Health And Safety: Risk Assessments At Work

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Information about Health And Safety: Risk Assessments At Work

Published on September 18, 2018

Author: olivesafety


slide 1: Health And Safety: Risk Assessments At Work Olive Safety slide 2: +353 014111011 A proper management system for health and safety can be explained as the systematic approach put in place by an employer to minimize the risk of injury and illness at the worksite. Identifying assessing and controlling risks to workers in all workplace operations are the main tasks in health and safety management. Importance of Health and Safety In Workplace Protecting the life and the well being of staffs visitors and customers is the main aim of health and safety. A good business sense begins when we start to look seriously about Health and Safety at the site. The neglection of health and safety risk performance of the organization may lose staff and may increase costs and reduce profitability. It is the responsibility of each and every staff in an organization to follow health and safety tips to avoid injuries and accidents in the workplace. The Main Duties Of Employer: • Provide and maintain a safe workplace for employees • Avoid and Prevent risks from use of any article and from exposure to physical agents noise and vibration and any other harmful substances. • Prevent and avoid any improper behaviour likely to put the safety health and welfare of employees at risk. slide 3: +353 014111011 • Provide instruction and health safety courses to employees. • Always renew the safety courses of the employees without any fail. • Provide protective clothing and equipment to employees and all other staffs. The Main Duties Of Employees’: • Employees have to take responsibility to protect the health and safety of themselves and of other people working in the workplace. • Not to engage in improper tasks that will endanger themselves or other people in the site. • Don’t drink or take drugs in the workplace or during the work. • Undergo regular medical checkups or other assessment if requested to do so by the employer. • Always report to the employer about any defects in the place of work or equipment which might be a danger to health and safety of the workers. Health and safety training and its benefits: The occupational health and safety courses for employees which can help to reduce workplace injuries and also can protect the companies from legal issues. Educating workers to control which reduces work-related illness up to a certain limit by getting sufficient knowledge which will increase the performance. slide 4: +353 014111011 7 Steps to Improving Workplace Health and Safety: • Create a perfect plan to promote workplace health and safety. • Observe and understand the worksite. • Train the employees. • Talk regularly with the employees. • Regularly update and maintain records. • Make safety a key part of your business. It is easy to prevent workplace accidents by identifying risk analysis risk evaluation and by providing proper safety training to all the staffs. There are many Certified institutions which provides health and safety training in Ireland with affordable price. Employees can choose flexible timing which helps them to pursue the course together with the work and get sufficient knowledge to how to perform task without causing injuries.

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