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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: ayurleafherbal



Bitter gourd is a popular vegetable in some Asian countries, where the health benefits of the plant are well-known—particularly, its ability to lower blood glucose in diabetics. Bitter gourd has been used to treat diabetes in traditional medicine and is now commercially available as tea (from fruits or leaves), juice, extracts, and pills.

2. Acne: Consuming Bitter Melon can help to get rid of acne, blemishes and deep skin infections. Bitter melon is useful in treating blood disorders like blood boils, scabies, itching, psoriasis, ring-worm and other fungal diseases. The free radicals in it are also useful for anti ageing.Consume juice of bitter melon mixed with lemon on an empty stomach daily for 6 months or till you get the required results.

3. Constipation: Bitter melon helps in easy digestion as it contains fibre properties. The food is digested and waste is thrown out of the body which helps in curing indigestion and constipation problems.

4. Weight loss: Bitter Melon contains antioxidants, which help to flush out your system. This improves your metabolism and digestive systems thus helping you lose weight quickly.The two other major factors that aid in weight loss is the calorie control and filling components. Calorie control happens as such because vegetables are low on calories which allows you to consume more quantities of them. Filling component in this vegetable is water. We know that water is a universal suppressant of hunger. And the pods of this vegetable contain on the whole 80-85% water.

5. Diabetes: Bitter melon juice benefits to overcome type 2 diabetes. It has been a part of the Chinese and Indian ancient medicine for a long time but only recent research has proven that it is no folk lore. Type 2 diabetes is caused partially due to the inability of a cell to absorb the sugar in the blood due to insufficient insulin or due development of resistance to insulin. In both cases, the cells are unable to absorb the sugar due to the ineffectiveness of insulin produced. The absorption of sugar occurs due to the activation of AMPactivated protein kinase in the cells. Bitter gourd activated these kinases due to which the absorption of sugar increases. And hence aids in bringing diabetes in control.

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