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Published on February 21, 2014

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We create Inventive innovative scientific creative kids.http://www.happylearningcenter.in

HAPPY LEARNING CENTER Approach Note June 2013 Francorp India Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

1 About Francorp- Franchise India Service lines offered Relationship with Franchise India Marketing Ecosystem 2

Francorp - a Global Franchise consulting group Ever since its inception in 1976, Francorp has been the unsurpassed leader of the Franchise Consulting Industry globally. It has been providing end-to-end franchise solutions to over 2,000 enterprises worldwide. Based out of Chicago, Francorp has assisted companies in virtually every market segment with its patented processes and unmatched expertise. With 16 offices outside the U.S. Francorp services more than 45 countries globally. The practice is supported by an integrated, cross-functional, international team of experienced professionals who specialize in providing value-added multidisciplinary services to companies that own, develop or operate through franchising. We count among our clients, 90% of the organized companies/ fresh businesses aiming to make it big in the franchising industry in India. and serve more companies in the entire spectrum industry than any other professional service firm. The Francorp team of professionals brings innovative solutions that incorporate industry best practices and cutting edge strategies to address the particular risks, challenges and needs of opportunity, value added and franchise offerings of the industry. 3

Strategy I Legal I Operations I Marketing I Sales I Training Focused sector practices | Coordinated service lines | Specialty groups Sector and specialty approach Apparel| Aviation training school | Pre school| Pharmaceuticals retail| Retail & Consumer products | Business school| Online MBA programs | Hospitality | Media & entertainment | Real estate & training | Telecommunications | Facility management| Soft skills training | Beauty & wellness | Jewelry | Home décor & furnishings | Consumer services | Food & Beverages| Home based businesses | MLM businesses | Francorp India Accolades Consulted over 150 clients in India until now with knowledge base of more than 2000 clients world wide Francorp India‟s service lines Advisory Strategic planning Franchise feasibility Review & recommendation approach Franchise development model Legal Franchisor legal agreement Franchisee legal agreement (Master/ Area/ Unit) Marketing Development of Marketing communication for franchise sales Operations Operating procedures Sales & Training manuals. Delhi Gurgaon Ahmeda bad Kol kat a Mumbai Pune Hyderabad Bangalo re Chennai 4

Francorp India in relationship with Franchise India Francorp & Franchise India Holdings Limited FIHL with its core and in-depth industry expertise in Indian market for over a decade brought Francorp to India in Nov. 2008 With aim to provide a strategic objective of combining FIHL‟s core competences and experience with Francorp‟s vast knowledge and systems Thus, the international benchmark of providing franchising management solutions internationally to franchisors In India both FIHL and Francorp have combined their capacities and leverage on local interface and international expertise which we bring to the aspiring franchisor of India. Franchise India International Franchise India. com Franchise India Property Franchise India Publication Franchise India brands ltd Franchise India Exhibitions Franchise India Holding Limited 5 Francorp

Marketing Ecosystem for Franchise acquisition About 12 exhibitions & 40+ road shows across the country every year. Trade shows Multiple SMS sent to the entire database. Leading Business Magazines & In house franchise magazines 1. Ads in out house magazines such as Business Today/ India today. 2) The Franchise World is 2nd highest selling business distributed through India today group. Print ads in Leading News papers SMS Blast Email Blast Business opportunity adv. Thorough Economic times &Times of India or any other leading local news paper Website Generates about 5000 hits very day. Emails sent to 125000 prospective investors. In addition, Discovery day/ FranMatch would be organized to have a one to one meeting with the investor and the final deal sign-up 6

2 Landscape of Franchising in India Current Models of Franchising Reasons for companies to franchise 7

Franchising as a tool to growth Franchising • Independent business owners to be part of a network • Structured approach for executing the business. While the business owner can focus on mapping out the larger activities. The franchisee can control the last leg service. • Many use it as a tool for capital investment. Big brands such as Mahindra will prefer franchising for the local operational expertise it brings in the format. Structure • Companies can look for giving larger territories. However, master/ area franchising is most prevalent in International brands. • Unit and multi unit franchisee options are the most sought after franchise opportunity for the domestic expansion plans. Competitive Advantage of Franchising • Independent business owner/operators • A greater level of commitment and accountability than employees. • Simplest way to raising funds (w/o parting ways with equity) 8

