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Published on March 30, 2008

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Regional Pilot Shortages in Asia :  Regional Pilot Shortages in Asia Nigel Harwood Chief Commercial Officer, Alpha Aviation Group APATS February 2007 Content:  Alpha Aviation Group Market situation Way forward Multi Crew Pilot Licence Conclusion Content Content:  Alpha Aviation Group Market situation Way forward Multi Crew Pilot Licence Conclusion Content Alpha Aviation Group:  Company profile Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) is a global group of companies providing specialist and innovative training solutions and operational support, together with recruitment and consultancy services to the international aviation community Alpha Aviation Group Alpha Aviation Group:  Global Network Alpha Aviation Group Content:  Alpha Aviation Group Market situation Way forward Multi Crew Pilot Licence Conclusion Content Market situation:  Market situation In the news…. “Poachers disrupt Philippine Airlines plans” Aero-news “Pilot shortage leads to flight cancellations” Flight International “India raises pilot retirement age” ATI news “India takes steps to mitigate pilot shortage” Aero-news “China’s lack of pilots slows aviation growth” International Herald Tribune “Malaysian Airlines pilot shortage cause flight disruptions” Travel Television news “Expansion plan fuels global staff recruitment drive” Flight International Market situation:  Market situation The facts Worlds airlines need 17,000 new additional pilots each year to handle aircraft deliveries over next 20 years Shortage is most severe within the Chinese and Indian markets but not just confined to these countries Qualified pilots are moving to growth countries which leaves a gap in some Asian countries and is increasing salaries Current training methods will not supply the amount of pilots required to meet demand Training resources required to meet these demands simply do not exist today, pilot training is becoming more critical than ever Market situation:  Market situation Some of the Asian Airlines affected Sri Lankan Airlines, lost 30 pilots in last 14 - 24 months due to “poaching” Malaysian Airlines, pilots reaching permitted flight hours has lead to severe delays and cancellation of flights Bangkok Airways, delayed international routes due to pilot shortage Thai Airways, stated the need for licenced pilots increases Philippine Airlines, shortage of pilots caused delay of delivery of new aircraft. 75 pilots have been “poached” by other airlines over the last 3 years Market situation:  Market situation Aircraft in the Asian-Pacific Region High orders for Airbus and Boeing throughout the region Market situation:  Market situation Significant growth in India and China China and India account for 32% of the Airbus and Boeing aircraft currently in service They have 49% of the Airbus and Boeing Aircraft on order in the Asian Pacific Region Market situation:  Market situation China 11,000 pilots and over 800 aircraft currently in China By 2010, China will have a minimum of 1,250 aircraft in service, a minimum of 6,000 new pilots will be required 30,000 needed by 2024 China has too few flight schools, it can produce only 850 pilots per year and needs on average 3,000 a year for the next 4 years alone; well under the minimum requirements Airlines now “pre ordering” pilots from flight schools This ever increasing demand for pilots is putting immense pressure on the worlds fastest growing aviation sector Market situation:  Market situation India Until 2003, only 4 main scheduled airlines in India, now there are 14 with even more seeking approval India’s infrastructure struggling to keep up 2,500 pilots working in India today 7,000 needed over next 5 years Only 200 local pilots enter the industry annually Government forced to increase pilot retirement age twice during 2006 Market situation:  Market situation The shortage is causing Loss of airline revenue Poor image of the airline Substandard customer service Airlines forced to outsource aircraft and crew (wet-leasing) Airlines ‘poaching’ pilots from each other Governments forced to change the pilot retirement age Market situation:  Market situation Result of these problems Cancellation of scheduled flights Aircraft sitting on ground through lack of pilots Reduction in planned operational increases Recruitment of foreign pilots Increased salaries – Airlines have to offer more to “poach” pilots. Indian salaries doubled in 12 months Reduced profits for airlines Content:  Alpha Aviation Group Market situation Way forward Multi Crew Pilot Licence Conclusion Content Way forward:  Way forward Training resources Training resources simply do not exist The massive fleet expansion and start up carriers in the region must be accompanied by increase in Training Centres Investment in latest technology simulators and highly trained instructors required Training needs to be more affordable, accessible and flexible Way forward:  Way forward What we are doing to help….. In response to the growing need for training resources, AAG is committed to significantly increase training resources. With 10 world-class international Academies, stretching from Europe through as far as South East Asia planned Training cadets to become First