Healing power of Herbs for curing Asthma

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Information about Healing power of Herbs for curing Asthma
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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: PPRCayur

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Asthma, Greek word means "panting". It is a common chronic inflammatory disease in wider population across countries these days. Certain herbs have the healing power to control Asthma.

Presented by Dr. Sudhakar Kokate Director PPRC, India

Asthma  Ancient time known as “Shwasa” meaning disease pertaining to breathing or respiration  Asthma is a lung disease  Elaborate description available from the earliest times PPRC/INDIA 01

Asthma  Classification according to Ayurveda: 1. Kshudra shwasa 2. Maha shwasa 3. Urdhva shwasa 4. Chhinna shwasa 5. Tamak shwasa PPRC/INDIA 02

Kshudra shwasa  Because of vititation of air in the alimentary tract  Not much pain involved & Easily curable  Doesn’t interfere in food course or breathing  Doesn’t disturb the sensory organs  Not much harmful to the body as compared to other types  In allopath such conditions are grouped under exertional dyspnoea PPRC/INDIA 03

Maha shwasa  Caused by disturbance in respiratory movement of air  Patient feels great obstruction in respiration  Breathes without break with a very loud and long stertore  Voluntary control disappears, wheezing audible sounds called as major dyspnoea in Ayurveda PPRC/INDIA 04

Maha shwasa  Patient looses all senses of understanding and knowledge. Restless look in eyes, distorted voice going into semi-comatose condition  According to allopathy the wheezing sound is similar to that of the heart, kidney and brain disorders PPRC/INDIA 05

Urdhva shwasa  Expiration prolonged, insignificant inspiration  Mouth and respiratory tract get obstructed with cough  Eyes turn upwards and restless  Severe pain and person suffers from delusions and senselessness PPRC/INDIA 06

Urdhva shwasa  According to Ayurveda this condition is harmful  According to Allopathy, such condition is found in pneumonia, lung abcesses, gangrene, acute inflammation in lungs, epilepsy. PPRC/INDIA 07

Chhinna shwasa  Depressed breathing system  Person breathes with great difficulty and full force with interruption  Person suffers from constipation, excessive sweating, repeated fainting, burning and retention of urine, eyes full of tears, unconsciousness, dry mouth  According to allopathy this is interrupted respiratory dyspnoea PPRC/INDIA 08

Tamaka shwasa  Two types: Pratamaka and Santamaka  Febrile dyspnoea appears in a person with fever and fainting  Santamaka, cardiac asthma greatly aggravates during night  Person feels submerged in a sea of darkness PPRC/INDIA 09

Asthma  Chronic disease  Long term disease that has no cure  Asthma – Greek word “Panting” common inflammatory disease  Cause: Genetic and environmental factors  2011…..235-330 million people suffered from asthma world wide PPRC/INDIA 10

Asthma  250,000 – 345,000 people die every year  Adult women suffer more than men  Asthma affects:  7% population in U.S.  5% population in U.K., Canada, Australia  14 – 15% population in New Zealand PPRC/INDIA 11

History of Asthma  Ancient Egypt – Asthma treated by drinking incense mixture called ‘Kyphi’  Hippocrates circa 450 B.C. – Greek word ‘Panting’ for this specific respiratory problem  1873 – Pathophysiology of disease known  1880 – Use of intravenous doses of ‘Pilocarpin’ for treatment PPRC/INDIA 12

History of Asthma  1886 – Dr. F. H. Bosworth theorized relation between asthma and hay fever  1905 – Use of epinephrine for treatment  1950 – Use of oral corticosteroids in treatment  1960 – Wide use of inhaled corticosteroids PPRC/INDIA 13

Practice parameters  Allergy testing  Anaphylaxis  Drug allergy  Food allergy  Immunodeficiency  Skin allergy PPRC/INDIA 14

Asthma triggers  Organic compounds  Formaldehyde exposure  Dust mites cockroaches  Animal dander  Mold  Certain viral respiratory infections  Respiratory syncytial PPRC/INDIA 15

Asthma triggers  Virus and rhinovirus  Cigarette smoke, Pets, Aspirin  Smoking during pregnancy  Environmental chemicals  Environmental pollution  Traffic pollution  High ozone levels PPRC/INDIA 16

