines


INTRODUCTION Brand Identity Guidelines This is a manual containing the guidelines for properly using the brand elements across your graphic materials and other stationery. Using the following suggestions will ensure consistency in your brand’s visual style. Please refer to this document every time you need info on how to implement and design your new materials, whether print or digital.


LOGO Construction and spacing The logo is made out of a combo of wordmark and symbol/geometric shape and underneath it has the tagline. Character spacing was selected to ensure readability when scaled at small sizes, as well as to convey elegance and rhythm to its shapes. The wordmark is set in Geogrotesque Regular. The tagline is set in ITC Officina Serif Italic. The wordmark has all the word with the initial caps. The tagline has no caps. DO NOT CHANGE THE SENTENCE CASE! 59.5x 6.5x 5x x

LOGO x Safe zone In order to properly see and read the logo, it needs to have some white (negative) space around it. ALWAYS ENSURE THE MINIMUM ALLOWED SPACE AROUND THE LOGO. x x x x Safe zone - leave free x

LOGO Placement The Health For Life Initiative logo can be placed in each of the corners, or middle of a vertical margin. Follow the examples and always ensure the minimum safe distance for the logo. The first and last examples are the standard. It can be possible to place the logo in other areas, but only for creative impact on nonstationery materials, such as advertisments or posters. But please try to keep in the brand guidelines as much as possible.

LOGO 100% 80% Color Health For Life Initiative brand colors are blue and black. In order to maintain consistency across print materials, please use the correct color codes or, if possible, using the Pantone® color is advisable. 60% BLUE 5% 40% RGB: r0 g71 b186 CMYK: c93 m70 y0 k0 PANTONE: 2728 C 10% 20% 100% 80% Here are the main and secondary brand colors. If more colors are required, use caution when selecting a new one. KEEP IN MIND THAT RBG-CMYK-PANTONE TRANSLATION IS APPROXIMATE, DUE TO TECH CONSTRAINTS. 60% BLACK 5% 40% RGB: r0 g0 b0 CMYK: c0 m0 y0 k100 PANTONE: Black C 10% 20%

LOGO Color Variations 2 colors Health For Life Initiative uses two main Pantone® colors, as part of its core brand elements. These are the correct scenarios for color usage. Pantone 2728C + Pantone Black C 70% On negative color, the tint for the fill color is 30%. 1 color Pantone® ONLY USE THESE APPROVED VARIATIONS. Pantone 2728C + Pantone Black C 70% 1 color black Black 100% + 30%

Logo Usage Crimes!

LOGO Improper logo usage Please refrain from applying the following modifications to the logo, or any other ones that might have been omitted. Do not change the tagline position DO NOT ALTER THE ORIGINAL DESIGN. Do not disort the logo Do not change the case sentence Do not thin or thicken the logo Do not change colors into new ones Do use unapproved color variations Do not add effects Do not invert the colors Do not use logo on a textured background

Brand Identity Elements

TYPOGRAPHY Tisa Pro Bold The main typeface of the Health For Life Initiative is Tisa Pro Bold. It is to be used in headings only. The type size and leading can be used at discretion, but never below 18pt or px size. Get more inwfo and a full speciment here: The license for Tisa Pro Bold must be bought individually. IF TISA PRO IS NOT AVAILABLE, AS IN POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS OR THE LOW-END WEB, PLEASE USE GEORGIA BOLD. The five boxing wizards jump qu... 30 The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 24 The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 21 The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 18 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890&@.,?!’“”()

TYPOGRAPHY The five boxing wizards jump quickly. Open Sans The copy typeface is a complementing sans serif font, called Open Sans. Use this font at your discretion, but try and stick to the regular and the bold versions usually. 16 The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 14 The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 13 The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 12 The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 11 The five boxing wizards jump quickly. Get more info and a full speciment here: open-sans/n4/wfs 10 IF OPEN SANS IS NOT AVAILABLE, AS IN POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS OR THE LOW-END WEB, PLEASE USE ARIAL. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890&@.,?!’“”() The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 9 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890&@.,?!’“”()

IMAGERY Photography Photography must be vivid, warm and friendly. It should display joy from the results of following the program. Please refrain from using black and white imagery, since they usually have a dark/sad/ too serious connotation.

Web Application

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