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Published on December 28, 2007

Author: Hannah



Economic confrontations and strategies of power:  Economic confrontations and strategies of power by Christian Harbulot Director of the École de Guerre Économique, the School of Economic Warfare in Paris Associated Director within the cabinetC4ifr Bibliographical references:  Bibliographical references Collective publication under the direction of Christian Harbulot and Didier Lucas, Does France have a strategy of economic power? avril 2004. Robert Kagan, The Power and the weakness, the United States and Europe in the new world order, Plon, 2003. Collective publication under the direction of Christian Harbulot and Didier Lucas, the cognitive war, éditions Lavauzelle, 2002. Going beyond of the thought of Clausewitz:  Going beyond of the thought of Clausewitz "If the military war imposed itself as the continuation of the policy by other means, the economic and cognitive wars prove to be the perpetuation of the war - and thus of the policy - by other means that physical violence." Eric Delbecque Ways of the power Strategy cycles :  Strategy cycles A long cycle which can be illustrated by the victory of the young American Republic over Europe. In two centuries, the United States have overtaken world supremacy from the European colonial empires. An average cycle which can be described by the way in which the United States take into account since the year 1990 the rise to power of China on the international scene. A short cycle symbolized by the conflicts of low or average intensity as it was the case with the last war in Iraq. The beginning of another History:  The beginning of another History Change of course of 1989 and not of 2001 Cohabitation of the two worlds: - the United States vis-a-vis the rest of the world - Multipolar powers (China, Russia, India) The risk of strategic inertia - 50 years in the wake of the american economy - The refusal to change paradigm The 5 fields of power:  The 5 fields of power Military Diplomatic Cultural Geoeconomics Informational Economic power and informational cultures:  Economic power and informational cultures Subsistence economies Protection of the asset Vital spaces economies Commercial conquest ”Imperial" economies Informational supremacy Market economies Turn around the rules Ressources economies Economic War ”Parallel” Economies Illegal economy Block economies Economic security Electronic trade Total information control Slide8:  The three chess-boards The geoeconomic chess board The chess board of the competitors The chess board of the civil society The analyse grids:  The analyse grids Which strategies of power? :  Which strategies of power? The old reference marks on the concept of power : the « pré carrés » (IVè Republic) National independance (De Gaulle) Concept of critical size (Pompidou,Balladur) The new reference marks The concept of key-sector The problem of increasing power The concept of grand strategy American priorities in the geoeconomic field:  American priorities in the geoeconomic field The defense of the economic interests of the United States is the priority n°1 of the American foreign politics (Bill Clinton, 1994) Allies can be potential, specific or durable adversaries economic The seek for strategic supremacy implies the development of overall influence policies The American liberal state is directing more than the French colbertist state in the conquest of the external markets The essential questions:  The essential questions How to increase the economic power of a country in times of peace? Which strategies can be applied? How to leave the framework independance / dependancy? Est-il possible de promouvoir une politique d’équilibre des échanges tout en conquérant des parts de marché ? Is it possible to promote a policy of equal exchange and still conqueror market shares? Which orchestration is it necessary to create a public/privat complicity? How to deploy durable influence strategies in foreign countries? Companies and the interest of power:  Companies and the interest of power The false debate: The national economic interests are diluted in the globalization A report of the American Congress precises: "the multinational firms should be regarded as American if and when they act in the national interest, and as American companies they should be the target of detailed attention" A defensive vision of the national interest:  A defensive vision of the national interest Resulting from the context of the cold war (omerta on dividing points of the Western block) Safeguarding of the pre square (raw materials, agriculture, industries of defense, energy, transport, aeronautics, space sector?) Schedule of 1959 on economic Defense Concept of protection of the inheritance, unbearable dependencies and competitiveness of the companies Errors of grid interpretation:  Errors of grid interpretation The failure of the French strategy for the computer industry: - the strategy of independence vis-a-vis the strategy of conquest of the world market - the impossibility to counter the cultural surrounding The non-perception of the stake of power concerning the smart card the responsibility of the theory of the « heart of a profession » the drifts of French liberalism The late taking into account of the importance of the investment funds unhooking in the locking of the financial instruments the surprise by the Carayon Rapport For a new approach of the economic power:  For a new approach of the economic power End of fatalism Restrictive concept of competitiveness of the companies New territories of search for power in information technologies, biotechnology's, knowledge industry, health industry, security industry New dimension of the policy and the civil society in the decision-making process at the sides of the companies Cleavages between politics and economy:  Cleavages between politics and economy L’affaire SANOFI / Aventis : the autism of the employers about the “interest of power” the slow awakening of the finance inspection retrograde ideas of the MEDEF Not taking into consideration the strategic allied grids: purchase of Kroll by a big American insurance group No French response Research orientation of the Larege Towards a competitive matrix of power:  Research orientation of the Larege Towards a competitive matrix of power Phase of : Decline Preservation Development In a Context: Global Regional Local Ration of : Strong against weak Weak against strong

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