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Published on July 9, 2013

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Slides to accompany a bite-size training session on handling complaints professionally. Full training materials including Session Leaders Notes, Delegate Workbook and any Activity handouts can be purchased licence-free from Prices start from £30 + VAT

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials Handle Complaints

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 By the end of the Power Hour you will be able to: • Describe why people complain, and what they want when they complain • Use a 7-step approach to handling complaints to bring about a positive result • Suggest practical things that you can do to follow-up complaints and make sure that they don’t escalate

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Why People Complain Sources of Complaint Disappointed with the product/ service Bad attitude Passing the buck Blaming the customer Broken promises

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training MaterialsTrain the Trainer Oct 2011 Triggers and Escalators Triggers tend to be factual things that cannot be denied. A product didn’t work, a service engineer did not honour their appointment and so on. They are often outside of our direct control. Escalators tend to be emotional things that relate to attitude and behaviour, and how the customer feels they are being treated. They are usually completely within out direct control

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 What Customers Want 1. To be taken seriously 10. Knowledgeable help 2. Competent, efficient service 11. Friendliness 3. Anticipation of their needs 12. To be kept informed 4. Explanations in their terms 13. Follow-through 5. Basic courtesies 14. Honesty 6. To be informed of the options 15. Feedback 7. Not to be passed around 16. Professional service 8. To be listened to (and heard) 17. Empathy 9. Dedicated attention 18. Respect

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 A 7-Step Approach Listen Apologise Summarise Ask Reassure Take Ownership Keep Talking

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Quick Wins for Handling Complaints • Smile. A genuine smile. Nothing helps people to connect people more quickly or more easily. • Establish eye contact. Looking at someone one shows the customer that they have your full attention. • Don’t invade personal space or touch someone suddenly. It can feel uncomfortable, and remember, different cultures have different standards. • Make time to deal with the customer. Give them your undivided attention. Move to a more private area if it is appropriate and possible. • Empathise. Showing you care doesn’t mean you agree, just that you understand the other point of view. • Match body language and speech. People prefer to deal with people they trust - so the more someone can relax with you, the more likely they are to work with you.

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Quick Wins for Handling Complaints • Deal with the person, before you attempt to deal with the problem. Let the customer ‘blow off steam’, before you try to solve the problem. • Make the other person feel important. We all need to feel valued, and this is key to getting people on your side. • Be positive. Focus on what you CAN do, rather than what you can’t do. If you can’t authorise a refund, saying this will not help the customer. Saying that you can speak to your supervisor about authorising a refund is much more positive. • Never blame the process. The customer doesn’t care about your system, process or procedure. Never blame poor service on the process – it will only make matters worse.

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Follow-Through • Never fob the customer off with excuses. • Be realistic about what can be achieved and when. • Under promise and over deliver. • Focus on what you can do personally. • Make specific requests of your colleagues when investigating matters, and give them timescales • Chase up requests, and keep asking questions until you get a response that is helpful • Don’t make assumptions about what is/is not possible. • Focus on resolving the problem. • Maintain regular contact with the customer.

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Make it Work at Work What are you going to DO as a result of this Power Hour Session?

Handle Complaints Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 These slides have been produced as an optional resource to support a Bite-Size Training session on this subject. A full set of materials, including detailed Session Leader’s Guide, Delegate Workbook and supporting activities can be purchased from our Training Shop Our Training materials are licence-free, but are for use by the purchaser only. They CANNOT be passed or sold on.

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