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Information about HATE GROUPS IN AMERICA

Published on November 28, 2008

Author: aSGuest4353

Source: authorstream.com

HATE GROUPS IN AMERICA : HATE GROUPS IN AMERICA KU KLUX KLAN : KU KLUX KLAN Phase 1 1865: during reconstruction after the Civil War Tennessee: six former Confederate army officers Based on the Greek word ‘kluklos’ or ‘group’ Began as anti black Known for lynching, white sheets, burning crosses, tar and feather, OVERT discrimination KKK continued … : KKK continued … Imperial Wizard: supreme commander Nathan Bedford Forrest Grand Dragons Great Titans Exalted Cyclops KKK Phase 2 : KKK Phase 2 Focus on blacks AND all “alien outsiders” Immigrants Jews Catholics 1925: estimated 5 million members 1925: March on Washington DC Gain political power Overt discrimination continues Internal struggles and investigations of leaders reduces influence and popularity Depression and WWII slow down KKK Slide 5: KKK flier for Madison, WI rally in 1920s KKK Phase 3 : KKK Phase 3 1960s: KKK is revitalized Lack of national organization Smaller self governed groups Opposition to the rising civil rights movement Goal: Preserve segregation after court rulings Brown vs. Board of Education 1965: about 40,000 members Tactics: Church bombings, boycotts, beatings & intimidation KKK Phase 4 : KKK Phase 4 1970s – Today Approximately 6,000 active members Less “white sheets”; more shirts and ties “Splinter groups” found throughout USA … including WI Slide 8: According to the KKK the drop of blood refers to the blood shed by Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for the white race Neo - Nazis : Neo - Nazis Hatred of Jews Belief of Hitler and Nazi Germany ANTI SEMITISM: Also hate black, homosexuals, other minorities Some focus on political rebellion: Publications banned in Europe Protected under free speech laws in USA USA breeding grounds for these groups Neo Nazi Faction: Skinheads : Neo Nazi Faction: Skinheads White Supremacists, anti-gay, anti-Jew Trademark: Shaved heads and hate tattoos Began in England 1960s … USA by 80s Often operate in small “crews” Focus on recruitment of teens Use of music and internet Christian Identity aka Aryan Nation : Christian Identity aka Aryan Nation Non Jewish whites are the children of God Jews are direct descendents of Satan Christ will not return until all Jews eradicated Non whites are “mud people” Began in 1970s Current membership low due to internal disputes Black Separatist : Black Separatist Blacks who oppose integration and racial intermarriage Goal: Create a separate nation for American blacks (if needed – overthrow government) Anti white and anti Jew Blacks are the chosen children of God “New Black Panthers” (urban guerilla warfare?) Started in Milwaukee: 1990 Many groups are American black Muslims “Nation of Islam” Hate Groups in Wisconsin : Hate Groups in Wisconsin http://www.splcenter.org/intel/map/index.jsp?S=WI&m=5 Hate Groups In USA http://www.splcenter.org/images/dynamic/intel/hatemaps/5/hate_map_ir125_adjusted.pdf

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