Franchising in India Market Size & Growth The rapidly growing franchise industry in India, although at a very nascent stage, is said to be the second largest in the world. With the current growth pegged at nearly 30-40%, the industry is poised for an even more rapid growth in the forthcoming years. With an annual turnover of nearly US$3.3 billion, it consists of nearly 1000 franchisors (only 10% being foreign owned) and about a million franchisees. Key reasons for growth Franchising has been steadily gaining popularity because of the huge untapped potential in the Indian context, emergence of tier I and II cities as the next big retail destination, the relatively lower level of capital required to start the business, lower risk and availability of established brand names, marketing network and sales channels Relaxation of foreign investment rules, liberalized WTO guidelines and greater incentives from the government have further spurted the growth Also, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy for organized retail does not permit the direct entry of foreign retailers. The latter, therefore, have to resort to franchised business models to enter the Indian market. 9

Reasons for companies to get into franchising… Companies resort to franchising with different objectives.. However, the same can be broadly differentiated by the following: Risk mitigation Raise Capital Reasons: Why companies Franchise? Management focus on core competencies Operational excellence Deeper Penetration 10

Happy Learning Center until now has followed a company owned approach however for deeper penetration Franchising would be appropriate.. Company Owned Centers Franchisee Centers 1. Franchise to invest - transfer the risk of investment to a third party 1. Company owned formats are great for learning and setting up benchmarks 2. Exponential growth with multiple outlets 2. One can handpick the staff, be very selective on recruitment ; Incompetency can be replaced 3. Company can Invest time on strategy development 4. With vested interest, the franchise will be self motivated; therefore brings in 10 -15% efficiency in the overall store performance 3. 100% compliance on operations manual 4. Definitely, larger margins due to no middle men in between 5. Lesser operational challenges due to local knowledge 1. Own Investment - higher cost of capital 2. Linear Growth; limited roll out possible 1. One cannot replace incompetent franchise; has to continue through the term of contract 3. Both the backend and front end lies on the company; large man power requirement 3. Franchisor - Franchise relationship critical 4. The onus of entire supply chain lies on the company 4. Performance of one outlet can hamper image of the entire chain 5. High Operational challenges for running a local driven business Franchise business model combines limited risk with Profit potential, rapid growth with long term stability Recommendation: Happy Learning Center should now focus on penetrating deeper through franchise model to develop Maharashtra cluster network as discussed. 11

Understanding about HAPPY LEARNING CENTER Francorp View “ Happy Learning Center” has already initiated the business; Companies venture into newer markets through a mix of Done it, performed it in a streamlined manner. company owned and franchisee units. Happy Learning Center However, in order to capitalize the opportunity, the has the bandwidth to exponentially penetrate the markets through franchising only. company should consider sustainable growth phase through franchising” The company has aggressive growth plans to venture into Pan India. Saturation Happy Learning Center Deeper strategy for the next Penetration 1 -5 yrs • Numerous Operational challenges wherein the franchisee can be the best person to operate the same • It is estimated that the franchisee generally brings in the 10- 15 per cent better efficiencies in the system • Quality man power at cheaper cost, low cost of training and 100% attention to the Happy Learning Center will bring its own set of advantages. • Company can focus on broader objectives and be “ON Business roles” rather than “IN the business roles” Growth Roll Out Thus, we feel Franchising would be the best way to address the currently faced issues 12

What would franchising address for Happy Learning Center? 1 Opportunity to raise external capital Franchising is the modern way to raise capital. The cost of franchising is often a smaller investment than the cost of establishing even one new outlet. After paying the cost of the franchise program, the remaining costs of expansion (as well as most of the risk) are assumed by franchisees. And since franchisees usually pay the franchisor an up-front fee and royalties, the right strategy for selling your franchise idea can become an immediate high-impact low-risk revenue source. Happy Learning Center should focus on expansion by building its’ own franchise network rather than asking internal capital or external capital thorough ways of equity funds. 13

What would franchising address for Happy Learning Center 2 Deeper & faster penetration PAN India( North/Central /West and East) Happy Learning Center needs to secure its expansion by scouting for opportunities to Further roll out in newer territories and expand its reach into other tier I, and II cities apart from metros. Franchising is opted to target a larger audience. It is the best mode to increase the brand equity, brand presence and brand acceptability. Moreover, it requires lower investments to reach out to a much larger target consumer base. Franchising is the only way to penetrate the new markets by partnering with local people who have good local knowledge and are willing to become partners by sharing the same vision and therefore works hard to achieve his financial profitability 3 Best way to combat operational challenges Franchise to invest - transfer the risk of investment to a third party Exponential growth with multiple outlets; Franchisor to Invest time on strategy development With vested interest, the franchise will be self motivated 14

