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Published on December 31, 2007

Author: Mudki

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Harmony and Awareness in the Workplace:  Harmony and Awareness in the Workplace Know Yourself, Understand Others Gem Cheong November 2006 Alexander the Great - What relevance does this Greek General have to the Chinese horoscope?:  Alexander the Great - What relevance does this Greek General have to the Chinese horoscope? Battlefield victories depended on in-depth knowledge of the psychology and culture of the ordinary people and military leaders in opposing armies. Alexander’s Military Intelligence:  Alexander’s Military Intelligence Learnt the beliefs, worldview, motivations and patterns of behaviour of those be faced His conquests and subsequent rule were more economic and political in nature than military: he used psychological, sociological and anthropological insights Alexander the “Extraordinary Ethnographer”:  Alexander the “Extraordinary Ethnographer” Alexander was raised on Plato’s theory that all non-Greeks were barbarians, enemies of the Greeks by nature. Aristotle taught that all barbarians (non-Greeks) were slaves by nature Alexander had been able to test the smugness of the Greeks by actual contact with the barbarians… and experience had apparently convinced him of the essential sameness of all people Robinson, C.A. Jnr (1949) Alexander the Great: the Meeting of East and West in World Government and Brotherhood Value of Understanding the Chinese Animal Horoscope :  Value of Understanding the Chinese Animal Horoscope Understand yourself Understand what drives or demotivates others Understand why you have an affinity with some and not with others “Know your enemies, know yourself; in a hundred battles, a hundred victories” Sun Tzu – “The Art of War” History and Legend:  History and Legend Introduced by the Chinese Emperor Huang Ti (259-209BC) who is best known for building the Great Wall of China. The complete astrological cycle is 60 years, with five 12 year cycles within it. Each year in the 12 year cycle is defined by an animal: their order is the subject of a legend about Buddha Chinese astrology and the planets:  Chinese astrology and the planets The equator is divided into 12 regions, and the movements of the moon, sun and major planets are studied from a fixed position Chinese astrology – 60 year cycle – the time it takes Saturn to complete two full orbits of the sun Each 60 years Jupiter orbits the sun five times, hence the 60 year cycle is divided astrologically into five periods of 12 years, each representing a complete rotation of the 12 Chinese signs Factors influencing individual horoscopes:  Factors influencing individual horoscopes The animal which governs the year of birth The animal which governs the month The animal which governs the two-hour period in which a person is born The element of the year-animal The yin-yang nature of the animal The yin-yang nature of the element of the year-animal The Yin and Yang of the Animals:  The Yin and Yang of the Animals Yang Signs Rat Tiger Dragon Horse Monkey Dog Yin Signs Ox Rabbit Snake Goat Rooster Pig Single word descriptors:  Single word descriptors Rat – survival Ox – endurance Tiger – courage Rabbit – virtue Dragon – wisdom Snake - luck Horse – tolerance Goat – art Monkey – fantasy Rooster - candour Dog – idealism Pig - honesty The Yin and Yang of the Animals:  The Yin and Yang of the Animals A Yang sign will emphasize activeness, assertiveness or aggresiveness to achieve objectives/overcome problems A Yin sign will emphasize more passive or intellectual procedures to achieve objectives/overcome problems The Influence of the Five Natural Elements:  The Influence of the Five Natural Elements Metal This element will make you more unyielding in purpose, reinforce your stronger traits, increase your rigidity to overcome the weaker ones. It will increase your ambition and make you independent and self-reliant The Influence of the Five Natural Elements:  The Influence of the Five Natural Elements Water This element will make you more communicative, creative and flexible. It will take the harshness out of your attitudes, and make you more tolerant. You