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Published on November 26, 2008

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Health, Fitness and Physical Activity : Health, Fitness and Physical Activity 13/09/07 Learning objectives : Learning objectives Understand why people take part in sport and physical activity Knowledge of what health and fitness is Understand what contributes to ‘good health’ Knowledge of the different components of fitness Why take part in physical activity/sport/exercise? : Why take part in physical activity/sport/exercise? Task 1 – with a partner think why people take part in physical activity and sport : Task 1 – with a partner think why people take part in physical activity and sport To improve self esteem – help feel good about yourself To improve body shape – toned body, lose weight etc To improve HEALTH (physical, social and mental) For ENJOYMENT To relieve STRESS and TENSION To meet new people – socialise For the COMPETITION/PHYSICAL CHALLENGE For Aesthetic appreciation Benefits contd… : Benefits contd… These benefits of taking part in sport and physical activity can therefore be grouped into: Physical – e.g to lose weight Social – e.g to meet new friends Mental – e.g to increase confidence Aesthetic – e.g I like what it looks like What is health? : What is health? Task 2 -With your partner discuss what you think being healthy means so you have a definition of health……. Health is a complete state of PHYSICAL, SOCIAL and MENTAL well-being and not merely the absence of disease. What contributes to ‘good health’? : What contributes to ‘good health’? Being Healthy contd….. : Being Healthy contd….. Remember its PHYSICAL, SOCIAL and MENTAL well-being! Sleep Stress / Tension Diet / alcohol / drugs Confidence Exercise Self-esteem Friends Family Disease Happiness Fitness : Fitness Task 3 – think of a definition of the the word ‘fitness’ – be ready to share it with the class Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of the environment Fitness can be split into 2 categories –general fitness (health related fitness) and specific fitness. General Fitness : General Fitness This is also known as health related fitness and it refers to the type of fitness required by everyone to cope with the daily demands made of them and to still have enough energy left for emergencies. The 5 components of general fitness are: (the 5s’s) 1) Speed 2) Strength 3) Stamina 4) Somatotype (size) 5) Suppleness (flexibility) General fitness continued… : General fitness continued… These components are important in everyday life as well as for physical activity. Strength and stamina are required to allow a person to carry out tasks such as carrying heavy shopping, climbing stairs, etc. Flexibility is important as it allows an individual to perform a range of simple movements without discomfort, e.g. tying laces, reaching for a book. Task : Task For 2 of the sports that you think you may use for your final assessment think of 3 components of general fitness that are important, providing examples to support (e.g. badminton – suppleness – stretching to reach the shuttle low down to the ground) Think of how having a shortfall in some of these components of fitness can affect everyday life (e.g. lack of strength – struggle carrying shopping bags, school bag etc). Specific fitness : Specific fitness These are the aspects of fitness which allow a person to perform skills successfully: Agility Balance Co-ordination Reaction time Power Task : Task For 2 of the sports that you think you may use for your final assessment think of 3 components of specific fitness that are important, providing examples to support. Previous exam questions : Previous exam questions What is meant by specific fitness? 2marks How could exercise improve general health? 2marks For a named physical activity, describe which aspect of specific fitness would be the most important, give an example with your answer 3marks Game : Game

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