Franchising further, can be broadly classified into.. Product based franchising Service based franchising Ideally, the revenues are earned by way of margins on the product The technical know how is kept by the company Typically, less franchisee fees are charged by the company Higher franchisee fees are being charged. No Royalties are charged Along with monthly royalty payments Stock correction/ Debt/ EOSS offers/ Discounts are the key challenges Technical training, Last leg Service to the customer, Use of equipments are critical concerns Corporate franchisors would typically charge the Supply chain fees, Training fees etc Francorp in the second stage of business model development would develop the same for Happy Learning Center 15

3 Approach to Happy Learning Center business model 16

Apart from deeper penetration, a strong franchise business model can assure successful franchisees.. Critical parameters Detailed aspects which seek concern Standardization of  Business model to be followed business model  Develop the complete business model  Lead generation process Franchisee Profile & Sales funnel  behavioral aspect  Franchise due diligence  Franchisee Efforts & Behavior towards the company  Type of person given the franchisee  Selection & recrutiment criteria  Site selection support Defined process &  Franchise Evaluation process  Committee structure procedures  Operational SOP s for Franchisee  franchise development team  Reporting structure  Payment of product Timely invoice raising dues/ Royalties Local marketing How francorp can assist Happy Learning Center  Timely payment of the monthly royalties  Local marketing  Brand marketing on a regional/ city level  Marketing Collaterals Design support  Marketing action plan Planning  Marketing action plan Execution 17  The same is covered in the Marketing action plan, recruitment documentations and manuals  Shall be recommend both at the strategy level as well as operations manual stage  Detail guidelines & compliance format in the Operations Manual  Outward marketing is Franchisor responsibility; In store marketing is Franchisee's. Exact terms & conditions shall be identified and recommended

Contd.. Critical parameters Detailed aspects which seek concern Supply chain Training of franchisee Branding CRM  Product & Service identification  SKU number and mix at the franchisee store  Product supply chain management  Cost price & Sales price  Pre opening support & training  Launch planning  Media interaction  Press releases  Technical training  Business management training  Training to the franchise manpower  Man hour training at the company owned store  Availability of the designated resource not available  Refresher training  Architecture & design support  Signage display  Branding  Staff uniforms & badges  CRM practices  Roles & Responsibilities needs to be critically defined 18 How francorp can assist Happy Learning Center”  Standards & team structure required along with KRAs shall be defined by Francorp: However need to implemented by the company only  Standard operating procedures for franchisee management as well as franchise training manuals shall be created by francorp  Best practices shall be recommended  Sections on CRM best practices shall be included in the Operations manual only

Contd.. Critical parameters Detailed aspects which seek concern Audit process & Guidelines  Franchise audit  Branding audit  Marketing audit  Operations audit  Reporting audit  Post Audit Feedback  Timelines to be defined for Implementation 19 How francorp can assist Happy Learning Center”?  All Audit samples/ guidelines shall be designed by Francorp. Later in the implementation stage, Francorp would oversea the implementation process if agreed upon

Key Operating models in franchising in Indian markets Own Investment - higher cost of capital ; Linear Growth In both the models, company does invest with the franchisee but NOT necessarily in the monetary aspect High time administration operation Exponential growth possible by minimal amount of investment from the company’s perspective but a significant interest from the franchisee ends. spent on of daily Training and Man management of such stores a big challenge COCO kiosks/stores proves the scalability of the business model COMPANY OWNED & COMPANY OPERATED (COCO) The company might look at investing with the franchisee in some or the other way. It can be by way of capex/ or some support in the financial profitability of the franchisee business. Good strategy for the company who wants to have the market share as well as the complete control over all the stores. Full format franchising Franchise to invest; With vested interest, the franchise will be self motivated and will do everything possible to make the store successful Exponential growth with multiple outlets possible at no time Company should Invest time on strategy development FRANCHISE OWNED & FRANCHISE OPERATED FRANCHISE OWNED & COMPANY OWNED & (FOFO) COMPANY OPERATED (FOCO) FRANCHISEE OPERATED (COFO) Various types of franchising models operating in the markets Happy Learning Center is currently operating as a pure company owned and company operated business model Basis the company’s vision and the industry benchmark, Francorp would advise the best suitable model or the multi model strategy for expansion. This would be selective of the competition as well as the city/ neighborhood profile to accept such formats. Also, it would be devised considering the financial profitability of the franchisee. 20