will have strong perceptive skills and find it easy to express yourself. The Influence of the Five Natural Elements:  The Influence of the Five Natural Elements Wood This element will make you more expansive, cooperative and considerate of others. It will enhance your ethical traits and increase your ability to influence others. You will be more compassionate, kind and thoughtful than your animal sign might indicate The Influence of the Five Natural Elements :  The Influence of the Five Natural Elements Fire This element will add strength, energy and aggressiveness to your existing traits. It will make you more assertive, passionate and adventurous, and strengthen your capacity to motivate others The Influence of the Five Natural Elements:  The Influence of the Five Natural Elements Earth This element will have a stabilising effect on nearly every aspect of your sign. It will make you more functional, prudent and practical than indicated. It will also increase your ambition and ability to administer Animals governing months:  Animals governing months January – Ox February – Tiger March – Rabbit April – Dragon May – Snake June - Horse July – Goat August – Monkey September – Rooster October – Dog November – Pig December – Rat Animals governing two-hour periods:  Animals governing two-hour periods Rat – 11pm – 1am Ox – 1am – 3am Tiger – 3am – 5am Rabbit – 5am – 7am Dragon – 7am – 9am Snake – 9am – 11am Horse 11am – 1pm Goat 1pm – 3pm Monkey 3pm – 5pm Rooster 5pm – 7pm Dog 7pm – 9pm Pig 9pm – 11pm Example:  Example A person born at 5 p.m. in October, 1961 Year animal and element of year element – metal ox Animal governing month of birth – Dog Animal governing time of birth – Rooster Comment: This person’s personality and destiny will be mainly governed by the ox, tempered by the element “metal”, but he or she will have some qualities of the dog, and to a lesser degree the rooster Compatibility Triangles:  Compatibility Triangles Circle of Conflict First Triangle of Affinity:  First Triangle of Affinity The Rat, the Dragon and the Monkey – the “doers”, full of dynamic energy and ambition Performance and progress-oriented signs adept at handling matters with initiative and innovation Self-starters Restless and short-tempered when hindered or forced to inaction Second Triangle of Affinity:  Second Triangle of Affinity The Ox, the Snake and the Rooster – the most purposeful and steadfast signs Dutiful and dedicated fighters who strive to achieve and conquer by constancy and determination The most intellectual signs – rely on their own assessments and give little credence to hearsay Ruled by head rather than heart Slow and sure, prefer to act independently Third Triangle of Affinity:  Third Triangle of Affinity The Tiger, the Horse and the Dog – action-oriented signs who seek to serve humanity, promote universal understanding and facilitate communication Good at making personal contacts and developing strong bonds Essentially honest, open and motivated by idealism Act more on impulse than premeditation Listen to inner conscience rather than dictates of convention Extroverted and energetic, defiant in adversity, relentless fighters against injustice Fourth Triangle of Affinity:  Fourth Triangle of Affinity The Rabbit, the Sheep and the Boar – emotionally and artistically guided signs Mainly concerned with their senses and what can be appreciated with them Expressive, intuitive, eloquent and talented in the fine arts, architecture, design and fashion and innovative computer software. Drawn to beauty and higher aspects of love – peaceful coexistence Diplomatic and compassionate – have calmer natures than the other signs Dependent on others for stimulation and leadership Flexible because sympathetically tuned to the vibrations of their environment The First Sign - The Rat (Yang):  The First Sign - The Rat (Yang) Energetic, industrious, versatile; but can be overambitious, restless, persistent and impulsive Has a calm and reserved demeanour because of great self-control over inner emotions Manipulative – in business, thorough, shrewd and meticulous, but can be unscrupulous Opportunistic – prepared to gamble if the opportunity presents itself Opinionated – She’s right, others