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Published on October 3, 2013

Author: SteljesEdu

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What might be on Head Teachers' minds.

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What do Head Teachers worry about?

Here are 3 main reasons why Head Teachers may have sleepless nights…

The balance between paperwork and knowing your students • Results are becoming more important to schools, Head Teachers are trying to be inspirational and personal while keeping an eye on attainment and assessment. • This is leading to higher levels of stress for Head Teachers due to the attempts to get the correct balance between these two important aspects of the job. www.htrichmond.org.uk socialwebthing.com expatsolutions.wordpress.com

Making Coherence • Teachers need to put their expert knowledge about Maths or English together in a coherent whole, while simultaneously making sense of the context – the local community, national changes, staff and student turnover, resources. This all needs to piece together to form a collective school community. • This triumph to make the school a community has many different aspects which all need to piece together, this can be a difficult challenge which teachers find themselves participating in. clc2.uniservity.com

Negotiating with other stakeholders • A school’s vision is determined by the Head Teacher, but working with the stakeholders is vital to make sure decisions are taken with full support of the Board. Finding the right decisions which will be best for the school and having all parties agreeing with these decisions may take a long period of time with many decisions. • All these changes will have affects on the school, knowing if they will be positive or negative is the risk Head teachers face which causes stress. harveymackay.com

What might Head Teachers be Googling? www.typersportal.info

Charting Improvement • Head Teachers use comparative benchmarking, comparing data from their own and other schools. They are keen on ‘benchmarking’, but they do it in a climate of encouraging risk. • They ensure there is a proper mix of ‘appreciative enquiry’ and ‘problem solving’. Appreciative enquiring involves finding and celebrating what’s good and engaging on a search for what’s outstanding. www.lumosity.com

Better Time Management • Head Teachers have so much on their plate that balancing everything becomes nearly impossible. Time management is always at the front of their minds • This may be aided by creating daily plans, pegging time limits to each task. These two tips can be used together in order to prevent dragging your work on and getting tasks done in an orderly, organised and simple manner. cindysense.com

Better ways to use technology • Head Teachers know that their pupils are always online – and increasing their engagement with technology, and working out what technology they should be using – is important. • Being up to date and making sure the rest of the staff all have the same knowledge about current technology is vital to make sure students are reviving the best and the same standard of education which can boost engagement and help understanding leading to better exam results.

Future changes • With Michael Gove talking about changing up the education system, possible changes and the latest news are on all head teachers’ minds. • Having an open mind may be the easiest way for Head Teachers to ease stress on this particular issue. No one can be prepared for the future changes in education but knowing that it will change is the easiest option.

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