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Published on October 26, 2007

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Slide1:  Corporate Presentation HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES To Enrich Life Through Communication Slide2:  2 Huawei Cooperation Review Industry Transformation Huawei’s Preparation Huawei’s Value Proposition – with Telcos Huawei Technologies:  An innovative and customer-oriented ICT company established in 1988 and fully owned by its staff. Over 35,000 staff members (over 48% engaged in R&D); more than 10% annual revenue invested in R&D. Full product portfolio including wireless products, network products, application and software products and terminals. A leading global supplier with products deployed in over 100 countries, including the US, the UK, France, Portugal, Russia, Brazil, Singapore and Thailand, and serving 28 of the world’s top 50 operators. Contract sales amounted to US$8.2 billion in 2005. over 58% of which (US$4.8 billion) was from international markets. Huawei Technologies Slide4:  Continuous Growth Serving 28 of the world’s top 50 operators Strategic partner with BT, Vodafone, Telefonica, etc. Contract Sales (USD1 billion) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 2002 2003 2004 2005 2.67 3.83 5.58 8.2 7 8 9 Slide5:  Financial Performance 2001 2002 2003 2004 2,290 2,128 2,694 3,827 258 108 384 624 204 311 385 396 342 355 389 487 20% 7% 23% 31% Year ended December 31 R&D Expenditure Cash Flow From Operations Net Income USD in millions Notes: All financial data listed prior to 2005 are audited by KPMG. Revenue Return on Net Assets 1,933 345 255 180 47% 2000 Revenue amounted to US$6,400 million in 2005 Slide6:  Total staff: Over 35,000 employees Human Resources Supply Chain: 8% Administration: 6% R&D:48% Marketing, Sales and Customer Service : 38% 48% 38% 6% 8% Global Presence:  Global Presence 8 regional headquarters, 85 branch offices outside China 3-level customer service system (HQ, regional, local) Thailand Saudi Arabia India Nepal Pakistan Russia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan South Korea Malaysia Vietnam Philippines Ukraine Egypt Germany Singapore Indonesia Australia Kenya South Africa Zimbabwe Algeria Morocco UK Argentina Chile Peru Colombia Mexico USA Nigeria Huawei Technologies (Headquarters) Tunisia France Canada Bangladesh UAE Portugal Italy Brazil Netherlands Poland Sweden Shenzhen Spain Bulgaria Uzbekistan Ecuador Venezuela Turkey Turkmenistan Greece Romania Sri Lanka Cambodia Slide8:  Huawei works with top management consultancies to bring world-class expertise to the company, provides customer end-to-end delivery with high quality . Management Transformation consulting consulting Organization Transformation Integrated Product Development and Integrated Supply Chain Human Resources & ESOP Financial Management Quality Control Full Audit by Key Operators:  Full Audit by Key Operators Strategic Partnership Selection Auditing Concern Areas Management Systems Environmental Sourcing with Human Dignity Project Management Product Realisation Policy Strategy and Planning People Relationship Management Facilities Capacity Risk Management Qualification ( Auditing) Philosophy Strategy and Policy Process supporting Process Implementation Quality Control Continuous Improvement Thought Leadership Completed Auditing Overview Motorola(2000-2003) BT (2003-2005) FT(2004) Vodafone(2005) O2 (2004) Cable and Wireless(2005) DT(2005) Slide10:  Global R&D Global R&D Stockholm, Sweden -Base Station architecture and system design, Radio technology and RAN algorithms Dallas, USA -ASIC technology and CDMA algorithms Bangalore, India -Software technology/platform Moscow, Russia -Algorithms and RF Shenzhen, China -CN, service platforms Shanghai, China -RAN, terminals, ASIC chipsets Beijing, China -Packet CN, GW, Terminals Nanjing, China -BOSS, 3G services CMM5 and IPD (Integrated Product Development) have been widely implemented into product development. Four R&D divisions (Central software division and institutes in Bangalore, Shanghai and Nanjing) have been awarded CMM level 5 certification. Adopts asynchronous development, unifies product commercialization and speeds up response to market. Slide11:  R&D Based on a Shared Platform Constructing a “speed, quality and cost” advantage, through modular structure, standardization and sharing technology (CBB methodology). Uniform operation and maintenance platform IP+Optical platform Common software and hardware platform Fixed access platform Wireless access platform Service control platform Intelligent network platform Terminal service platform Uniform engineering and material development platform Slide12:  Persistent investment in standards and patents to be at the forefront of future technology. Standards and Patents Standards Participated in 70 international standardization organizations including ITU, 3GPP. Patents Domestic Patents       9600 pcs Authorized Patents     1844 pcs PCT International and Overseas Patents 1574 pcs 5% of international UMTS essential patents (69 patents), No.5 of global telecom companies    (Till 31 Dec. 2005) Huawei E2E Delivery