are wrong Sociable – but prefers to stay with a small group of close friends Watchful – in marriage, loyal, devoted, very considerate – but suspicions easily aroused The Rat:  The Rat Artistic, talented Usually successful Compatible signs – dragon, monkey Most incompatible sign - horse Famous Rats – William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, Wolfgang Mozart, Jules Verne, Al Gore, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Prince Charles, Kim Beazley The Second Sign - The Ox (Yin):  The Second Sign - The Ox (Yin) Steadfast/tenacious, industrious, aspiring, thrifty – will achieve prosperity through perseverance Aggressive – in business, knowledgeable, strong, trustworthy, confidence-inspiring Tends to inflexibility – may be resistant to change Family minded but inclined to be authoritarian The Ox:  The Ox Reliable A good leader Compatible signs – snake, rooster Most incompatible sign –sheep Famous Oxen – Walt Disney, Margaret Thatcher, General Colin Powell, Vincent Van Gogh, Adolf Hitler, Jawaharlal Nehru, Charlie Chaplin, Jane Fonda, Mark Latham The Third Sign – The Tiger (Yang):  The Third Sign – The Tiger (Yang) Outwardly self-assured and courageous, but quite unpredictable Liberal minded but undisciplined and impulsive Altruistic – strong humanitarian instincts Reckless – in business, risk-taking behaviour Irrepressible spirit of adventure – slow to accept failure The Tiger:  The Tiger Unconventional – resists conforming Sociable and vivacious– the female is a particularly gracious hostess, but does not like being tied down Compatible signs – horse, dog Most incompatible sign - monkey Famous Tigers – Agatha Christie, Tom Cruise, Karl Marx, Beethoven, Queen Elizabeth 11, Ho Chi Minh, Marilyn Monroe The Fourth Sign – The Rabbit (Yin):  The Fourth Sign – The Rabbit (Yin) Peace-loving – very tactful and diplomatic, embraces harmony, detests arguments Cultured and refined – perfectionist in dress and action Comfort-loving – inclined to be smugly critical of outsiders Distant and aloof – detached from anything or anyone The Rabbit:  The Rabbit Affectionate – loyal, loving and attentive spouses, always on guard against moral failure Artistic – or appreciates the arts Compatible signs – goat, pig Most incompatible sign –rooster Famous Rabbits – Albert Einstein, Josef Stalin, Queen Victoria, King Bumiphol of Thailand, Prince Edward, Dr Benjamin Spock, John Howard The Fifth Sign - The Dragon (Yang):  The Fifth Sign - The Dragon (Yang) Ambitious – likes to organise everything and everyone around them, and sometimes takes on daring projects. Not details person – so some of the ‘daring projects’ may come unstuck Resilient – Determination to be successful means they always fight back after adversities Progressive – energetic, enthusiastic, assertive Dominant – can be quite demanding and set very high standards The Dragon :  The Dragon Loves to compete – at their best with some challenge Artistic, inventive and original in thought Compatible signs – monkey, rat Most incompatible sign – dog Famous Dragons – John Lennon, Placido Domingo , St Joan of Arc, Mae West, Frank Sinatra, Yehudi Menuhin, Deng Xiaoping, “Che” Guevara The Sixth Sign – The Snake (Yin):  The Sixth Sign – The Snake (Yin) Cool-headed – self-composed and profoundly deep thinker Dangerous when crossed or scorned Proud and determined Talented in many directions, almost always successful Courageous when necessary The Snake:  The Snake Politically savvy – excels in business intrigue Loves the finer pleasures of life, particularly good food and wine Langorous – hates manual labour and constantly wrestles with streak of laziness Compatible signs - ox, rooster Most incompatible sign – boar Famous Snakes – Abraham Lincoln, Picasso,John F Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Indira Gandhi, Schubert, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Oprah Winfrey, Mao Tse-Tung, J. Paul Getty, Benazir Bhutto, Brahms, Princess Grace of Monaco, Howard Hughes, Bob Hawke The Seventh Sign – The Horse (Yang):  The Seventh Sign – The Horse (Yang) Exuberant – energetic, impulsive, and physically active Competent – talented, and capable of “thinking outside the square”, but easily