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Published on March 11, 2014

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Hardy Boys: Martial Law By Franklin W. Dixon

The Beginning: Frank and Joe are trying to catch up to a speedboat. They work for ATAC, or American Teens Against Crime. They were chasing E.J. Kingdon. They were doing this because E.J. stole explosives from a college, pretending to be a friendly janitor. While Frank was keeping E.J. busy, Joe jumped onto the boat. It was a very dangerous risk. But Joe made it! When Joe got on, Joe caught E.J.’s attention, so he pointed his gun at him. Joe took out his knife and stabbed the motor. All the oil spilled out! Then Joe jumped onto Frank’s Jet Ski and they went home. As they were going, they saw a police boat running to catch E.J. They slapped hands in victory!

The Mission: Frank and Joe got home just before their Mom went on a conference. After they talked with their Mom, their Dad told them that there was a package waiting for them in the living room. When they got into the living room, Aunt Trudy was already opening up the box. She opened it up and took out it’s contents: karate uniforms and a martial arts video game.When there aunt asked them what it was, their Dad had to step in say that he had bought these items.So the boys went to there room. In the room they found $50 in the box. The video game was actually a disc that contained information for their mission. So they watched the video and this is what the video told them: A karate school named the Rising Phoenix has opened 1 year ago.A child who went there got mugged. And another one collapsed on the floor. Your mission is to find out why this has happened. The school is located in Holtsville, Michigan, just south of Bayport.This message,as always, will be erased in 5 seconds. 5...4...3...2...1...0...

The Rising Phoenix:Part 1Frank and Joe decided to take classes at the Rising Phoenix so they could meet Paul Huang,the sensei and head of the Rising Phoenix.The martial arts school was located at Holtsville,Michigan, just south of Bayport, which is where they lived. When they reached the school, a kid named Billy Lee greeted them. He told them a little about the school and that Sensei Huang was giving him chinese herbs, which were making him stronger by the day. Then they signed up for karate classes. At practice, Frank and Joe noticed that Finn Campbell, the person who helps run the place with Sensei Huang, was bullying Billy Lee. After their argument, Billy Lee gave him $20, at which Finn stared in disgust. Then he snatched it out of his hands. This continued over the next few days. At the next practice, Frank and Joe noticed found out that their best friend, Chet Morton, was the sensei’s favorite student! Then, while the sensei left the room, they sparred each other with the new move they had just learned:the shiko tsuki. Frank sparred with the student-teacher, Marty, while Joe sparred with Chet.

The Rising Phoenix:Part 2 At the next practice, Chet had come just two minutes before practice. His backpack was all bulked up! Instead of getting ready for practice, Chet went straight to Huang’s office. He handed Huang a brown package. This is weird, Frank thought. After practice, they decided to see what Chet was giving the sensei. So while Joe distracted the sensei, Frank snuck into his office and found the package. Inside it were unmarked pills in unmarked bottles. Just after Frank was done investigating, Finn started walking toward the door. Frank had no exit but the window, so Frank opened the window, ran to a bush about 15 feet away from the school, and hid. The next day, Frank and Joe went to Billy’s house to see if he could give them any information. When they got there, Frank asked what form the chinese herbs were in. Billy showed them that they came in pill form. When Frank asked if he could take one, Billy said no and that he thinks that the sensei wouldn’t like it.

The Rising Phoenix:Part 3At the next practice, everything went normal. But, while they were riding home, they saw 2 people in ski masks who were mugging a person. Frank scared them off on his motorbike, while Joe did CRT on the guy who was mugged. “It’s not working!”,Joe called to Frank. While Frank tried CRT, Joe called the ambulance.They looked through his papers and found out that he was a PI for InSight Investments. “Must’ve crushed his windpipe”, the nurse said when he came. “Can we ask you a few questions?”, a police officer asked them. “Sure”, they answered. And so they went to the police station for the interview.

You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next! Any Questions?

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