Process Overview:  Huawei E2E Delivery Process Overview Ad/trade show mgt - Info mgt Relationship mgt - Relationship mgt - Buz partner mgt Sales execution Solution design - Resource allocation Customer sat mgt Market req - Market forecast - Offering info Sales mgt - win leadership team drive sales exection Opportunity point mgt Cus T Ome r Cus T Ome r Req mgt pro logistics mfg Supply chain plan CRM Partner and supplier mgmt FIN / HR / IT MM IPD ISC OR Research, standard, patent Technology roadmaps Brand mgt CS issues Contract signature Concept Plan Develop Qualify Launch Life Cycle req NPI Engineering implement TS Spare parts mgt training Narrow e2e delivery Broad e2e delivery Within C2C framework, e2e delivery focuses on customer commitment to committed delivery Global Supply Chain and Logistics System:  Global Supply Chain and Logistics System Shenzhen manufacturing and logistic center—supplies globally. Hangzhou factory manufacture data-com—low level products . Brazil factory—supplies to Latin America. Beto-Huawei—supplies to Russia and Eastern Europe. Hub in Holland—supplies to Europe. Hebei manufacturing center—supplies to northern China and Russia. Dubai logistics center—supplies to middle Asia and Africa. Supply Chain Processes Overview:  Supply Chain Processes Overview Customer-oriented, process-based, building partnerships and sharing information Integrated high-efficiency and open supply chain with advanced IT tools Global IT System:  Global IT System Slide17:  3G World-leading wireless network supplier, 18 commercial UMTS networks NGN No.1 in global VoIP market (Dittberner) Intelligent Network No. 1 in global market (21.6% of users)(Ovum) Optical Network No.1 in global LH+MR DWDM market (Ovum-RHK) Access Network No.1 in global IP DSLAM market (Infonetics) No.1 in global MSAN market in 1H05 (Infonetics) Data Communication No.3 in worldwide service provider routers (Gartner) Industry Position Slide18:  VISION To enrich life through communication MISSION To focus on our customers’ challenges and needs by providing excellent communications network solutions and services in order to consistently create maximum value for customers. Vision and Mission www.huawei.com Development Strategy:  Serving our customers is the only reason Huawei exists; Customer demand is the fundamental driving force of our development. High quality, excellent service, low operating costs, and giving top priority to meeting customer requirements to enhance their competitiveness and profitability. Continuously performing management transformation to realize efficient process-based organization operation for ensuring high quality end-to-end delivery. Developing with our peers in the industry as both competitors and partners to jointly create a favorable environment and share the benefits of the value chain. Development Strategy Slide20:  Fulfilling our social responsibility as a responsible corporate citizen Social Responsibility A dedicated member of the United Nations Global Compact December 2004 Tsunami: Donated 2.42 million USD worth of telecom equipment and an additional 2.42 million USD in cash from the company and its employees August 1998 Flood (China): Donated US$3.7 million worth of equipment, and US$1.85 million in cash schools. Education Fund: Donated US$3.09 million to set up a fund to help needy students complete an undergraduate education. Slide21:  21 Huawei Cooperation Review Industry Transformation Huawei’s Preparation Huawei’s Value Proposition – with Telcos Slide22:  Business Operation Models Face Transformation 80s-mid and late 90s Mid and late 90s- early 21st century 21st century Network layout Technology updates Homogeneous services Service quality Network-focused Service provisioning capability Service marketing Customer increase ARPU Service-focused Converged network Converged services Industry chain re-structuring Integrated information services Customer-focused How should operators and equipment suppliers adapt to a more customer-focused business operation model? Slide23:  Cross-industry Penetration and Intensifying Competition Carriers compete on a broader scale Expanding into the IT service field to create value for business users Expanding into content & entertainment and other fields to create value for end users IT Infrastructure Mobile Fixed Voice/Data Applications Broadband Internet Content, Entertainment Slide24:  Change of Revenue Structure Diverse contents & services and their short lifecycle makes time-to-market critical. Voice(Including mobile) IT services for business users Content services for consumers 1980 Voice operation           2002 Transformation 2010 Non-voice operation $ Slide25:  Value Chain Transformation Forepassed telecom value chain distributing Terminal Carrier Equipment supplier Service provider Future telecom value chain distributing Terminal Carrier Equipment supplier Service provider Value Value distribution is shifting toward terminal and business service. The “carrier + equipment supplier”- focused value chain is meeting serious challenges. Slide26:  26 Huawei Cooperation Review Industry Transformation Huawei’s Preparation Huawei’s Value Proposition – with Telcos