4 How Francorp can assist Happy Learning Center? Broader deliverables of the project 21

Our Approach for “Happy Learning Center” We have designed our approach, in line with the terms of reference. Further, our approach is based on our expertise in executing similar assignments. Francorp proposes to undertake the assignment as per the following steps: Project Initialization STEP I Inception Meeting Analysis of the current offerings/ Formats viz. competition STEP II Market Opportunity Assessment STEP III Project Development Plan STEP IV STEP V STEP VI Financial Feasibility Assessment Structuring of the Business & Financial Plans Marketing Collaterals development STEP VII Operational manual STEP VIII Legal documentation STEP IX Franchise Marketing & Recruitment 22

Project Initialization- Inception Meeting Francorp would carry out meeting with the key personnel of the Happy Learning Center in order to validate their objectives and understand their expectations. The meeting would assist in setting up a common platform for the proposed assignment for both the teams i.e. Happy Learning Center and Francorp. The meeting (s) would aim to achieve the following: Happy Learning Center Discussion Garner details of the proposed format. Evaluate the current situation Understand the specific goals and objectives for the proposed project Obtain information on the expected growth viz. current capabilities of the management/ product portfolio etc Obtain information on the envisaged investment details for the franchisee Set a common platform of understanding and expectations for the proposed exercise 23 Francorp

Our Methodology: Advisory Market Opportunity Assessment Francorp would study the respective market/ category to understand the industry dynamics and the feasibility of the proposed assignment. The analysis would be based on: Market data and the information from major intermediaries related in the this entire segment Information through sample study/ market research/ and real time basis focus group programs Information / data from databases already subscribed by Francorp Secondary research on information available in public domain Other desk studies MARKET OPPORTUNITY ASSSESSMENT Market Overview • Market size and growth rate • Market segmentation • Market dynamics and trends • Key growth drivers for the sector • Structure across value chain • Average revenues expected • Profile & revenue structure • Location and Target market preference of such formats • Value added segments/ revenue optimizers Competitors Analysis • Franchise offerings of the competition • Identify the support structure (if any) • Comment on the business practices (franchise marketing budget payments, insurances, vendor arrangement,, application of COCO, FOFO, COFO, FOCO models, Minimum guarantee, manpower requirements and franchise retention policies etc) • Location and Target market preference of the competition • Unique Selling Proposition • Identify the benefits/incentives offered to potential investors (if any) • Average franchise fees, set up cost etc 24

Our Methodology : Advisory Critical Recommendation on the business format Francorp would define the potential target market as per the concept of proposed project. Accordingly, a detailed assessment would be done for the project. SWOT analysis of the company’s offering vs. the Competition offerings Assessment of critical factors size, HR, student, facility, OPEX optimization Locking period, royalty, franchisee fees, type of business model, Ins. policies Support structure (both monetary and non monetary) to be offered to the franchisee Franchise profile (type of investors to partner with) Target Market Roll out parameters and five year roll out Franchisor and franchisee obligations rule sheet Location selection criteria Analysis of Factors affecting demand and supply dynamics Average ticket prices per category Average per sq ft / Efficiency per sq ft Format revenue and cost optimization and break even analysis 25

Our Methodology : Advisory Financial projection & model Based on demand - supply analysis, Francorp along with the group would create the detailed financials for both the franchisor and the franchisee. This would indicate both the parties X year financial plans. Break-even analysis & Proposed capital structure Capital budget and additional capex in projection period (X year) Area of the format Financial modeling Operational cost of both Franchisor & franchisee Type of business model Franchise Set up cost with industry benchmarks 26

