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Information about hand

Published on September 29, 2007

Author: mansillacontreras

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  analized by Cecilia Molina and Eduardo Mansilla. Ingrid Westhoff’s hand Life Line:  Life Line Life Line:  Life Line It is smooth and unbroken:She is going to have a smooth and long life. The Life Line curves at the middle line of the middle finger: she has a healthy body and long life, and has a stable life style. Head Line:  Head Line Head Line:  Head Line It is straight and narrow : She is realistic and sensible. She is comfortable in routine and she resists change. This makes her a very committed romantic partner, but she has to consciously add elements of surprise and mystery to her romance to keep it alive. The Head Line-Life Line Connection :  The Head Line-Life Line Connection These two lines touch: She has a sensitive side with deep emotional feelings. While she is secure and reliable, some people consider her too mild and passive. They are tied together for some distance: There will be changes in her personality. Heart Line:  Heart Line Heart Line:  Heart Line It ends between her middle and pointer fingers : She'll never give up on her search for the perfect partner. She is a very sincere person, so it's important that she find a sincere and faithful partner. Intuition Line:  Intuition Line Intuition Line:  Intuition Line This line is not always present: She has a degree of intuitive insight. Sun Line:  Sun Line Sun Line:  Sun Line This line starts at the heart line: Ingrid Westhoff will have happiness in later life. Venus:  Venus It is highly developed: It suggests a high interest in sex and the ability to have it. Moon:  Moon It is highly developed: It can denote that she is creative and imaginative or oversensitive. Upper Mars:  Upper Mars It is highly developed: it means that she is a person with great principles. Neptune:  Neptune Flat: it indicates she has communication problems. Jupiter:  Jupiter A well proportioned mount: it means she has a sense of justice and high moral standards. Saturn:  Saturn A well developed Mount of Saturn: it can denote she has a well developed sense of responsibility and is concerned with seeking wisdom. Apollo:  Apollo A well proportioned mount: it suggests she is a happy person who is popular and attractive and can be extroverts Mercury:  Mercury A well developed mount: it means she loves freedom. Lower mars:  Lower mars A well-rounded mount: it indicates she has physical courage.

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