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Published on March 27, 2014

Author: RayCombs

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HandScape is a startup company in Silicon Valley focused on delivering a new method of interacting with mobile devices.

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Re-inventing Touch 1

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Today‟s Mobile Devices  Two handed touch screen input  Must release grip to navigate  Hands obscure data  Dirty screens  Keyboard covers screen  Hand view vs. Task view  Muscle strain 2

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Our Big Idea a New Touch Model:  Use software to display fingers “Transparently” on screen  Enable input while gripping the back  Works in concert with front touchscreen  Tapping, swiping, dragging  Keep hands in natural positions  Intuitive and ergonomic  Enabled with our proprietary software and algorithm 3

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Advantages  Combines the “Eye-Task” with the “Hand-Operation” View  Utilize the full screen  Keep screens clean  Touch surface can be curved  Wireless, wearable 4

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com HandScape‟s First Product Wireless “Smartcase” for Tablets  Protective case w/ integrated touchpad on back  Thin, light, robust, high quality  Bluetooth Smart (BLE)  long battery life  SDK for iOS & Android  API for advanced interaction  Includes middleware software for common apps 5

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com “Dumb Case” Market Mobile phone cases:  $27.5B market for “dumb” cases (FY2014)  ~95% attach rate Tablet cases:  $7.5B market (FY2014)  78% attach rate in US (86% outside US) 6 * Gartner 2013, GfK Dec „12, IDC Dec „12, NPD Jan „13

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Huge Addressable Market 60 million cars / year 200 million gaming devices 2000 million tablets & phones Growing wearable devices ~100% potential 7

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Company Status  Building Patent portfolio since 2010  First Patent issued 2013  Incorporated July 2013  Seed funded (pending final documents)  Today: Pre-alpha Android software  Next: Smartcase - design, prototyping, refining, Software: alpha, beta, production 8

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Team  Tong Luo, CEO  Ph.D. Computer Science, Duke University  MSEE at USTC, BSEE at Xi‟an Jiaotong University  Bell Labs, GTE Labs, CIENA, eBay,  Co-Founder Abacus Financial Svcs. (4.5 Billion loans funded 99% A+ )  John Lin, Engineering  Ph.D. Computer Engineering, Northwestern University  BS in Microelectronics from Tsinghua University  2nd Prize winner, China National Physics Olympiad Competition  Magma Design Automation,  Partner, Abacus Financial Svcs. (Managing 3 Billion loan funding)  Ray Combs, Products  BSEE/Computer Science, Washington State Univ.  “Product Guy” at Kindle, Palm, TapWave, Livescribe  Co-Founder at ShoreTel 9

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Investment Opportunity  Funds needed for:  Product design  Final Hardware & Software dev  Marketing and Sales  Production and ramp up 10

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Demo: prototype smartcase  See the video of our prototype at: www.handscape.com/videos 11 Enter Code: “87654321”

©2014 HandScape Inc. www.handscape.com Thank You Interested in Partnering with HandScape? We look forward to hearing from you. 12

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