Our Methodology : Advisory Project Development Plan Francorp would assist the client in preparing the complete Franchise development plan, as well as a list of key project components in terms of various the compactness of the business model ( can vary also, as the chances of going to different markets with different business models could be high) based on the specialized needs of the format and the management. For each component Francorp would also recommend the best practices of each segment. This step would address the following aspects:  Determine the key components of the project (area classification/No required/ franchise fees)  Basic and support infrastructure facilities (area allocation to extra curricular activities etc)  Determine the target market for the project  Franchise Acquisition strategy  Franchise profile  Roll out plan  Franchisor HR Structure/Internal Staffing  Franchise business plan  Franchisor & franchisee Five Year Business Plan along with projections of revenue and cost streams. 27

Our Methodology : Advisory Other key deliverables for franchising The specific deliverable for this assignment would be a Franchise Development program comprising of: Complete franchisee documentation ( Essential to growth) Franchisee lead generation, management and recruitment Key Deliverables • Franchise sales offer document • Email blasts/ Ads Strategy Marketing •Franchise Business Model/s •Franchise Roll-out Plan •Franchise Owner Profile •Types of Franchisees offered •Franchise support programs •Internal Staffing •Franchise Revenue Sources •Franchise Structure Report Clients business • Daily operating manual (for format operations • Reporting structure • Sales manual • Training manual Operations Legal 28 • Franchise focused: Legal team • Franchise Legal agreement as per the acquisition strategy • Non Disclosure agreement • Confidential agreements

5 Project Flow Chart for Happy Learning Center? Broader deliverables of the project 29

Key deliverables from the engagement Market assessment for „Happy Learning Center‟ expansion plans Proof of concept of proposed retail proposition Franchisee Proposition with financial terms & conditions Franchisee acquisition strategy Brand Positioning Financial plan for of the franchise business Franchisee Profiling HR structure at Franchisee & at Happy Learning Center Potential markets & roll out strategy in 1st Year X-yr financial plan for Happy Learning Center X-yr Marketing plan for Happy Learning Center 30

We would follow a phased approach in order to best meet your requirements Francorp proposes the following phases for this engagement… Phase - 0 Diagnosis Phase - 1 Conceptualization Market Study & opportunity Assessment Scientific approach to business modeling Phase - 3 Expansion strategy Franchisibility Assessment Phase - 4 Franchisee acquisition 4 3 2 1 0 Phase - 2 Franchising Roll-out plan For acquiring Franchisee Franchisee Acquisition Business Advisory We have presented our detailed approach including work steps for Phase -0, Phase-1, Phase-2, Phase-2, Phase-4 31

Phas1: Diagnoses Phase - 0 Diagnosis 0 Market Study & opportunity Assessment Phase - 1 Conceptualization 1 Phase - 2 Implementation Scientific approach to business modeling Franchisibility Assessment What we do Phase - 4 Franchisee acquisition 3 2 Phase - 3 Expansion strategy 4 Roll-out plan For acquiring Franchisee Franchisee Acquisition What we Achieve Understanding on the Industry & Business Initial information download from Happy Learning Center Identify the Need gap in the Business Our Research Consumer buy pattern to build 7Ps in the business • Industry assessment •Analysis of Customer buyer behavior • Competition activity Best business practice to benchmark our proposition 32

Phase2: conceptualization Phase - 0 Diagnosis Phase - 1 Conceptualization 0 Product • Company’s Products & Service Range Scientific approach to business modeling Place • Ideal Location criteria • Pan India Franchisibility Assessment Promotion Pricing • Brand Positioning • Destination & Preferred products & service • Basis the competition & Target customer group • Competitive pricing strategy 33 Phase - 3 Expansion strategy Phase - 4 Franchisee acquisition 3 2 1 Diagnoses of current operation Phase - 2 Implementation 4 Roll-out plan For acquiring Franchisee People Franchisee Acquisition Processes • Ideal Partner • We built a list Profile of processes • HR structure that would be at Franchisee required to • HR structure manage & At Happy Learning Center expand franchisee network like • Control mechanism • Reporting structures • Royalty other fee collection • Training processes Physical Evidence • Size of the outlet • Profile of the outlet

Phase3: Implementation Phase - 0 Diagnosis 0 Diagnoses of current operation Phase - 1 Conceptualization Phase - 2 Implementation Scientific approach to business modeling Franchisibility Assessment What we do Phase - 4 Franchisee acquisition 3 2 1 Phase - 3 Expansion strategy 4 Roll-out plan For acquiring Franchisee Franchisee Acquisition What we Achieve Need of Franchising in the business Phase 1 & Phase 2 are intertwined Processed in parallel Company’s Assessment as Franchisor • SWOT Analysis • 12-Pt Franchisibility assessment Franchise Proposition with financial terms & conditions Investor’s view On the Opportunity • Reasons for investor to consider Happy Learning Center As Franchisor •Financial Assessment of the Franchise proposition Ideal Franchisee Profile 34

