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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Carmina

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Employee Attachment:  Employee Attachment Anna-Lucia Mackay www.hcmglobal.biz Slide2:  Visit Us At: www.hcmglobal.biz Agenda:  Agenda What is Attachment How employees attach Impact on staff retention The psychological contract How to create a blueprint for trust What is attachment:  What is attachment attachment n 1: a feeling of affection for a person or an institution [syn: fond regard] WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University \At*tach"ment\, n. [F. attachment.] 1. The act attaching, or state of being attached; close adherence or affection; fidelity; regard; an? passion of affection that binds a person; as, an attachment to a friend, or to a party. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. The Role of Leaders:  The Role of Leaders “A Leader must impact the thoughts, behaviours and performance of their people” (Robert Cooke) Within The Corporate Arena:  Within The Corporate Arena As a leader how do you YOU ensure your staff “Attach”? The Attachment Model:  The Attachment Model Role Org You What Attaches Employees to You? :  What Attaches Employees to You? Character Attitude Capability Skills Knowledge Leadership and Management skills Status Mentor/Coach skills What Attaches an Employee to the Organisation?:  What Attaches an Employee to the Organisation? Values Mission Industry Induction Culture Industry Success Induction program What Attaches an Employee to the Role?:  What Attaches an Employee to the Role? Status Money Tasks Postioning of the role Opportunity Learning and Development opportunities Future prospects Four Phases of Attachment:  Four Phases of Attachment Recruitment process Induction process On going Management “De- attachment” Recruitment:  Recruitment Be real Explain the mission Express the values Be open re management styles Learning and development opportunities Meet team members Communication and contact through whole process High level communication after job offer Induction:  Induction Formal induction plan Mentoring Corporate culture and values Establish a vision for the new employee Create opportunities to demonstrate fairness Spend as much time as you can with employee 90 day critical period Critical Periods:  Critical Periods There are some critical periods in the employee/employer relationship, such as the induction period, that directly impact: Perceptions of fairness Employee turnover Employee claims Fairness:  Fairness Perceptions of fairness have the biggest impact Fairness impacts self focus versus team focus Fairness impacts the decision on how much to invest in the employer Fairness opinions form early and quickly and are not revised Show fairness as soon as possible – fairness later does not overcome lack of fairness in the beginning The Psychological Contract:  The Psychological Contract “Psychological contracts are implicit, involving an individual's beliefs of reciprocal exchange between two parties pertaining to trust, loyalty and the well-being of all involved.” SL Rousseau 4 Elements of the Psych Contract:  4 Elements of the Psych Contract Contract – Focus Willingness to go beyond the confines of the employment contract Perceived Equity Degree of perceived equity in the behaviour of the company towards employees Inputs and outcomes Involvement Degree to which an empploye remains involved in and invests in the activities of the company Time-frame Expected length of employment relationship based on intentions and perceived long-term prospects with the employer Attitude, Behaviour &Attachment:  Attitude, Behaviour &Attachment In the honeymoon period, employee loyalty is manifested in the form of ATTITUDES Your positive attitude leads to increased attachment Increased attachment leads to better employee attitudes Attitudes are expressed through behaviours - both of which significantly impact clients. Ongoing Management:  Ongoing Management Communicate Feedback Praise Show “Care” Follow procedures (performance appraisals) Schedule “fun” Set the example Be consistent and predictable Trustworthy The Role Of Trust:  The Role Of Trust trust Assured resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship, or other sound principle, of another person; confidence; reliance. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. 2001 – USA 70% of employees feel that trust and loyalty within their firms is declining 60% responded that they did not believe their manager was “honest, upright, and ethical”. Creating Trust Blueprint:  Creating Trust Blueprint Leadership Authenticity personal passion + organisational purpose Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Foster strong emotional relationships with your people Climate Building Audit your climate – does fear exist in any form, is it safe to express, to innovate and to make mistakes Walking Your Talk What evidence would your people provide to prove this of you Loyalty:  Loyalty “Without loyal employees, it is extremely difficult to keep loyal customers… Frontline managers are the key players in establishing and developing trust-based working relationships (which develop into high levels of loyalty).” Terry White 2001 The Key to Loyalty:  The Key to Loyalty Clarify your values and express them Demonstrate trust of your people Encourage people to question and challenge you without repercussion Care about the employee first as a person then as an employee Value the employee as an individual rather than as a commodity Be honest Be willing to admit mistakes Demonstrate support of and for your people Don’t just hear, listen Be highly visible and predictable 4 Response Actions :  4 Response Actions Exit Voice Silence Destructive/Neglect De-Attachment:  De-Attachment Lasting impression Resignation Exit interview Notice period Public relations exercise Remaining team Slide26:  Visit Us At: www.hcmglobal.biz

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