Symptoms  Wheezing, shortness of breath  Chest tightness, coughing  Symptoms worse at night, early mornings  Also exposure to cold air or triggers PPRC/INDIA 17

Associated diseases  Gastro oesophageal reflex disc  Rhino sinusitis  Obstructive sleep apnea PPRC/INDIA 18

Medicines for Asthma Two types:  Long term and quick relief  Quick relief or rescue device nebulize 1-2 times / mouth PPRC/INDIA 19

Long term medicine  Cromolyn  Omalizumab (anti-Ig E)  Beta 2 agonists  Leukotriene modifiers  Theophylline PPRC/INDIA 20

Rescue medicine  Beta 2 agonists  Inhaled short acting Rule: Quick relief medicines shouldn’t be used / prescribed in place of long term control medicines or medicines that doesn’t reduce inflammation PPRC/INDIA 21


Classification of drugs Based on Mechanism of action 1 Bronchodilatory activity 2 Mast cell stabilizing activity 3 Anti-allergic activity 4 Anti-inflammatory activity 5 Inhibiting interleukins (ILs) biosynthesis 6 Inhibiting leukotrienes (LTs) biosynthesis 7 Inhibiting platelet activating factor 8 Ability to inhibit lipoxygenase PPRC/INDIA 23

1 Plants having Bronchodilatory activity PPRC/INDIA 24

Adhatoda vasica PPRC/INDIA 25

Albizzia lebbeck PPRC/INDIA 26

Ammi visnaga PPRC/INDIA 27

Artemisia caerulescens PPRC/INDIA 28

Belamcanda chinensis PPRC/INDIA 29

Benincasa hispida PPRC/INDIA 30

Cissampelos sympodialis PPRC/INDIA 31

Clerodendron serratum PPRC/INDIA 32

Coleus forskohlii PPRC/INDIA 33

Elaeocarpus sphaericus PPRC/INDIA 34

Galphimia glauca PPRC/INDIA 35

Ocimum sanctum PPRC/INDIA 36

Picrorhiza kurroa PPRC/INDIA 37

Tylophora asthmatica PPRC/INDIA 38

Vitex negundo PPRC/INDIA 39

Rosmarinus officinalis PPRC/INDIA 40

Curcuma longa PPRC/INDIA 41

Drimys winteri PPRC/INDIA 42

Ephedra sinica PPRC/INDIA 43

Gleditsia sinensis Lam. PPRC/INDIA 44

Caesalpinia bonduc PPRC/INDIA 45

2 Plants having Mast cell stabilizing activity PPRC/INDIA 46

Achyranthes aspera PPRC/INDIA 47

Azadirachta indica PPRC/INDIA 48

Bacopa monnieri PPRC/INDIA 49

Drymaria cordata PPRC/INDIA 50

Cassia alata PPRC/INDIA 51

Citrus unshiu PPRC/INDIA 52

Hi-chum s. glabrescence PPRC/INDIA 53

3 Plants having Anti-allergic activity PPRC/INDIA 54

Desmodium adscendens PPRC/INDIA 55

Solanum melongena PPRC/INDIA 56

4 Plants having Anti-inflammatory activity PPRC/INDIA 57

Asystasia gangetica PPRC/INDIA 58

Calotropis procera PPRC/INDIA 59

Ocimum sanctum PPRC/INDIA 60

Cinnamonum zelanicum PPRC/INDIA 61

Ixora coccinea PPRC/INDIA 62

Allium sativum PPRC/INDIA 63

Glycyrrhiza glabra PPRC/INDIA 64

Anacardium occidentale PPRC/INDIA 65

Caesalpiniaceae bonducella PPRC/INDIA 66

Morus indica PPRC/INDIA 67

Curcuma amada PPRC/INDIA 68

Cassia fistula PPRC/INDIA 69

5 Plants inhibiting Interleukins (ILs) biosynthesis PPRC/INDIA 70

Ganoderma tsugae PPRC/INDIA 71

6 Plants inhibiting Leukotrienes (LTs) Biosynthesis PPRC/INDIA 72

Nigella sativa PPRC/INDIA 73

7 Plants inhibiting Platelet-activating factor PPRC/INDIA 74

Gingko biloba PPRC/INDIA 75

8 Plants having ability to inhibit Lipoxygenase PPRC/INDIA 76

Allium cepa PPRC/INDIA 77

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