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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: hullpgce

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Hull University & Hays Education February 2014 Interview and Personal Statement Information Pack Andrea Ashton Senior Consultant Hays Education

Why are we here? Why are you here? Student Teacher Presentation 2

Today’s Objectives The Application Process Understand the process of applying for permanent jobs within schools’ Find out what’s expected from your application form & personal statement Understand some hints & tips around personal statements Personal Statement writing workshop Student Teacher Presentation 3

Information Pack Contents Finding your dream job Applying for permanent jobs What’s expected from an application form and personal statement Hints & Tips on personal statements What to expect on the interview day Preparing for your interview Example interview questions Tips for the interview day Answering questions Planning & structuring answers Ending the interview Useful website links Student Teacher Presentation 4

Finding your dream job! Where to look for job opportunities: •TES/TES Online •Local Authority Bulletins •Your placement schools •Networking •Teacher Recruitment Consultancies •Hays NQT UK Facebook Page www.facebook.com/haysNQTUK (Or search for Hays NQT UK) Student Teacher Presentation 5

Applying for permanent jobs Key recruitment dates: January 2014: March-May 2014: End of May 2014: June- July 2014: July/ August 2014: Jobs start to be advertised for September Majority of roles are advertised for September Resignation date for teachers Additional jobs advertised for September 2014 Interim teaching options- daily and long term supply Hints & tips: • • • • • Start looking and applying as early as January Think about the type of school you want to work in BUT don’t stereotype schools- some may surprise you Visit schools where possible but as a minimum research Get the balance right on the numbers of applications Student Teacher Presentation 6

Application Form & Personal Statement – What’s expected? •All parts of the application form are completed •Correct job & school on your application form/ supporting statement •Check your spelling and punctuation •Your email address- is it professional? •Include your FULL education & employment history •2 page personal statement •Include appropriate reference information and contact details Student Teacher Presentation 7

Personal Statements Hints & Tips •Start to plan your personal statement now •Include the reason you decided to teach and demonstrate passion for your subject •Provide examples of your successes (both classroom based & extra curricular) •Sell yourself- how can what you will offer BENEFIT the education of the students at that school? •Explain why you want to work in this particular school (values/ethos) and show your research •Let your personality shine through- show your enthusiasm! •Address it to the Headteacher (not whom it may concern) •CHECK YOUR SPELLING, GRAMMAR & PUNCTUATION! Student Teacher Presentation 8

Personal Statement Writing Workshop •Work in pairs to read and discuss 3 real example of NQT’s personal statements •Work in pairs, using the job description, come up with 3 interview questions that would test a candidate’s knowledge/experience of 3 of the different areas. Some example interview questions are in your workbook Student Teacher Presentation 9

Interviews - What to expect The school could plan some or all of the below: •A tour of the school •A data exercise •An observed lesson •A student panel interview •An opportunity to meet the department •A formal interview Some schools now have a lunchtime “cut”…… Student Teacher Presentation 10

Before the interview – be prepared! Before the day: •Plan your route and journey time •Ask for resources for your lesson •Ask for class data •Visit the school/ research the school online •Seek advice on the types of questions you may be asked •Plan some questions to ask yourself Student Teacher Presentation 11

Before the interview – be prepared! On the day: •Allow extra travelling time! •Take their contact details with you •Know who to ask for •Take your ID documents etc with you (including photographic ID and DBS form) •Take a print out of your lesson plan •Print out your lesson in case IT does not work •Be smartly dressed •Shower! Student Teacher Presentation 12

First Impressions •Smart appearance •Be punctual/ early •If you are late….apologise! •The interview starts at the car park! •Smile! •Turn off your phone •When in a panel interview, speak to all panel members •Remember this is a 2 way process. •Enjoy your day! Student Teacher Presentation 13

Answering Questions - Perfection •Relax and take a deep breath •Listen to ALL of the question •Take your time to think about your answer •Be factual and honest •Don’t answer questions with just a yes or no •Show that you recognise your weaknesses and that you are striving to improve them •Don't say negative things about previous employers •Use I not we •Don’t waffle! •Lastly… if you forget the question- just ask! Student Teacher Presentation 14

Nerves- what to do? •Nerves are positive! •Be prepared •Freshen up when you arrive •Take a glass of water when offered •Take a minute •You are the expert about yourself! •Smile! Student Teacher Presentation 15

Body Language What are the most important aspects of body language in an interview? What does our own body language tell the interviewer? What does the interviewer’s body language tell us? Student Teacher Presentation 16

Extra interview tips •Interview areas: Classroom management, Differentiation, Achievement/Attainment/ Progress, Engaging with students. If you think of an example for each of these areas it will help in an interview situation •There will be a safeguarding question •Use real examples to you. •Think about the example as you are talking about it- if done properly your interviewer will also be able to visualise it! •Always finish with the result/ outcome- this will change your answer from a good answer to an outstanding answer! Student Teacher Presentation 17

Ending the interview •The interviewer may explain what the next stage of the recruitment process will be – if not, then ask •Are you a firm candidate? •If you are interested- tell them! •Finally, thank them for seeing you Student Teacher Presentation 18

Useful website links •TES: http://www.tes.co.uk •Hays: www.hays.co.uk •Visit the following Facebook page for recent NQT recruitment information from Hays: www.facebook.com/haysNQTUK •It includes videos from Headteachers with interview tips on it Student Teacher Presentation 19

Interview Role Plays Now it’s your turn! Situation: Describe the situation Task: Describe what task was required of you Action: Tell the interviewer what action you took Result: Conclude by describing the result of your action Student Teacher Presentation 20

Example interview questions Give an example of your favourite teaching resource and demonstrate why it’s effective. Tell me about a good lesson you have delivered. Tell me about your understanding of initiatives in your subject area. How do you deliver lessons to allow for different learning styles and different levels of ability? Can you give me an example of a recent lesson? Give me an example to demonstrate how you have built and maintained good relationships with pupils? Give an example of a time when you had to manage the behaviour of a group of students. Explain what strategies worked and why. In what ways have you worked collaboratively with colleagues? What behaviour management strategies do you tend to employ in the classroom? What strengths would you contribute to a successful faculty? What extra-curricular activities you would be able to offer the support the wider life of students? How do you differentiate in your planning for a class of mixed ability pupils? Student Teacher Presentation A student asks you if they can tell you a secret. What do you respond to this? 21

Hays Education Northern Offices Leeds- 0113 244 8644 Newcastle- 0191 261 9243 Sheffield- 0114 272 1470 Liverpool- 0151 236 1616 Huddersfield- 01484 517 968 Manchester- 0161 839 9629 Hull- 01482 227 128 Preston- 01772 201 513 Lincoln- 01522 344403 34 Offices in the UK Student Teacher Presentation 22

Thank you! Student Teacher Presentation 23

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