distracted. When distracted, may leave projects unfinished Persuasive – glib of tongue, can talk their way in or out of anything Mercurial – tends to carelessness The Horse:  The Horse Pleasure-loving and -seeking – friendly, carefree, optimistic Sensuous rather than sentimental, avoids becoming too emotionally involved Compatible signs – dog, tiger Most incompatible sign - rat Famous horses – Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney, Neil Armstrong, Lenin, Rembrandt, Thomas Edison, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Billy Graham, Franklin D Roosevelt, Nikita Krushchev The Eighth Sign – The Goat/Sheep (Yin):  The Eighth Sign – The Goat/Sheep (Yin) Quiet, sensible, unemotional – common sense always prevails Tends to pessimism and insecurity Unmaterialistic – can have all-consuming passion for particular pursuits, but generally prefers to inherit or marry money Culturally attuned and creative – loves the arts and cultural things, often artistically gifted Lucky in gambling The Goat/Sheep:  The Goat/Sheep Ambitious and determined Patient Compatible signs – rabbit, pig Most incompatible sign - ox Famous goats – Laurence Olivier, Desmond Tutu, Mikhail Gorbachev, Muhammed Ali,John Denver,James Michener, Cervantes, Rudolph Valentino, Andy Warhol,Paul Keating* The Ninth Sign – The Monkey (Yang):  The Ninth Sign – The Monkey (Yang) Intelligent, witty, flexible and active Devious and opportunistic Extremely ambitious – no matter what their goal, will always endeavour to get to the top by the shortest, most accessible ladder, with the fewest rungs Retentive – good memory, but often lacks persistence and concentration, so best suited to short term projects The Monkey:  The Monkey Mercenary Shrewd tactician Compatible signs – dragon, rat Most incompatible sign - tiger Famous monkeys – Leonardo da Vinci, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Charles Dickens, Paul Gauguin, Lyndon B Johnson,John Milton,Harry Truman, Nelson Rockefeller The Tenth Sign – The Rooster (Yin):  The Tenth Sign – The Rooster (Yin) Candid – critical, frank, often embarrassingly outspoken Complex and analytical thinker - but has ability to make simple situations seem complicated Intelligent, persistently inquisitive Vain and ostentatious – high aspirations in business, but too flamboyant to ensure success and too proud to admit failure The Rooster:  The Rooster Talkative and outgoing Fussy and fastidious Compatible signs – ox, snake Most incompatible sign - rabbit Famous roosters – Elton John, John Glenn, Peter Drucker, Peter Costello, Katherine Hepburn, Peter Ustinov, Baron Guy de Rothschild, Michael Schumacher The Eleventh Sign – The Dog (Yang):  The Eleventh Sign – The Dog (Yang) Reliable and very honest – handles others’ money carefully, but can be extravagant with their own Selfless and altruistic in desire to help others – a loyal and devoted friend in times of need Courageous and forthright Anxious – often nervous worriers, often pessimistic and unnecessarily concerned with matters of little importance The Dog:  The Dog Tends to cynicism and being over-critical of others Idealistic, a worthy leader Compatible signs – horse, tiger Most incompatible sign - dragon Famous dogs – Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa, Voltaire, Sir Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Ralph Nader, Donald Trump, Cher, Pierre Cardin, Golda Meir The Twelfth Sign – The Boar/Pig (Yin):  The Twelfth Sign – The Boar/Pig (Yin) Beautiful nature – kind, friendly, impartial and honest May appear too obliging and harmonious to be competitive but their inner strength should not be underestimated Can be shrewd and materialistic – especially adept at handling finance, particularly other people’s The Boar/Pig:  The Boar/Pig Home loving, self- indulgent Charitable – community and welfare minded, but can lead to over-commitment Pliable – trusting to the point of being gullible Lucky with money and in friendship Compatible signs – goat, rabbit Most incompatible sign - snake Famous Boars – The Dalai Lama, Steven Spielberg, Ronald Reagan, Lee Kuan Yew, Hilary Clinton, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock

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