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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Perrin

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Slide1:  “A Systems View of The Nation’s Energy Future” Presented to DOE/EERE’s State Energy Advisory Board Margie Tatro Sandia National Laboratories 18 November 2004 EERE Business at Sandia:  EERE Business at Sandia Total EERE Funding in FY04: $37,282K Sandia’s Energy Futures Leadership Team (EERE Programs Support):  Sandia’s Energy Futures Leadership Team (EERE Programs Support) Biomass – Don Hardesty Building Technologies – Jerry Simmons Distributed Energy & FEMP – John Boyes & Dave Menicucci (Jerry Ginn) FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies – Bob Carling Geothermal – Craig Tyner Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure – Jay Keller (Chris Cornelius) Industrial Technologies – Bruce Kelley Solar – Joe Tillerson and Jeff Nelson (and Chris Cameron on detail at DOE/HQ) (Tom Mancini) Weatherization & Intergovt. – Jeff Nelson Wind & Hydropower – Paul Veers (Herb Sutherland) Slide4:  Increased Use of Renewables Will Improve the Nation’s Energy Surety Energy Surety (safety, security and reliability) approach with a sustainability mindset is recommended Security includes environmental, political, economic as well as physical and cyber dimensions Renewable resources are located in areas of projected high population growth Solar (PV and dish engines) and wind are low water use electricity production options Storage technologies are key Technology innovation is required in many areas The Nation and the World Deserve Better Solutions to Energy Challenges:  The Nation and the World Deserve Better Solutions to Energy Challenges VISION Our energy systems are dynamically configured and utilized consistent with optimizing for resource, environment, security, economic and access constraints. Sustainability Normal Off Normal Emergency Slide6:  The Road To A Sustainable Future Requires New Technological Insight Today: Open Cycle Systems Near-Term: Closed Reversible Cycles Mid-Term: Closed Sustainable Cycles Far-Term: Fusion Wasted Wasted Wasted Stored Stored 2015 2004 2025 Useful Useful Useful 2050? Examples: H2 from Solar Hybrid Vehicles Heat and Electricity from Solar Example: Hydropower Vision: Bring Sun to the Earth Sustainable living energy infrastructure Non-equilibrium or irreversible thermodynamics Actual Desired The Surety Approach for Solar Technologies:  The Surety Approach for Solar Technologies Codes and Standards Conversion Optimization Manufacturing Advances Long-term Field Test Data Markets such as central and distributed electricity Energy and Water are Inextricably Linked:  Energy and Water are Inextricably Linked Energy production and generation require water Water pumping, treatment, and distribution require energy Energy Requires Water::  Energy Requires Water: GALLONS PER PERSON PER DAY 510 for food production includes irrigation and livestock 465 to produce household electricity Range: 30 to 600 depending on technology 100 direct household use includes bathing, laundry, lawn watering, etc. Water required to produce household electricity exceeds direct household water use. Source: derived from Gleick, P. (2002), World's Water 2002-2003. Water Requires Energy::  Water Requires Energy: Readily accessible water supplies have been harvested New technologies are required to reduce energy requirements to access non-traditional sources (e.g., impaired water, brackish water, or sea water) Treatment of future water supplies will be energy intensive. Source: EPRI (2000), Water Desalination Task Force (2003) Sustainable Withdrawal of Freshwater Is Currently a National Issue:  Sustainable Withdrawal of Freshwater Is Currently a National Issue Source: EPRI 2003 Economic Development and Water Availability Will Continue to be in Conflict:  Economic Development and Water Availability Will Continue to be in Conflict US population will increase significantly (double over 100 years) Highest population growth projected in regions with limited water resources Water Resources and Population Growth, 2000-2020 Source: DOE/NETL (M. Chan, July 2002) Slide13:  Wind Energy Resources Slide14:  Wind Energy Potential by State Ref.: Elliott, et al, “An Assessment of the Available Windy Land Area and Wind Energy Potential in the Contiguous United States,” August 1991, PNL-7789 Solar Energy Resources :  Solar Energy Resources Geothermal Energy Resources:  Geothermal Energy Resources Innovation in Lighting is Occurring:  Innovation in Lighting is Occurring Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) Will Accelerate Innovation:  Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) Will Accelerate Innovation Objectives: Develop the scientific principles that govern the performance and integration of nanoscale materials Provide a National Resource for training a new generation of researchers in nanoscience and nanotechnology $75.8M Investment Site Preparations Fall 2003 Facilities Construction March/April 2004 Completion October/November 2005 Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Could Revolutionize Energy Systems:  Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Could Revolutionize Energy Systems Inexpensive combustion sensors and chemistry labs on a chip Active, adaptive surfaces to optimize performance Distributed sensing, control and communications for distributed resources Disposable resource mapping and exploration devices Integrated energy harvesting, storage and delivery devices Indoor lighting with tunable spectrum and tailored delivery Integrated Chemical Micro-sensor Device:  Integrated Chemical Micro-sensor Device Slide21:  Energy Storage is Critical Storage Applications & Technologies:  Electricity Storage Association Storage Applications & Technologies Slide23:  The Supply and Use Picture Inspires Us to Innovate We Believe That…:  We Believe That… U.S. must improve its position with respect to: Supply (more indigenous fuel supplies from all domestic resources) Demand (more efficient use of those supplies) Environmental “footprint” (lowering the impact of the use of these fuel supplies) Future (planning for the long term, 50+ years) Our measure of success is: the invention/creation of technologies that increase the number of consumer-accepted choices for electricity and fuel.

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