Phase4: Roll-Out Plan Phase - 0 Diagnosis 0 Phase - 1 Conceptualization Scientific approach to business modeling Phase - 3 Expansion strategy Phase - 4 Franchisee acquisition 3 2 1 Diagnoses of current operation Phase - 2 Implementation 4 Franchisibility Assessment Roll-out plan For acquiring Franchisee We define a detailed roll-out plan for next x-yrs which covers • This will be basis Strategic, Financial, Operational & marketing sense of the business • Ideal city profile •Site selection criterion •Number of cities to Enter Parameters for selection of site which could be basis • Conversion franchisee • Last mile customer servicing center • Target customer group approach • Competition presence 35 Franchisee Acquisition

Phase5: Franchisee Acquisition Phase - 0 Diagnosis 0 Phase - 1 Conceptualization Scientific approach to business modeling Franchisibility Assessment What we do Phase - 3 Expansion strategy Phase - 4 Franchisee acquisition 3 2 1 Diagnoses of current operation Phase - 2 Implementation 4 Roll-out plan For acquiring Franchisee What we Achieve In-house Marketing /Recruitment Tools to reach out to Target franchisee FROs & Franchise India shows: Business Opportunity Shows: Franchisee Website www.franchiseindia.com Publication: SMS & Emailer: Discovery Days: 36 Franchisee Acquisition

Our Methodology: Implementation Specific Marketing channels used for lead generation About 12 exhibitions & 40+ road shows across the country every year. Trade shows Multiple SMS sent to the entire database. Leading Business Magazines & In house franchise magazines 1. Ads in out house magazines such as Business Today/ India today. 2) The Franchise World is 2nd highest selling business distributed through India today group. Print ads in Leading News papers SMS Blast Email Blast Business opportunity adv. Thorough Economic times &Times of India or any other leading local news paper Website Generates about 5000 hits very day. Emails sent to 125000 prospective investors. In addition, Discovery day would be organized to have a one to one meeting with the investor and the final deal sign-up 37

Our 360* Support System Once we agree on a strategy i.e. business model & financial structure; we have independent teams with domain expertise to work on documentation Strategy Consultant •Business Plan Marketing Financial Planning •Financial plan Strategy Legal Marketing Team • Marketing Plan • Marketing collaterals Operations Team • Operation manual Franlegal • Legal agreements Happy Learning Center Financial Operation Francorp 38

Proposed timelines The proposed consulting assignment would be of x months including all the phases. However, would be concluded in the following phases: 1) Phase I : Consulting project within a time period of x weeks from the day of commencement. 2) Phase II: Ongoing consulting for franchise marketing documentation & recruitment documentation. Francorp would mobilize its engagement team to commence the assignment from the date of signing of the engagement letter. Throughout the course of the engagement, Francorp shall be in close discussions with the client and keep them informed of the progress of the assignment work. Week Nos. 0 1 2-3 5-6 6 -7 8-9 10 -12 Stage I: Strategy Phase I Initial Download Feasibility Analysis site visit Strategy Formulation Meeting Stage II: Production Phase II Franchise Business Documentation Franchise Marketing Documentation Franchise Recruitment Documentation Franchise Legal Agreement Meeting Franchise Operation Manual Review set Final Submission for Consulting Program Audit On going exercise 39 Final set

Proposed fees Based on the scope of work, the consequent time that different team members would spend on the study and the seniority of team members involved and also keeping in mind our abiding interest to foster a long-term relationship with you, we propose the following fee structure. Total Project Cost INR 3,00,000 + Applicable Service Taxes Project Deliverable Fixed fees Payment Linked INR 3, 00,000 + Applicable Service Tax (12.3%) at the time of commencement of the assignment. 40

