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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: StFrancisCE

Source: slideshare.net

Everything we do is done by technology. EVERYTHING. Children here use tech for studies. For example, on their personnel Ipads the children do their work and send it to the teacher-Pad. The teachers can easily spot the mistakes using our mistake-sensor torch. Instead of having textbooks they have Text-Tablets which automatically transfer the questions in their Ipads.

Just as we said before we use tech, so in our playtime children play whatever they want! They can play in our Gigantic playground in outer space! It is protected by strong glass so they can see the solar system! Even though there is no internet in space, our inventor club created Wif-top it’s exactly like a laptop but works without any signals or wifi. They can use Game Rift. It’s a high-tech helmet which plays games using your brain. In front of your eyes, it displays realistic images that make you think your in the game!

If their teachers are impressed with them, they get to go in a Jetpack racing tournament! The tracks include: Desert, field, space, sky and underwater. If they win (which is really hard) they get a free Wif-top! The jetpacks are secured by reinforced iron, the children need permission from their parents. The jetpacks run by boiling water in a water-proof container.

Like all the other schools, we have clubs too! Clubs including: Music club, Journalism club, Science club, Ice Skating club, Inventor club and Archeology club! All clubs are safe guaranteed and fun. They all need permission. Some clubs require travelling to different countries and places (parents are welcome to come).

We also have a huge wildlife area which has real life animals! There are : Lions, Hyenas, Tigers, Cheetahs, Sheep, Cows etc They are all tamed so it’s ultra safe, the animals can be played with and researched. It’s ran by good zoo keepers from all around the world, they feed them and have to be there when children are there. Our Inventor and Archeology club right now are working on resurrecting dinosaurs (babies just to keep all of us safe). We already have a theory to tame them too!

Children are going to be sailing with their teachers. It’s not normal sailing, they’ll have to study about sea mammals and marine reptiles. The can also go in a submarine or just sail peacefully without any work. It holds a small helicopter that goes into the sky and sends danger signals to coast guards if in trouble.

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