Officers in an intensive 12 month process Working with Asian carriers and the Regulatory Authorities to promote the MPL Way forward:  Way forward What we are doing to help….. AAG is establishing Aviation Academies throughout the world AAG, one of the pioneers of MPL programme First MPL cadets in the world – graduating January 2008 Pilot Training based on MPL syllabus using latest technology Level D full flight simulators and top airline instructors Our Goal is to become the only real value choice to customers by providing specialist aviation training to the world’s airlines Way forward:  Way forward Who could help even more…… The aircraft manufacturers Continue to ‘evaluate’ and make public statements about supporting the industry with Training Centres Continue to sell their product Leasing companies Continue to turn in healthy profits and do not consider the effect on the industry Regulatory Authorities Could move quickly to implement changes in training methods Way forward:  Way forward Maintain a balance The continued supply and support of qualified pilots equally as important as training AAG offer airlines and maintenance organisations a cost effective, quick and easy way to recruit qualified, skilled aviation personnel for short or long lease assignments We can draw upon our highly qualified aviation professionals from within our database and extensive network Content:  Alpha Aviation Group Market situation Way forward Multi Crew Pilot Licence Conclusion Content Multi Crew Pilot Licence:  Multi Crew Pilot Licence Time for change…. International training standards unchanged in 26 years February ’05 MPL unveiled March ’06 Adopted by ICAO November ’06 Annex 1 amended Multi Crew Pilot Licence :  Multi Crew Pilot Licence Review current training requirements Today's requirements simply not sufficient Out of date and lengthy Advances in technology not taken into account Outdated to train in single pilot aircraft when you ultimately fly in a multi-crew environment Need to reduce single pilot propeller hours and replace with (simulated) multi-crew jet specific flight time to produce better prepared pilots Training needs to be more affordable, accessible and flexible Multi Crew Pilot Licence:  Multi Crew Pilot Licence MPL – training for the future MPL focused on ab-initio airline pilot Competency based training and assessment Emphasis on modern, advanced flight simulation training devices Training based on airline multi-crew environment, delivered by experienced airline instructors Human Factors (CRM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM) interwoven throughout training programme Training carried out to specific airline SOPs Multi Crew Pilot Licence:  Multi Crew Pilot Licence Training course CBT E-Learning Part Task Trainers Classroom Integrated TEM Principles Multi Crew Pilot Licence:  Multi Crew Pilot Licence MPL training results Pilots trained, in a highly disciplined, multi-crew operating environment Superior, relevant training at no cost and no delay to airline Pilots ready and prepared for active airline service in 12 months Guaranteed, consistent supply of fully trained pilots to meet airline’s needs in accordance with their scheduled aircraft deliveries Win-win solution for pilots, airlines and aviation industry Multi Crew Pilot Licence:  Multi Crew Pilot Licence Who is supporting & promoting the MPL? ICAO – the MPL was evolved by the ICAO FCLPT; a panel comprising 25 ICAO member states and international aviation bodies Licencing Authorities – i.e. JAA, Hong Kong, Singapore Major world airlines such as Lufthansa, Qantas and British Airways Aircraft Manufacturers – Boeing and Airbus World wide training organisations – i.e. Alteon, CAE, Oxford, Cabair and Alpha Aviation Group Simulator manufacturers – i.e. Thales, CAE Multi Crew Pilot Licence:  Multi Crew Pilot Licence Tried and tested? The MPL syllabus provides more training than currently (240 hrs min compared to 200hrs) More relevant training; jet aircraft orientated rather than light aircraft By necessity, a major part of the training conducted by more experienced and higher grade of instructors MPL training is more effective, more relevant, more consistent and certainly quicker at solving the regions acute pilot shortage The MPL trains pilots one way - The Airline Way Multi Crew Pilot Licence:  Multi Crew Pilot Licence More Training Centres using MPL = Solution Reduces training duration Increases simulated flight experience using the most advanced aviation training technology Incorporates Multi Crew co-operation throughout the course Prepares pilots to deal with emergency situations based on simulated experiences Produces confident, competent, capable pilots MPL is the most efficient and cost effective solution to end this growing pilot shortage Content:  Alpha Aviation Group Market situation Way forward Multi Crew Pilot Licence Conclusion Content Conclusion:  Conclusion Pilot shortages in Asian region worsening as aircraft orders increase Urgent need for more training resources Revamp of training requirements also needed to include advances in technology Train for the future - today More training centres should adopt the MPL Regulatory Authorities must implement the MPL Alpha Aviation Group:  Thank you Alpha Aviation Group

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