Case studies 41

OUR ROLE  Francorp Developed the Franchise Program along with the Franchise Expansion with specific roll-out and determination of territory. Francorp conducted Franchise Management Training course designed to educate the franchisor’s management team on the complexities of operating and managing a growing franchise organization along with Detailed and comprehensive manuals along with :  Strategic Planning  Competitive Analysis  Business Plan Growth Strategy & Franchise Program  Legal & Discloser Documentation  Site selection process  Franchise profiling  Franchise marketing collaterals (Franchise brochure, AD, Emailer & Flyer)  Franchise sales support & training  Franchise roll out & Territory  Franchise Acquisition strategy (Master/ Area developer/ Unit) Franchise legal agreement  Franchise audit structure and tools  Franchise recruitment documentation  Franchise Disclosure document  Additionally Francorp developed the effective marketing creative's for advertisements and promotion, franchise kits for distribution, sales & training pitch and presentations.  Francorp assisted the company in charting out the franchise business model as well as standardize the existing business model for Tekno Point (Multi model approach) through a Full franchise development program . 42

Annexure-Clientele • We enjoy patronage of some of the most respected brand. A few of our consulting, Media and Marketing & Recruitment clientele are listed below. Consulting Media Marketing & Recruitment

Annexure of key clients Abc Montessori Adidas Air Hostess Academy Ansal Api Apollo Health And Lifestyle Arch Archies Asmi Amity Ayush Therapy Center City Look Clara International Coffee Day Express Coffee Republic Cookie Man Crestcom CTC Cup & Cino Cygnus Jewellery D’damas Future Group Gitanjali Gems Gitanjali Lifestyle GKB Opticals Gloria Jeans Coffee Gold Souk Gordan max Greggio Argento Habibs Hakoba Lifestyle Bang And Olufsen Barista Barnie’s Coffee Baskin Robins Bath Concepts Bausch And Lomb Beningans Bharat Students Bikanervala Body Spa International BPTP Candico Cartridge Café Castrol Catridge World Ceat Chabra 555 Change Chocolate Graphics Cholayil Sanjeevanam Debonairs Pizza Diamond Hut DLF Dominos Pizza Dosa Plaza Dulce Café Education One Educomp Emaar MGF Era Essar Telecom Retail ETP Eureka Forbes Euro Kids Excalibur Feather Lite Ferns N Petals Fitness One Food Factory Forever 18 HCL HDFC Bank Health & Glow HP HSBC Hughes Escorts Hushes Net ICICI Bank IIFT Impuls IMS learning Inorbit Mall ITZ Cashcard J K Industries J K Tyres JetKing Juice Zone Just Cavalli Just Cuts Kent RO Systems KFC Khadims Kidzee Killer Koutons Kshitij Kwality Walls (HLL) Kwik Kopy Lacoste International Business Synergies Lee Cooper Levis Live-in LJ Hooker LKP Shares Lotus Herbals Lovable M2K Ma Foi Madura Garments Magppie Manipal U Maples Mariella Burani Mary Brown Masala country Max Mic & Mac Microsoft Mobicare 44 Morellato - Italy Motilal Oswal Mr. Orange Music World Mustang Jeans My Dollar Store Nerolac Paints Nescafe New Zealand Natural Next Re Feel Cartridge Realtech Developers Rebi Reisswolf Reliance Reynolds Rosebys Safe Express Sangini Santa Barbara Polo Tech Kidz The Apollo Clinic The Corner Book Store The Home Store The Loot The Medicine Shoppe The Mobile Store The Taco Marker Tikka Express Timex NIIT Nilgiris Nilkamal Enterprise Nina Ricci Watches Nirmal Lifestyle NIS Sparta Numero Uno Odyseey Omaxe Oracle Osim International Pantaloons Papa Johns Pizza Parasvanath Developers Pinnacle Kids Pizza Corner Pizza Hut Protocol Provogue Quantum SAP Satya Paul SBI Bank Seashell Shadi Point Shanghai Post Shoe Tree Sia Art Jewellery Sify i way SONY Spa Zieta Spykar Jeans Stained Glass Overlay Sub Subway Suncity Tally Tanclean Taraash TATA Steel Titan Travel Port TVS Unitech United Colors Of Benetton US Dollar Store Vadilal Vapiano Veta Via Videocon VLCC Welhome Westwood Woodland

Thank You! Contact us at: Franchise India Brands Ltd Crystal Plaza, D Wing, 414, New Link Road, Andheri( West ) Mumbai - 400058 Ria M Sachdeva : Sr. Manager Business Development Number: 022 - 40685514/9022925565 Email : ria.mazumdar@franchiseindia.in 45

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