Health and safety in the workplace.

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Information about Health and safety in the workplace.
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Published on February 1, 2014

Author: OriginalGSM



This presentation partly shows how the employer would help keep health & safety in check, in the workplace. This guide is very in-depth and is based among a computer environment.
it also goes on to explain how to back up files (by USB or the cloud), and the importance of various features.

This is part of my cisco coursework UNIT 3 M3, I hope you enjoy, leave any comments and likes below!

M3: Computer Maintenance BY GEORGE SMITH-MOORE

Electrical Shocks  You must first turn the computer off, to prevent damage to the computer or yourself.  You must unplug the PC, otherwise you could damage yourself or the computer.  Once this is done, power cycle the unit to ensure that all power is gone.  Now you can safely work on the computer (with anti- static equipment that is…).

Preventing Static Build-Up  You do not want to give your computer parts any static electricity, this will ruin their functionality.  To stop this, before you proceed use either an anti-static wrist strap, or mat.  Use the equipment listed above correctly and you will not ruin your computer parts.

Using Anti-Static correctly  If you want to use the anti-static mat, you must use the crocodile clip attached to the mat; and you must attach it to the case somewhere.  Is you wanted to use the anti-static wrist strap, you must also use the crocodile clip attached , and attach that to the case somewhere. But if you wrist strap has a plug on the end, plug it in.

Work Surfaces  You must have a clean work surface to work on or with a computer, this is because it gives a more professional look, it will produce less dust, also if you are to work on a computer you will need a flat surface to be effective.

Manual Handling  Here I will show you how to pick up a computer correctly…  When lifting a computer you must have you legs bent and back straight, this will minimise the strain on your body.

Responsibility for Employers  The employer is responsible for the health and safety for the employees under him.  For the employer to do this the employee would need several things (in the computer environment that is).      Regular breaks Comfortable spinning chairs An anti-glare screen to protect the eyes Non- reflecting table Arm rests for the keyboard

Responsibility for Employers (Explained). The employer would need to make sure that the computer equipment and the area around it is clean and safe. 2. For the employees well-being, they must have proper lighting and proper chairs, to stop eyestrain and back problems. 3. To stop headaches, the employees must have regular breaks. 4. Give the employees: Health and Safety training, so they employees reduce the risks around them. 1.

Computer Ergonomics  Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in working environments…  So in the computer environment, it would be having the right keyboards, the right monitor, having a comfortable chair etc.

Importance of Passwords  Passwords are of vital importance if you wish to protect your data against others.  Passwords nowadays require letters (capitals and lower case) followed by numbers and perhaps symbols.  Password strength can be tested on various websites, such as:

Using Directory and File Names  This is extremely useful if you wish to organise data, this then turns in your favour when you wish to find your stuff, it would all be in the location of your choice.

Backing up your Data  Data should be backed up to more than one location  This is because, if it is only in one place, that might corrupt or break, then your data is lost.  Data can be backed up by saving, but the best thing to do is to keep the most recent version of your data in multiple locations: e.g.     Memory stick External HDD On-line (dropbox, SkyDrive) CD

Internet Security  To get maximum security whilst online, you should use an anti-virus, the better anti-virus software requires payment…  Some anti-virus software's are: Avast, Windows Defender, Norton, McAfee, AVG.  Some of these are free, but the paid versions give better help services, and give more features.

Methods of Communication: Communication Method: What each type of communication is used for: Advantages and Disadvantages of using that method: E-Mail Used to relay information, attach documents, used to give visual aid (attachments). • • Not an instant response Can attach visual aids • • • Instant response Video can gauge reactions Sometimes bad quality • • Can have attachments (pictures) Widely used • • • • Not an instant response Indirect communication E-Mail is more common Physical • • • Can gauge responses Sometimes bad quality Both people have to be available I used this in general life to send documents to people quickly. Skype Over the phone or face-to-face communication, either way both direct communication, used to get instant response I have used this in general life to speak to my friends for free! Social Networking Sites Text-based communication, used for casual conversations. I have used this throughout my Units to share and get peer feedback on my work Letters Letters are used to give information, but they wont get an instant response. Can place physical objects such as money in. I used this in UNIT 3 as a way to show gratitude towards Earl Video Face-to-face discussions. I have used this in UNIT 1 to communicate effectively to a large audience

How Communication Delays and Effects Progress in the Workplace  Communication can delay progress in the workplace, because some indirect communication methods such as E-Mail, could take quite a while before it is actually acknowledged and read, this though could leave a communication issue, and the task at hand could be miss-interpreted.  Also, the recipient may not reply for a while, this will leave the sender confused as to whether the recipient has actually understood the task.


By a Cloud-Based Service  I am using dropbox, other software is available.  Upload the document onto the cloud.

By a Cloud-Based Service  The cloud (Dropbox) now has a copy of the document.

By a Cloud-Based Service  Unfortunately the original document has been lost!

By a Cloud-Based Service  The document has now been downloaded back to the computer.


By USB  A document has been created

By USB  The document has been copied to a USB

By USB  Unfortunately the original file has been lost!

By USB  The backup has now been copied and pasted into the original folder once again.

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