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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: gunjeetsmahal

Source: slideshare.net

Introducing Ms. NRIof the batch Loveenia Gulati

Once upon a time a homely punjabi kudi used to live in Even the rikshaws are so nice in MY Chandigarh

Punjabi songs? Yuck!! I don’t even speak Punjabi… I only listen to the cool stuff… Huhn!

Then she went to the ‘US of A’where she met many ABCDs

I just looove Punjabi Songs !!! Teaches ‘Bhangra’ in the US of A And decides to ‘Discover her Roots’

Once she reconnects with her roots, wants to develop India, so returns… Uses entrepreneurial skills learnt in the US for her start up ‘Gossip Gang’ Expected Turnover of 200,000 gossips per annum Misses Las Vegas, so establishes C - 303 Needs resume point for ‘Social Work’, wants to start

Judges the development of a country by the no. of restaurants present that copy American restaurants Needs a cure for Obsessive Pink Disorder

Uses excellent time mngmt skills to deal with her long line of aashiqs I like women with foreign accents. I find them aggressive and highly attractive Will you be my Salsa Partner? Oye hoye Lovely… Humein bhi kucch padha dia kar kabhi ;) Yaar can you help me out with this project of mine please? Too much competition in this race  Hahahah… These fools think they have chance

Get a chance to jump the line, come hoosh me at A Base tonight at 12! Disclaimer Bring FDA approved items only, No dirty Indian Stuff. Else I’ll sue you like I did when I was in the US of A.

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