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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Natalia

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Global Treasurers Summit Slide2:  Noble is a market leader in managing the supply chain of agricultural, energy and industrial (metal, minerals and ore) products. We maintain a global presence of over 80 offices in 42 countries thus representing a diversified origination and distribution capability. We focus on creating higher valued added services for our over 4000 clients. Our diversified product base creates cross product, geographic and logistic synergies enhancing our long-term competitive position. 1 Slide3:  Noble provides key natural and mineral resources to the world. We are amongst the world leaders in the merchanting of coal, iron ore, grain, and coffee. Our integrated supply chain creates operating efficiencies for us and for our clients. A diversified origination strategy ensures product multiple sourcing locations to ensure stability of supply. Noble is actively involved in each link of the supply chain: we source, transport, finance, storage and distribute across the world. 2 Slide4:  Agriculture • Grains • Coffee • Cocoa • Cotton • Sugar • Fertilizer Energy • Coal • Coke • Clean fuels • Petrochemicals • Carbon credits Metals, Minerals & Ores • Iron ore • Ferro alloys • Chrome ore • Manganese ore • Alumina/ aluminum • Steel • Copper/Nickel Logistics • Vessel chartering • Fleet management Corporate • Equity investments • Price risk management • Structured finance • Ship ownership 3 Slide5:  Alberta Portland Assiniboia Rio de Janeiro Asuncion Rosario Buenos Aires Santos Chicago Sao Paulo Cuiaba Stamford Encarnacion Surrey Houston Tandil Lima Temmar Los Angeles Timbues Montevideo Wilkie New Orleans Amsterdam London Antwerp Madrid Dublin Milan Frankfurt Moscow Hamburg Rijeka Istanbul Rome Krasnodar Voronezh Lausanne Warsaw Lille Zurich Abidjan Dubai Amman Jeddah Cairo Johannesburg Dhakar Lagos Bandar Lampung Longkou Bangalore Manila Bangkok Mumbai Beijing New Delhi Bhubaneswar Parkse Chennai Qinzhou Cochi Shanghai Dalian Singapore Fuling Sulawesi Ho Chi Minh City Surabaya Hong Kong Tehran Indore Tianjin Jakarta Tokyo Jilin Vizag Jinxiang Xingang Kolkata Auckland Newcastle Melbourne Americas Europe Middle East & Africa Asia Oceania • Major trading centres 4 Slide6:  Soybean under cultivation in Argentina Product is delivered to our owned and operated river port terminals in South America Logistics and shipping provided by Noble Chartering Soybean is processed in our owned and operated soybean crushing plants in China and India Final products are vegetable oils used for cooking and nutritious animal feeds Customers receive products by road or rail 5 Slide7:  Raw material in the form of coal is extracted from our owned and operated mines in Indonesia and Australia Coal is transported overland to ports for transshipment by seaborne vessels Logistics and shipping provided by Noble Chartering International marketing. Our global network spans five continents "Coke", a solid carbon made from coal, is used in steel production all over the world Coal is supplied mainly to energy producers in China 6 Slide8:  7 Financial Performance in 2006 Turnover USD 13,765 million Net Profit USD 134.5 million Total Asset USD 3,824 million Slide9:  8 Financial Reform: The Scorecard from Corporate Treasurers Banking Reform Under China agreement with WTO on its reforms program, the most important reforms for corporate treasurers are those related to Chinese banking industry. Reform of the big four state owned banks. Improve corporate governance, strengthening internal control issues, shareholding reform-IPO. Financial market landscape has been changing rapidly. Develop banking liquidity management with increase number of FI’s participate in inter-bank lending market, develop SHIBOR base rate, interest rate reform reflecting market conditions, management of money supply, using monetary policies, capital market development – bond market. Reforms policies facilitating fair competition between domestic banks and foreign institutions. Domestic banks are launching new products and offering new services in breathtaking pace and competitive rates. (I.e. financial leasing, investment products, derivatives products). Opening of the banking industry to foreign banks. Foreign owned banks can now apply for a banking licence to conduct RMB business and offer new products and services. (I.e. commercial card, debit card) Treasurers need to be aware of these developments and the opportunities they create in order to realize some of the benefits. Slide10:  9 Financial Reform: The Scorecard from Corporate Treasurers Derivatives Reform Derivatives market is going through liberalization. It leads to more product development of hedging instruments. More and more OTC transactions are being executed. China OTC market is facing a few challenges: Less developed market infrastructure: lack of market-determined interest rates and controlled exchange rates. Shortage of skills and capacity of product development and pricing. Lack of awareness of the financial products and instruments available. Weak infrastructure for accessing information about counterparties. Unclear legal framework in the case of default by a counterparty. OTC market in China is expected to develop further in conjunction with the current reform process of the derivatives market and the overall development of the financial sector. CBRC recommends commercial banks to support the process: developing proprietary financial products, working on standard agreements for RMB derivatives, and training staff in the handling of complex transactions. Slide11:  Financial Reform: The Scorecard from Corporate Treasurers Foreign Exchange Reform Chinese authorities are committed to FX reform according to their own time table. Focus on a steady progression of foreign exchange rate reform. The role of foreign exchange reserves in this area is actively explored and expanded. Strengthening of the RMB causing lower imported products prices and higher export prices, and hot money flows will push RMB ever higher. Corporate treasurers need to manage their financial risks exposure in light of this trend. PBOC wants to improve administration of foreign exchange. PBOC Six Measures target to loosen these rules. I.e. domestic entities opening foreign currencies current accounts without SAFE pre-approvals and raising domestic entities holdings of foreign currencies. FX control and RMB convertibility issues will continue to be addressed by authorities. Aim to maintain stable RMB exchange rate. 10 Slide12:  Financial Reform: The Scorecard from Corporate Treasurers Commodity Market Reform Supply and demand imbalance leading to raising prices of commodities. Physical commodity trading vs. futures commodity trading. Corporate treasurers need to use appropriate hedging strategies. Development of futures exchanges. Currently, 3 major commodity exchanges in China: Dalian Commodity Exchange - agricultural commodities like soybean, soybean meal, soybean oil, palm oil Shanghai Futures Exchange - metals commodities like copper, aluminum, zinc, fuel oil and rubber Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange - agricultural soft commodities like wheat, cotton, sugar, rapeseed, oil There are a few other exchanges specialized in specific commodities, like gold & precious metals, cereals and oils, etc. The commodity futures market in China is still developing and changes are expected frequently. Corporate treasurers need to keep abreast of its development to manage their commodity risks exposure in a highly volatile market. 11

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