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Published on November 23, 2007

Author: devendra.000

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M.P.U.Hr.Sec.SCHOOL:  HARAPPAN CIVILIZATionS TEACHER : R.SELVA Kumar Student : V.DANIVEL D.RAJESH D.NARESH KUMAR J.ARUN KUMAR V.VIJAYA KUMAR M.P.U.Hr.Sec.SCHOOL INTRODUCTION:  INTRODUCTION Archaeological excavahons at harappa and mohenjodaro at the beginning of the 20th century indicated that atleast five thousand years ago,the people of indus valley had a mature form of civilization harappa is situated an the banks of river Ravi in the montgomery district of west punjab TOWN PLANING:  TOWN PLANING Mohenjodaro seems to have been a well planed city. Mohenjodaro means mound of the deat the streets were wide and straight. They lived in well built bricks houses provided with bathrooms , wells andcerspits. There were no windows at all. They had a proper drainage system. A remarkable find at mohenjo-daro is the great bath. It is an open quadrangle with a large swimming pool in the centre. It is surrounded by galleries and rooms an all sides. The length breathoth and depth of the swimming pool is 39th feet 23th feet and 8 feet. provision was made for filling and removing water from the great bathThe THE GREAT BATH SOCIAL LIFE!:  SOCIAL LIFE! FOOD: The people ate wheat,barley,fish and meat. They used milk products too DRESS: cotton and woolen garments were worn by them. The women used short skirt and the man wrapped long pieces of cloth around themselves. ORNAMENTS: Ornaments were popular both among man and women.women used anklets,nose studs,ear studs, necklace, rings etc. they were made of gold silver and ivory. AMUESMENTS: They enjoyed dancing and music. The game of dice was also known to them. Toys such as small carts,birds etc.were made of clay.hunting,flashing and bull fight were other amusements. Slide5:  TRADE; Trade contact was esatablished with sumeria,Iran and Afghanistan,lothal was an important harbour in those days.bullock-carts were used for internal trade.various obejects of indus valley have been recovered in sumeria. These findings reveal that there was direct link between indus valley civilization and sumerian civilization. EDUCATION: The harappan people were able to read and write. They used hearly fourhundred district signs on the seals but the seript has not yet been deciphered. ART; one horned ox,buffalo, tiger, sheep and elephant made of clay shows the artistic skill of the Harappans. More then 500seals made of Terra – cotta have been discovered at various places. The harappan pottery was made on the wheel It was painted in red and black. RELIGIENS; from a study of the seals,if appears that the religions of the people was the worship of three,phallic stones (linga) and of the mother goddess side by side with that of the male god seemingly..identifiable with siva.At harappa,a black stone resembling sivalinga has been found this has been named as parupathi and they worshipped hom.

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