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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: robertrichley



Follow along as I provide you with 10 steps to constructing a winning hardgainer diet.

Hardgainer Diet [10 Secrets About How to Gain Lean muscle] By Rob Richley The Hardgainer’s Roadmap to Muscle

Step #1 – Have The Right Attitude • Avoid people who try and sell you shortcuts • There are no quick ways to gain lean muscle • Dedication and hard work in the only way to success • Keeping consistent with your nutrition and keeping track of what you eat is the only way to achieve success • Believe in yourself – A good plan WORKS

Step #2 – Avoid Common Mistakes • Eating WAY too many calories to “speed things up” i.e. weight gainers • NOT eating before bed • NOT taking the time to work out exactly what you need • NOT pre-planning food • Using only the scale as a measure of success • NOT being consistent

Step #3 – Determine BMR • Find out your BMR • Formulas can be handy but can only be used as a starting point • Weigh out foods over a test period, use or • Take an average of calories • Once you have got BMR start to add calories gradually in increments

Step #4 – Aim for 6 Meals Per Day • Write out a schedule that you can stick to i.e. eating every 2- 2.5 hours through the day • Protein – 1.5g – 2g per pound of BW per day • Carbs – 1.5g per pound of BW per day • Fats – 25-30% of total calories • Aim for 6 meals with P/C/F in each meal • Get the majority of carbohydrates early on

Step #5 – Use Calorie Dense Foods • Protein – whole eggs, salmon, lean beef, chicken, turkey, blender drinks • Carbohydrates – Oats, sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, dried fruit • Fats – Avocados, peanut butter, Nuts, Olive Oil • Cycle food choices

Step #6 – Pre and Post Workout Nutrition • Pre-Fast acting carbs and protein • Post-Fast acting carbs and protein • Follow up with p+c+f meal 2 hours later • Last meal fewer carbohydrates

Step #7 – Stay Anabolic • Ensure you get post workout nutrition within 30 to 40 minutes after workout • Have a slow digesting protein and slow carb meal before bed to avoid catabolism • Casein protein, oats, cottage cheese etc.

Step #8 – Pre-Prepare Foods • Plan the night before and store overnight in Tupper-ware containers • Have at least a dozen alternatives prepared

Step #9 – Log Progress • Record calories every day • Keep tabs on body fat NOT just scale weight • Concentrate on getting each day right

Step # 10 - Hang around with the right people • Hang around with people who are dedicated to achieving their goals • Avoid people who don’t care about their goals and just want to go out drinking etc. • Remember – Who you hang around with, will affect your results, long term.

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