Slide27:  Customer need quickly addressed through product roadmap. Marketing organization has shifted to the frontier, which: allows customer needs to be quickly transferred into a product roadmap through CCM (customer commitment management). ensures rapid roll-out of new products and services. Collect Analyze and validate Taken into product roadmap Follow-up and carry out Customer Marketing Customer requirement oriented: Understand customer’s real requirements:  Customer requirement oriented: Understand customer’s real requirements Huawei Local carrier China branch Global Vendor Global Carrier Global Market 1031 The customer in the previously called customer requirement oriented is always local customer according to our lesson learnt in NGN. We are actually five levels behind global requirements. At the time of products, sales dominate; while at the time of solutions, especially non-voice service, consulting, solution + business model are the main marketing methods. The conformance of the strategy and the vision to the customers’ expectation decides their loyalty to the products. Customer requirements are the strategy and vision, which reflect the future market. Vendor 1 Vendor 2 Vendor 3 Vendor n Solution Marketing Capability Competency among vendors Middle Vision Low Vision Sales capability Corporate capability and potentiality Corporate capability and potentiality Corporate capability and potentiality High Vision 60 70 90 Marketing Capability Customer Expectation Score Slide29:  Consultancy-style Marketing Service consultancy Network layout & design Network optimization & capability management Network aggregation Joint marketing Specialized management operation contract General design, construction, operation and maintenance Maintenance of special fields and 3-level maintenance Design management and capability management construction, operation and maintenance Technology and business plans & cooperative business expansion Network layout & solution design Cooperation process integration Application Database or content Mobile equipment management Pre-sales cooperation solution design Professional service Outsourcing maintenance Management operation Management capability Content trusteeship & solution application Customer Improving wide-ranging service capabilities and supporting operators to expand to the two ends of the value chain Slide30:  Experience-oriented Marketing Creating experience-based environment for end-users and establishing open lab for ISPs/ICPs to attain value from end-users. Terminal Producer Operator SP/CP Terminal Producer Operator SP/CP Huawei inTouch Lab Operation R&D Engineering Brand Cooperation AP(1-N) Deployment Experiencing Environment Open Lab Long-distance VCOL support Application/content Verification Terminal IOT Verification Service Integration Verification Application /content experience Application layout AP Deployment Terminal experience Long-distance application AP Experience Slide31:  Product-line Aggregation Providing total network and end-to-end solutions; enabling the advantage of future network aggregation Aggregating product lines; actively handling future network aggregation and service transformation End-to-end Solutions Application and Service IP+Optical Bearer Network Wireless/ Wireline Access Network Core Network Wireless/ Wireline Terminals Future Network Architecture - Simplified:  Future Network Architecture - Simplified Key Features:Convergence, Mobile, Broadband, Content & Service Slide33:  Future Technologies Research Establishing laboratories to research FMC, IMS, WiMAX, IPTV, and other innovative technologies, riding the future trend of network convergence and service transformation. Mobile Access Fixed BB Access IMS core (CSCF/HSS/…) Personal App Platform ICT Platform Media App Platform Business Operation Support System GSM/UMTS/ CDMA/WiMAX Single billing, multi services and tariff package Operator’s Organization Support Network oriented to customer oriented xDSL /FTTx/ Cable/WLAN Metro IP over WDM MPLS IPV4/IPV6 FMC solution Bearer Layer Service POP Service Control BRAS GSN WSN MG Slide34:  Increasing Investment in Service Application and Terminal Providing abundant service applications and terminals to help operators expand to the two ends of the value chain. Terminals IMPS Game Mobile E-mail Web/WAP Surfing LBS Streaming M-RBT MMS Service & Applications Slide35:  35 Huawei Cooperation Review Industry Transformation Huawei’s Preparation Huawei’s Value Proposition – with Telcos Value Proposition-- Views on Telecom Industry:  Value Proposition-- Views on Telecom Industry “Size does matter”! Leveraging global economies of scale Global market expansion into high growth markets Global sourcing Open interfaces and standardized products Market trends Unpredictable customer demands - no more killer application! IT, telecom and entertainment convergence UMTS ubiquity! Always more competition! Speed to market has never been this important! Need to address multiple market segments Need to address markets with different cultural background A quick-response vendor can reduce the business developing cost ! Value Proposition -- Telcos: Need Support From Strategic