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Published on March 8, 2014

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Grapes are popularly called as the Queen of Fruits and are categorized into three variants based on their colour – Reds, Greens and Blacks/Blues. They belong to the family of Vitaceae. Grapes can be consumed in many ways, they can be eaten raw or they can also be used in making juice, wine, and jelly or Grape seed oil. Although Grapes are very small and tiny in size, they have numerous nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which keep us healthy, fit and fine.

1. Migraine: Migraine can be cured using grapes. In fact, ripe grape juice is an age old home remedy for migraine. The ripe juice should be taken pure, without adding water to it early in the morning. 2. Indigestion: Grapes help in preventing dyspepsia. They are responsible for curing indigestion and irritation of the stomach.

3. For vision: The most well known health benefit of grapes is on the eyes. Grapes are very good for eyes. Grapes are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which are responsible for maintaining good eye health as we age 4. Blood cholesterol: Pterostilbene is a compound which is present in grapes and that helps lower the cholesterol level.

20. Treatment of hair-loss: Grapes are also beneficial in combating hairloss. The vitamin E and linoleic acid present in grapeseed oil strengthen the follicles, making hair strong and healthy. This oil is also beneficial in treating split ends, brittleness and breakage of hair due to rough handling. 3. Skin softener: Grape seed extract is rich in vitamin E which retains the moisture of the skin. This extract also acts as an exfoliant. Scrubbing the skin with it results in the removal of the top layer of dead cells, thus making skin healthier and smoother than before. Grape seed oil is gentle on the skin and can be an excellent moisturizer. A massage with this oil is known to hydrate the skin.

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