Hardcore SEO - Growing Your Traffic via Content and Promotion

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Information about Hardcore SEO - Growing Your Traffic via Content and Promotion

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: katemorris

Source: slideshare.net


Presentation for SearchFest 2014 in Portland, presented by SEMPDX. This presentation is focused on how to grow your traffic and get the right links to grow your business. It includes information on personas, goals, head terms, long tail, content ideas, and focusing on promotion.

Hardcore SEO Getting to the Next Level brought to you by… @katemorris

Take a deep breath. The basics of SEO are done. @katemorris

Kate Morris Principal Consultant kate.morris@distilled.net @katemorris @katemorris

The Next Level of SEO is Marketing @katemorris

Big Impact Maximum Efficiency @katemorris

Start with Planning @katemorris

Define Your Audience @katemorris

The Independent They are their own boss and help small businesses make it in the big bad world. They create business cards, logos, and pens for realtors. Their home is their office, their pets or children are their co-workers. Inspiration is almost easy but resources are not. Time is seemingly available but in short supply due to the nature of running their business. @katemorris

Get to know them all, but focus on one at a time. @katemorris

Use demographics data to prioritize your personas. @katemorris

Define Your Goals @katemorris

Company | Marketing | Website $1 million in revenue by 2015 Be the best place for the best people to work Sell the technology/idea in 3 years @katemorris

Company | Marketing | Website Sell 100,000 units in the first year. Get coverage in 5 publications. Get 10,000 likes on Facebook. @katemorris

Company | Marketing | Website Increase visits by 50% over last year. Decrease overall site bounce rate by 10%. Increase the conversion rate by 5% site wide. @katemorris

Do The Things That Impact Your Goals First @katemorris

Example: To help grow the number of users for this client, conversion testing is critical. Optimizing your pages for conversion is more important than technical optimization. @katemorris

Hardcore SEO is about traffic growth. @katemorris

Traffic #1 Long Tail Traffic This comes from relevant, high-quality content development. @katemorris

Get your content ideas from: @katemorris

Customer Service @katemorris

Social People Will Tell You What They Want @katemorris

Other User Communication @katemorris

Employees They are like family. They will tell you the truth for better or for worse. @katemorris

Traffic #2 Head Term Traffic Page Relevance and Site Popularity @katemorris

Past: All About the Page @katemorris

Today: Building the Brand @katemorris

Increasing Brand Increases Site Popularity @katemorris

They Don’t Do Link Building 188% Increase! @katemorris

They Do. 16% Increase @katemorris

Quick Comparison 188% vs 16% Increase @katemorris

Traditional Marketing is NOT Dead. @katemorris

The Next Level of SEO is Marketing @katemorris

Links come from stories, this is PR territory. @katemorris

Don’t Stress Anchor Text @katemorris

Develop a Relevant, Data-Driven Page per Story https://blog.lookout.com/blog/2013/12/10/celebrating-tech-heroes/ @katemorris http://www.redfin.com/research/reports/real-time-market-sentiment/2014/just-65-percent-of-redfin-agents-say-now-is-a-good-time-to-sell-down-from-72-percent-in-the-third-quarter.html#.Usc85PRDs1Z


1. Define Your Audience 2. Define Your Goals 3. Develop Content Based on Customer and Internal Feedback 4. Develop Your Brand 5. Invest in PR and Content to Support Stories @katemorris

Thank You Contact me with any questions! @katemorris

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