Partners:  Value Proposition -- Telcos: Need Support From Strategic Partners -> Minimize risk from transformation in the telecom industry Asia is leading the new round in the telecom industry. Speed to market is the key. Economies of scale is the key. -> Looking for committed partners, not box sellers “We have no clue of what our customers want. Our customers have no clue of what they want. Customers know good when they see it.” -> We are selecting Companies, not Products History track Development trend Potential for the Growth Value Proposition– Collaboration with Carriers’ R&D:  Value Proposition– Collaboration with Carriers’ R&D Joint Annual Planning Sharing marketing intelligence Regular workshop for dedicated issues Monitor and survey on-going projects Open interfaces for executive team and development team Co-marketing and Co-service Innovation Create customized service Joint development Host a value chain and innovate new revenue Some alpha trial and test, Dedicated solution development Joint standardization actions New Business Model and Profit Model Outsourcing Alliance and service exchange Overseas extension and service operation Introduce SP/CP and service bundling Slide39:  JPOR Joint Planning and Operations Review TWG Technical Work Groups PMT Process Manage -ment Teams NSQR Network & Service Quality Review Release Planning Architecture Testing Operations&Capacity Management Product Management & Marketing Planning Direction Status Issues/Actions Customized Service Development Governance Model Operator Service BP Operator & Vendors implement Service BP corporately Operator: Requirement Market Vendors: Technique Product Time to market, Quality of product, Network & service Slide40:  Foundation Version N Foundation Version N+1 TDT platform … … PDT Wireless IN PDT Fixed IN AIS TEAM CMCC TEAM … TELEFONICA TEAM BT TEAM … PDT Mobile data TEAM SUNDAY TEAM … PDT OSS CHINATELECOM TEAM HUTCHSON TEAM … PDT Platform Note: PDT-Product Development Team TDT-Technology Development Team … Dedicated Team in PDT for each key customer Close interaction between PDT & key customers guarantee the quick customization Benefit from every upgrade of TDT platform Every upgrade is to fulfill the most trendy new major capability-set Upgrade steadily for high quality of both TDT & PDT platform Reusable for all PDTs to save the comprehensive cost Joint Development (R&D) --Platform Strategy Supports Quick Response -3~5 new features/services for AIS per month Current Service Realization Process (SRP):  Service Test: Tests the service against the test plan in simulated and live environments Service Test Definition: Defines the detailed plan and requirements needed to implement the service or technology Definition Feasibility: Determines the best network implementation of the service or technology Feasibility SG-11 SG-9 SG-4 SG-2 SG-1 A phased process that defines how new technology, features and services are realized. 6 Phases 4 Major Decision Points Concurrent operation encouraged while managing risk D1 D2 D3 SG-14 ROMA Feasibility Report TP, FSD, OTP, SOTP, FRS, Proj Plan SW/HW, Test Plans Test Results, Certification Matrix Concept Concept: Defines a high level view of the service idea and associated time and cost SG-13 MSD Development: Creates the physical realization that implements the given requirements Development Introduction: Introduce to all geographic areas and begin Life Cycle Management/Customer Care Introduction SG-0 Service/Technology Launch Service Gates (Can We Go Forward) SG-14 Start ROMA SG-13 Start Feasibility SG-12 Start Feasibility Decision SG-11 Start Definition SG-10 Start Commitment SG-9 Start Development SG-8 Start Design Implementation SG-7 Start Unit Test SG-6 Start Integration SG-5 Start Performance Verification SG-4 Start Acceptance Test SG-2 Start ORT SG-1 Start Introduction SG-0 End Introduction Decision Gates:(Should We Go Forward) D1 Proceed with Definition D2 Proceed with Development D3 Proceed with CI or GA D4 Proceed with Life Cycle D4 Current Service Realization Process (SRP) Joint Go To Market ---How OR, MM, Go To Market & IPD Link Together:  Joint Go To Market ---How OR, MM, Go To Market & IPD Link Together IPD Process PMT Project Mkt Assess Segmentation Opportunity Dvlp Biz Plan MM Project MKTG PDT Project PCR Project Product Line Level Product Level HW Biz Strategy HW Historical Data Technology Offering Requirements Emerging Product Requirements MM Requirements Project Other events triggering PCRs Market Requirements IPD Marketing Program - Conceptual Diagram From a cross-process perspective, the requirements management process will link to MM and IPD processes Align Biz Plan Measure Performance Products Launch Customer Communications Release of Products Marketing Promotion Technical Support Go To MKT IPD OR Slide43:  Joint Go To Market-Case Study BT- Datacom SME Solutions Approved, Launch, Training, Road Show, etc. China Mobile- PPS, etc. China Telecom- Baby On Line, AS8010, ICT, etc. Neuf Telecom- Triple play/IPTV Deutsch Telecom- SME Markets Launch Some resale partners such as Slide44:  Enriching Life Through Communication

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