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Published on August 6, 2007

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“Sex Offender” Photograph (HB 188):  'Sex Offender' Photograph (HB 188) Slide2:  Prepared by The House of Representatives Communications Office 609 LOB Riley Lowry Director 404-656-0305 Prepared by Brent Cranfield Slide3:  ' This bill allows the communities in rural and urban Georgia, who do not have access to the online sexual offender registry, to be made aware if a sexual offender resides in their community.' Rep. Sue Burmeister What Will HB 188 Do ?:  What Will HB 188 Do ? This bill requires that an up to date photograph of registered sex offenders in Georgia be published in the local newspaper of which that offender resides. What HB 188 Accomplishes:  What HB 188 Accomplishes Requires publication of photo in residency legal organ Requires up to date photograph Requires a new publication each and every time a registered sex offender changes residency address Convicted offender must pay the fee for the publication of the notice Good Faith Safeguard:  Good Faith Safeguard If the sheriff or anyone else involved in the publication of an erroneous notice of conviction or release from confinement, will be immune from civil and criminal liability, if the publication was made in good faith Conclusions:  Conclusions This bill is intended to ensure that the general public is made aware when a registered sex offender resides in their local community. This bill will go into effect on July 1, 2006. Governor’s Comments:  Governor’s Comments '.' - Governor Sonny Perdue

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